???? unknown POV????

I took a toll around the house hoping to get some fresh air from the night cool weather. Likewise staring at the beautiful garden by my left.

When Mom was alive she would always accompany me to catch butterflies from the garden. She would cancel all what she has to do and follow me here..

I miss you Mom… Dad has been a great father, cause even though he’s a business man and he needs to take his time concerning his work. He never seize to look after me.

Though he’s nothing like you, I must say that he’s not far from being you either… The only gap left behind is the only Bond between us mom. He continued saying to himself silently Fighting back the tears that tried to come.

Dean!!!! The voice echoed behind him and the sound that it brought made him turn quickly to check whom it was. His guess can’t be possibly right.

HI Dean!! I can’t believe it that I am meeting you again… The lady said and rushed to him.

Tiana! Is this really you?? He asked and tried recollecting her face

It’s a good thing you still remember my face. It’s been a while… Don’t you think that I deserve a warm embrace… She suggested and hugged him tightly.

Shocked Dean that wasn’t expecting her coming forced his hands to embrace her back.. almost a minute he detached himself since Tiana didn’t want to let go.

Seems you are not happy to see me… She said sadly noticing the strange glare Dean has been giving her.

You shouldn’t think like that… It’s been years we last saw each other and I Never expected it that we will see anytime soon. I’m just shocked that’s all… He defended staring at her.

I’m glad then…. So now tell me have I really changed so much that you can’t stop staring at me?? She teased and he quickly took his eyes away.

Quit the nasty talk Tiana, I’m surprised seeing you. Why did you come unannounced? He asked trying to change the topic

Well I didn’t really come unannounced because uncle knows about my coming… She answered instantly

So dad knows about her coming but he didn’t tell me… Dean thought

Well… I’m sure you came here for something, can I know what it is .. He asked
Instead of welcoming me. You’ve started questioning me… She ranted
I’m sorry about.. I just wanted to know it…. I’m eager to hear it… He answered

Well…Dad thinks it will be good for me to study over here, that’s why he sent me over… I came here initially because of my studies. In addition with spending more time with you. . She joyfully explained

It’s….. It’s a great new… Please can you tell the maid to bring some water for me?? I’m feeling drenched… Dean lied and she quickly hurried away.



Good day Dad…. I want to talk to you… Dean said as he walked into the room

Is the matter about your transfer? Don’t tell me you don’t like the choice of school that I choose for you? Mr Stewart asked

No Dad, the school is perfect for me… I’m just worried because I haven’t prepared enough for it…

If that’s the issue I have sorted it out…. Your uniform is already in your wardrobe. My guards together with my P.A will see you off to the school tommorow..

You shouldn’t worry yourself about anything, everything is under my control. And you know your father will never disappoint you…. He explained and raised his brows

Thanks Dad.. Dean said and the father smiled

Is there something else to discuss? He asked when he saw Dean still remained standing in front of him.

I saw Tiana outside earlier before I came here. You never told me about her visiting us Dad.

I got the message just yesterday that she would be coming, I thought I would tell you when I am back from office today but I didn’t arrive early…

I understand Dad.. but she mentioned staying here with us and attending the Same school with me…

Her father told me about that too and I don’t have any problem with it. I’m sure you will be happy that she’s here. It’s been awhile you both last saw each, and you two were so find of each other when you were young right?

Yes I haven’t seen her in many years … She’s really changed alot that I almost couldn’t recognize her…

I see… Let’s talk about your meeting today with your student. How did it go?

Perfectly fine… The family seems nice and I like the boy too. We even negotiated about my salary for teaching him…

So what did you tell them?

I would have told them not to worry but it will raise suspicious…. So I didn’t refuse it

I can see how smart you are growing to become and I’m proud of you… You should go to bed now, and get some sleep.



Do you think that Brad will pardon me from arranging here anytime soon??

That’s a question I can’t answer… You know how Brad behaves. I’m sure he won’t pardon you so soon… Mina replied sharply

Is there any reason for you to reply me? You could have just ignore and shouldn’t answer…

Well. I was taught to give answer to any questions I’m given… I can’t ignore your question. She replied

Seeing how you’ve been acting cold since morning made me think that you’ve got into a f!ght with your sister again..

Excuse me! I’m not acting cold and don’t ever tried calling Elisa my sister again because she’s just my Step sister…

Whatever…. If you are angry because I didn’t let you follow me home yesterday then I am sorry… Amelia forcefully said

Didn’t you stop me from meeting Alfred too, where’s the apology for that too? She snapped

Sorry! Sorry!! That’s it can I rest now? Amelia asked

You will rest when I say so, I’m very hungry and need to get something to eat. Can you finish up the little arrangement remaining?

You asked me like I can say no and you will listen… Just go who knows maybe Brad will come here soon… I will see you in class when I am done with this. She replied and Mina walked away



Dean stared around as he came down from the car, He noticed someone holding on to his arm and turned only to see Tiana smiling selflessly.

You two should come with me to see the principal… The P.A said and started leaving.

Can you let go of my arm Tiana, we are going to see someone and I need to walk faster.

She reluctantly let go of his arm and they all started walking there together…

When would we get there? I’m tired of walking. Tiana complained but no one answered. Dean just looked at her and took his eyes away.

They continued walking and on the way Dean doubted if at all anyone is in the building. It’s all quiet and they’ve been following the narrow road, not even a glance of animals have been seen not to mention human being.

Finally they got to a wide glass door and waited for it to open. Immediately it opened they all entered and that was when Dean started seeing the students around.

Oh my God!!!! Can you see that Dean? Tiana called and pointed at the paintings on the ground

They are nice.. Dean simply said and took his eyes away.

Following many doors and finally they got to the principal’s office. They discussed about their Admission and after hearing about the son of whom Dean is. The average old man couldn’t hold his joy.

He hurried with everything they needed to do and after awhile they finished and he directed them to their classes.

Since at last Dean and Tiana both ended up being class mates. The P.A left and through the help of the Phone map they were able to locate their classes themselves.

Immediately the students sighted them, they are exclaimed. Not only because of Dean’s charming appearance, also because they’ve all known him as the HEIR to A big platform that is well known in the country.

Oh wow!! He is very handsome

See how he’s lovingly counting his steps…

I wish I could touch him… He’s got a cute baby face

Do you think that’s his girlfriend?..

I heard that his father is very wealthy…

I have only been seeing him in the news paper..he’s dmn handsome..

The students whispered among themselves. Noises raised out when Tiana jealously wrapped her hand around Dean’s arm once again because of how the students were drooling over him.

Dean saw it and even though he doesn’t like how she’s been clinging to him. He still couldn’t say anything.

The map finally took them to the classroom and forcefully Dean released his arm, then he matched into the classroom that looks like a hall because of how big it is without giving Tiana the time to speak.

Everyone started murmuring immediately when he entered, ignoring the noises from everyone Dean stared around the class searching for a sit that has the number the principal had given him.

All the girls who’s eyes came in contact with his blushed, just then Dean finds his seat and walked to it.



Amelia…. Mina called and ran into the quarter

What’s wrong? Is Brad coming here? Amelia asked fearfully

Not that… A new handsome boy and a girl just got transferred into our class and the boy is damn handsome… Mina rushed her words making Amelia to roll her eyes
You should come with me to see him…. Mina coed

I need to finish this things before Brad comes, so I’m not leaving until I am done here. She replied and continued cleaning the things…

Seeing that Amelia won’t agree to follow, Mina joined and after rushing things up. They finished and left to the class.


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