Episode 3

???? unknown pov ??

Dear Amelia’s diary,

I wish I could be taking you to school with me diary, you know I was scared when I saw the maid touching you in the morning. She almost found out about everything I have told you.

It’s a good thing I took you from her on time, should I tell you something diary? Well today I got to school late as usual and you know that beast I always tell you about?

The school Monitor, He gave me another klling punishment. And now diary I am to start arranging things at the boy’s quarter everyday. All thanks to Brad, can you also sense how annoy he is?

Let’s forget about Brad, you should also remember me telling you about my close friend at school! Who bears Mina. Today she offered to help during the punishment and thank Goodness I have Mina.

Imagine how I would have done all the arrangings alone. But I’m wondering about something diary, Do you think I should inform Dad about everything? You know I asked Mina but she couldn’t give me better advice…

Then I thought about asking you, do you have any perfect saviour plan for me?

Seems I have many things to tell you today. Guess what diary, my parents are back today and they are taking us on picnic tommorow. It guess it will all be fun.

Also I read a book last night and it was talking about what I don’t understand. It was talking about FINDING LOVE IN PRINCE CHARMING. ..

Diary, what does that words mean? I have tried moving deep into the topic but I still didn’t get what they talked about him.

Although the book gave me brief discussion about prince charming but I doubted if love can be found in The prince charming.

The description has something similar to Brad, because he’s cute and charming, but seeing how Brad interact with girls, I doubted if he’s showing love. Because Brad is actually confused being.

So if the true definition about PRINCE CHARMING has to do with someone like Brad then that’s not An important Love. Or what do you think? Im thinking that I should just let the topic slide.. it’s not that important.

Don’t you think I should go to bed now diary since I will be having many work to do tomorrow, and I can’t even tell my parents about the punishment, MY MYSTERY.

Please keep my secret with you safe, it shouldn’t get licked.



Amelia finished writing in the diary and kept the Diary under her pillow before finding herself some sleep.



The stare got addictive, it seems nothing will be able to stop it. Tears streamed down the image. The desperate tension of changing things, That huge tension of turning things positively around.

Peace of mind that craved for the sight of peace, Fragile heart tearing apart. A shattered being. Everything seems like a mystery.

Tears threatened to fall once more, the strength tried leaving. The best explanation is that life is being unfair.

I thought you promised not to get the glance of this image anymore? Damon asked as he entered the room.

I said I won’t get the glance, I didn’t promise not to stare at it… he replied instantly without sparing Damon a glance.

Why are you changing the promise you made? This is not fair.. Damon insinuated and dropped the things he went out to get.

What’s all this? Have you been crying since I left? He asked tiredly but no answer came anyway. All his attention is on that COMFORT he’s staring at in his hand.

You shouldn’t be acting like this for Goodness sake… you are aware that your sanity is at stake here… Damon said worriedly and tried taking the image from him..

So what about my heart? Is that also not at stake? You should know I don’t care about sane anymore. This is where my sanity is, now can you stop trying to collect my Comfort… He complained bitterly

But she’s d.ead, she has died and can’t be brought back to life. You saw her c©rpse when you didn’t want to believe.

You confirmed her dead, so why are you doing this to yourself? Damon coaxed and started arranging what he brought.

I LOVE HER.. She was my first love… I find it hard believing it that she’s dead Damon. I feel she will come back to me one day. I love her and I miss her… He sniffed and tried taking in his tears

Listen Dean, I’m aware that you loved her…

I still love her Damon, don’t make it seems like a past tense… He snapped

It’s okay… you love her, but she didn’t even know that you love her and you couldn’t tell her also before she d!ed… He said trying to watch his words.

That was the expensive mistake of my life, I should have told her and left my dignity behind me.

She loves me Damon, she was inlove with me too, and things would have worked out well between us because we were both inlove.

I don’t think I have another way of telling you to stop thinking all that, she never mentioned loving you because she had a boyfriend. And you should remember how she maintained the relationship you both had…

I saw it in her diary… Dean muttered

Excuse me? Damon scoffed

I was able to read it secretly in her diary, that was when I found out about how she felt about me. Even when she always acted like she doesn’t love me.

She told her diary how it klls her when she’s looking at me but couldn’t tell me her emotion, just because of that her useless boyfriend… He explained with his eyes fixed on the picture in his hand.

I’m sorry I talked like that earlier, you never told me about that.. But still yet Dean, the truth still remain the same. You have to stop thinking about her… Damon insisted

So what should I do with my love for her? Should I forget that too? He stated you

It can’t be forgotten but you can do well by Reducing the feeling of her love in you.. there are many girls out there that want you… you shouldn’t harm your health, take care of your health cause you can still get another girl… Damon explained sounding confusing enough.

None of them can get my attention like FLORA.. Dean answered coldly followed by an eye roll.



I need to get home as early as I can to prepare for the picnic… Amelia voiced out

I hope to hear the news about it later, well that’s if you don’t block my ear before then with your gibbering words… Mina joked as they walked side by side to the car park.

You speak about rubbish Everytime Mina, well I think I should tell you this…

I saw that new girl with Brad yesterday at the boy’s quarter. Do you think that she’s going out with him already? Amelia asked trying to change the topic.

I don’t have idea, but if she was with him then definitely something is going on between them… G©sh!!! What a prince charming.. Mina yelled leaving behind what they were discussing about and continued staring at Alfred as he was heading to his car.

Don’t tell me you are drooling over Alfred now.. Amelia asked trying not to roll her eyes.

Is your eyes paining you now? It’s obvious that I am… she replied and got a h it on her arm.

What was that for? She yelped because the h!t really got into her

You shouldn’t reply me in such way again, if you don’t want another hit on your cheek next time… Amelia commanded

It’s weird seeing how you are trying to act like a senior here… Mina scoffed and waved at Alfred who didn’t even know she was there.

That was pa!nful… Amelia teased and ran off.

Wait for me you f©ol…. I’m klling you today… Mina shouted and ran after her.


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