Episode 2

??unknown pov

No!! I can’t do that. I’m going to see the principal right now, he can’t just tell me to do just Everything he says, Mina I came here to study and learn just like every other students.

He can’t just be bullying me because I rejected him, I’m tired of tolerating him Mina, I seriously need to speak with the principal about this. So please can you stop telling me not to go… AMELIA talked her anger out as she increased her steps.

Alright… I understand you, but tell me what complain are you going to lay when you get there? Mina asked and tried meeting up with her since Amelia wouldn’t stop jumping.

Quiet simple.. I will tell Everything, expecially how Brad has been bullying me because I rejected him.. she answered bravely

Well that’s a nice point.. so tell me how you will explain about attending the school during late hours to the principal? Mina questioned and Amelia’s body got weakened

I need an answer, I’m not going to stop you from going just answer me. Like you can’t just get there and just start telling him about buIIying.

I’m sure he would send for Brad, explanation will take place and then the principal will find out about how you’ve been adament on not abiding by one of the school rules.

I’m sure that’s how you wanted it right? She asked and was finally able to see the weakness that her word did to Amelia through her facial expression.

I didn’t think about all that.. I was just tired of Brad’s nuisance that I feel like getting rid of him right away… she yelled the last part amidst gritted teeth, just then she stopped walking.

I know… come let’s sit here… Mina suggested and they both sat down on a sofa close by.

I’m aware of how you feel but things can’t be done like that… Mina said

How can it be done? I’m tired and seriously I wish I could tell My dad about everything but I don’t want to get him worked up.. Amelia tiredly said

You should learn how to be strong, buIIying is a thing that happens in all schools, I would have suggested transferring but it’s not a good idea. Don’t worry.

I will help you in doing some of the punishment that he gave you… Mina said nervously

No you shouldn’t, if he finds out it can implicate you.. Amelia anxiously said

I know and that’s why I will be careful so he won’t find out. I just don’t like how you’ve ruined your mood because of Brad… You are not alone in this, I’m here and we will go through it together, Friends are there to help each other anyday anytime… Mina assured

Thanks Mina, if it wasn’t for you I would have put myself into unplanned trouble… Amelia held her hand and said

Yeah I know, that’s how to show you that I am still older here… I think we should return back to class. I don’t want the teacher to start the lecture before us… Mina said and they both left together for class.



Ma’am the children are back from school and they are on their way into the house…Mrs Lee reported to Mr and Mrs Martin who just surprisingly got back from traveling.

Thanks Mrs Lee, Sweetheart let’s go upstairs, they shouldn’t meet us here. Please don’t give them the hint that we are around, I want it as a surprise.. Mrs Martin turned to Mrs Lee and said before leaving with her husband.



Amelia you won’t believe what Happened in my school today, most expecially my class even if I tell you.. Arnold said and dropped himself on the couch.

I wonder what happened! Amelia answered trying to pick interest in what Arnold was talking about.

They transferred our previous mathematics teacher that I told you about, and guess what’s annoying me in everything?

I don’t know, maybe you are not happy they took your favorite teacher away… Amelia answered finally able to pick interest in the discussion.

Yes that’s among but they replaced him with an old woman who uses glasses. She looks like gurus but I don’t think she’s one.

Apart from being a disability, I meant she was leaping while she walked And…

Axel switch on the Air condition, it’s hot in here… Amelia interrupted him.

She looks weird when she wanted to introduce herself. What a wicked voice I have heard from her… Arnold explained like a lady and got Amelia laughing.

So you are talking about a woman you just met today like that.. come on Arnold, you should get used to her. I’m sure she will have something good to offer after everything.. Amelia suggested and tried encouraging him.

Well I don’t think she will have something special to offer. What I’m sure of is that she can’t be good like Mr James, because he was the best teacher…. And now that he’s gone.. just how much I wished that Dad would get me a home nanny like a teacher.

It would be alot easier to cope with Mr James absence and this new old woman called teacher, I really don’t think I can cope with her… He explained sadly

So is that why you are decided to sit overhere and discuss about it without eating or resting after school?? Their parents said together and came out of their hidden place..

Dad;;; mum!!! They all called and ran to meet them.

Hey …be careful… we are on the stairs… Mrs Martin cautioned.


***AT NIGHT***

So children I got a week vacation from work and then spoke with your mom’s boss to give her a week leave and he agreed. Then we both planned a surprise of coming home without telling you all except from Mrs Lee.. and that’s how we got home when no one expected us to. Mr Martin explained

Wow!! Dad you and Mom knows how to plan a surprise…. Axel coed before eating out of his cookies.

Yes and that makes me and your mom a what??

A genius…. The children screamed happily followed my giggles from everyone.


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