Chapter 8

???? unknown pov????

The steps that are been taken got too high and unbearable for Amelia since Mina wouldn’t stop increasing her steps.

Reduce your step Mina, why are you speeding? Amelia angrily asked

I don’t think I increased any step here… What’s wrong with how I am walking? She declined

You are taking your steps too much, just let go of my hand okay!! I will come by myself… She ranted but that didn’t stop Mina from fastening her steps.

Like a magic and also much like flying they got into the class .. right from the door post they’ve started hearing noises from the students.

Mina who was hurrying over had to stop when she noticed that a teacher was already planning to start the lecture…

I think we should join the class now, you should roam your eyes around the class. I’m sure you will notice the new handsome guy… Mina whispered to Amelia who just rolled her eyes and entered the class together with Mina behind her.

Where are you two coming from? The teacher who seems to be going through her note asked without raising her head.

Mina seems frightened hearing the teacher’s voice , Amelia didn’t see the need to be scared so instead she gave the teacher slight reason and they got pardoned.

You are my saviour.. Mina muttered and winked at her before heading to her seat.

Amelia went directly to have her seat, also bringing out her books that will be needed for the class.

She noticed a strange sweet Scent coming from somewhere around her.

What’s with the new scent? She’s sure that can’t definitely belong to Carol the girl who’s sitting next to her.

Maybe it’s coming from the teacher.. well it smells nice..she let go of the thought and joined in the class.

So before commencing on today’s lesson, you all must have heard and known about the new transferred students among us… Says by the teacher

YES!!!! they all chorused except for Amelia who was staring around probably to see the newbies too.

I know you’ve all gotten to meet them but there won’t be any harm if they come forward to introduce themselves right? So please Pardon me… She Specified

Can the two new students come out here and introduce themselves?? She asked and giggles could clearly be heard from the students.

Dean dropped his phone that he’s been holding on to and started matching to the front. He doesn’t like something that has to do with introduction but what will he do? It’s like a tradition here.

Tiana walked outside too right behind Dean, The students started clapping and only stopped when they got a gesture from the teacher.

Amelia stared at them and let out a sigh… The guy is quiet handsome now she sees the reason why for Mina to describe him that much.

Hi mister… Can you kindly introduce yourself to the students? The teacher spoke and smiled at Dean.

Dean raised his head forward and threw his hands inside his trouser pocket.. staring at the last seat at the end of the class.

I’m Dean Stewart by name … I’m being transferred from Headway high school to study here… I’m happy to meet you all… He stated simply and threw his eyes to the floor. Not minding the claps and friendly stared coming from the students to him..

We are happy to have you over here mister… I hope you get to enjoy your studies over here and hope for us Satisfy your high possibility. The teacher reprimanded and Turned to Tiana who has lost herself into gawking at Dean.

Tiana Scott is my name, and I got transferred from Germany to continue my studies here. I hope everyone likes me and accept me the way I am… Tiana introduced and After little more words from the teacher they both returned back to their seat.

That was when Amelia found out that Dean got the seat behind her and the saint she had smell earlier must have been from him..



Wow!! Amelia he’s sitting behind you… Mina Shared and dragged Amelia out of the class.

When you came to me Mina I thought you wanted to apologise for stressing me earlier… Amelia Stated

I stressed you because I wanted you to meet that new student, now tell me how did you feel when you saw him? Mina asked grinning

Nothing: I felt nothing… I just looked at him and took my eyes back..Amelia replied

Actually Amelia you are starting to become weird now. Every lady in the class couldn’t stop talking about him, including me but here you are talking about him like he’s nothing… Mina Ranted

Well I don’t think he’s someone that need special discussion.. why should I talk about him? She snapped and tried returning back to the class.

He’s the son of the popular Mr Stewart, not only that. He’s also the Heir of his father’s big company. So you also need to talk about like others. Can’t you see how handsome he is. Mina Asked

He’s handsome but there’s nothing to discuss about him, Carol already ranted everything about his background for me and seriously.. I don’t want to hear a word about him again… Amelia Indicated and walked back in to the class.

Mina hurried after her and stood in front of her. Staring awkwardly at her. And stylishly trying to look at Dean.

What’s wrong?? Amelia asked and brought out a snack from her locker.

Mina took her eyes to Dean’s seat and was surprised to see Tiana discussing and tapping him while laughing.

Seems they’ve known each other before coming over here…. She thought and after giving Amelia the last glare she snatched her snack and ran off..

Amelia chased her around the class, shouting and swearing to finish her once she catch her.
Dean feels disturbed by the noise and turned to see them both yelling and running after each other.

Immediately when he saw them he remembered when he Flora would chase after him whenever he took any of her things. It made him kinda sad and he took his eyes to the ground.

What’s wrong Dean? Are you disturbed by their noises? I can report them and make them stop… Tiana asked

No I’m fine… Can you please let’s stop talking now? We will continue at home… He said and since Tiana doesn’t have an idea of what’s wrong with him she left and assume it to be because of girls shouting.

She looked at them and rubbed her forehead. She knows what to do with them if only today is not her first day in school…



Amelia giggled alone downstairs as she put in all her attention on the movie she’s watching.

A knock came on the door and after staring around probably to ask a maid to get it.

She didn’t see any of the maids around so she decided to get the door by herself… Counting her steps to the door and putting her eyes on the movie she twisted the door knob and opened it.

She shifted back a little when she saw the same Guy that got transferred to her school today standing in front of her.

What’s he doing here?? She thought and stared surprisingly at him.

Hello… She said and opened the door fully for him to enter.

Hi…. Dean replied and entered, he tried recollecting where he had seen her before because her face looks familiar.

I’m Dean and I’m here to meet Arnold…. He said and got Amelia confused what does he have to do with Her brother.

Amelia open the door we have a visitor…. Arnold yelled from upstairs and hurried his steps downstairs.

I was just telling my sister to let you in… Arnold said immediately when he saw Dean.

Good afternoon… He greeted and Dean smiled at him.

I’m happy that you are here… I’ve been waiting all day long for you… He stated and Amelia was curious to know about what’s between them.

Arnold…. Who is he? Amelia asked finding everything happening confusing.

Forgive me Amelia I forgot you didn’t get to meet him yesterday. This is Dean my lesson teacher… He explained and Amelia stared shockingly at Dean.

You are not to stare at him… Just a Hi will be okay my darling sister.. Arnold joked and Amelia quickly took her eyes away from him.

I have told him that when he entered but if it’s to say it again then I will… She muttered silently

Hi… I’m Amelia, Arnold’s elder sister… It’s nice to meet you… She said and took her hand forward in order to shake him.

Hello… I’m Dean Stewart… He answered and shook her hand.

Let’s go upstairs to my room, Amelia will disturb us with her movie so we can’t stay here . Arnold bumped in and started climbing upstairs with Dean beside him.

Dean Stewart!! How can this be Possible??! Amelia thought


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