Episode 5

????unknown pov????

Showing a pleasant sight to be seen inside the King’s size bedroom, A wide wall television could be seen hanged up on the wall
There’s a shelf lying at a corner in the room with books properly arranged on it.

A small glass table with files neatly kept on it. There’s a King’s size bed placed at the center of the room Everywhere looks dazing. One could misunderstand the room to be an office because of the books and files arranged in it.

There inside the massive room is Mr Stewart getting out of the bed probably making his way to the table, wondering who that person disturbing his afternoon sleep would be.

He reluctantly stood up from the bed and walked gently to get the call..
I told you am coming home to get some rest.. why are you disturbing me with your call?

Sorry sir, I just want to inform you about something important… Came an answer

Whatsoever that thing is could have waited for me to finished resting… Actually what’s the problem? He asked anyways.

The management of the company we are having appointment with got here immediately when you left, I have been trying to keep them busy till you arrive.

But now they Don’t want to wait any longer, I’m calling to inform you sir… The manager concluded

Well I don’t know why you haven’t told me earlier. But that’s not a problem. Tell them I will be there in few minutes… He rushed his words and hanged up hurrying to get ready.

A knock came on his door, since the portrait of the CCTV camera already showed him who was there. He allowed him inside.

I’m dressing up for work.. do you need something? He asked as he fixed his shirt

Yes Dad, I want to discuss something with you.. Dean said and stood beside him.

I don’t think the discussion can take place right now, I’m having a meeting at the office and I need to be there.. can you hold on till I am back? He asked sparing him a glance for the first time since he entered.

It may not meet up then dad, I can quickly explain what it is before you finished dressing.. He answered

That means I will be doing two things together, just say whatever you have to say Dean I am listening, although you are not permitted to waste my time… He stated and got his hair combed infront of the mirror.

If you are meeting him for the first time, you might mistakenly assume him to be a teenager. He looks very young and handsome than his age. In addition to being one of the richest men in the country.

Well Dad… Damon called me today and discussed about getting a student for me to teach. I told him I will have to inform you before anything that’s why I am here Dad… Dean explained and the room was quiet for some moments.

If it’s what will make you happy then you should do it, actually I have been hoping for something to make you yourself once again.

You’ve been so lost after the de.ath of Flora, I understand how painful it will be for you, which is why I will be sending my thanks to Damon for being such a kind guy.

I don’t have any problem with you offering lesson since that’s what you love doing, and you are too young to take over the company now. So go for it son… He advised and carried his briefcase making a smile to crawl on Dean’s face

I don’t know how far my P.A has been working concerning your admission, but I can assure you that everything will be sorted out very soon. Now take good care of yourself..

Is Damon still staying overhere with you like he used to?
No dad, I told him I will be fine now, so he stopped spending the night here, but he never stop coming around to see me. Dean replied

That’s Good, you should be visiting him too, I think with that you won’t feel lonely at home.. is that okay?

Yes dad… I will go to his place later in the day..He answered

You can call me if you have anything to discuss with me. I will be leaving now… Mrs Stewart rushed his words and went out of the room.



I thought those workers clean this place everyday, if that’s so I wonder why it’s so dirty… Amelia complained as she dusted the chairs.

Well.. maybe we wouldn’t have had to do this if you were not adament. Mina replied and concentrated on what she was doing.

Nothing here is my fault.. I think you should rather blame Brad, he was the one pvnishing me after all… Amelia defended

Arghhh….. Mina suddenly cried out

What’s wrong? Are you okay?? Amelia asked and rushed to her.
Yes I am fine.. I’m just having abdominal pa!n and it’s been happening frequently. I think I need to use the washing room. I will be back… She Ranted and left.


Hearing his voice scared Amelia out, It’s their luck that Mina went out already.. she would have been in trouble..

You know I was waiting for you to come late as usual today but I don’t know how you did it.. you got here just at the right time… Brad stated

Well it’s a good thing you didn’t dare me.. He bragged but Amelia didn’t answer anyway. All she could think of was a way of stopping Mina from coming back here or else she would land in trouble.



I thought I did see a ghost when you entered my room honestly… Damon purred his mind out.

Why will you be? Am I not welcome here anymore? Dean asked

That’s not it. It’s just that I didn’t expect seeing you around anytime soon. You must have come here because of the image.. He stated

Maybe you are right, and also Dad told me to come around and to me it was a good idea because I was feeling bored at home… DEAN explained

It worth it, speaking of your dad. Have you spoken to him about what we discussed?

Yeah I did tell him earlier today.. but he said no way… Dean f©oled

Seriously… I wasn’t expecting that, what will I tell Dad now?? Damon said sadly

What does he have to do with this? Dean asked

The man searching for a lesson teacher is my dad’s friend. And my dad already assured him that he would get because he thought that you will accept the offer. Now I don’t know what to say to my dad? Damon ranted

Maybe you should tell him yes, because my dad told me to go for it… Dean surprisingly said

I don’t get what you are saying? He confusingly asked

I’m accepting the offer because Dad approved it already. Please can I get my COMFORT back now.. Dean confirmed and Damon immediately hugged him.

Were you trying to make a f©ol out of me before? Whatever!! I can’t wait to inform my Dad about this.. he said happily and released from the hug.

Don’t you think you should be bringing out my COMFORT now, the deal is done… Dean eagerly asked.

The deal isn’t done yet because you haven’t met your student… When you are done meeting him, I will return the image back to you… He said grinning

If that’s it then when am I getting to know him? Can I meet him today? He asked immediately

I will have to inform Dad first but you can’t meet today. Just be patient. Why are you so eager to meet him?

I’m not eager to meet any one, I just want to have my COMFORT back.. he snapped

Do you know that I actually never want to return the image back to you? Damon proffered

Why? Are you cheating in the deal now? Dean echoed

It’s not that.. since you’ve not been seeing the image you are improving. I’m just scared you will return back to being moody if I give you… Damon explained but Dean didn’t reply.

My girlfriend is coming over and I want to look dazzlingly handsome. Can you help me to dress up? Damon asked trying to change the topic.

I will rather sit overhere and play videogames than helping you get dressed. Dean replied nonchalantly getting a hard glare from Damon.


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