Chapter 9

????unknown pov ????

Dean carefully arranged everything he had scattered earlier. He climbed his bed and got his phone. Dialing Damon’s number.

There’s no doubt that you’ve expecting my call… He said and smiled

Well I was just planning on coming over to your house.. where have you been? Damon asked

I wasn’t kidnapped so relax. I went to school and when I got back, it was already time for the lesson. So I hurried there. Infact I just finished arranging everything that I scattered when I was leaving… He explained and relaxed his back on the bed.

That’s cool. So tell me Dean, how was your first day at school? Have you encountered something overwhelming yet?? Damon coed

Everything went exactly the way it should. Tell me what you meant by something overwhelming? He asked confusingly

You should understand me better Dean. I know the ladies won’t be able to take their eyes off you. You must have put your eyes on some of them also and that is something overwhelming… Damon explained while Dean rolled his eyes.

Stop being nasty Damon, and that reminds me. How will I get my COMFORT back? At least I have done everything you told me to. It’s time for you to return it. I missed it… He said Ranted

We were just gisting now and you decided to ruin it. I will bring it over to your place tommorow… Damon reluctantly said

You are the best Damon… I can’t wait to have it over here, I miss it… Dean replied happily

I need you to promise that you won’t be depressed after getting it back. I’m happy you are changing and it’s obvious that it’s because you are not with the image, I have no idea of what will happen when I finally return it back to you… Damon explained

Well I have tried to control my emotion like you told me to, I can’t promise not to change. But I will try for it not to bring me down again… He assured but Damon isn’t convinced.

Your reply isn’t worth to make me smile but I am happy. Hope you are enjoying your lesson with Arnold?? He asked anyway

Yes he’s very sweet and understandable. I even wanted to discuss something with you..
Really!! What’s that? Are you inviting me over for dinner?? He beamed

Inform Lyra to prepare dinner for you and stop asking me for any… Dean snapped

Tell me what it is you have to say. I don’t want to argue anymore… He answered and rubbed his head

Take your senses to A day that you invited me to a restaurant, can you remember? Dean asked

I remember Dean it’s not necessary to mention my sense.. Don’t start the argument now… He snapped

I told you about bumping into a lady on my way coming, I’m surprised today when I met her at Arnold’s place…

Excuse me… What are you trying to…..

Dean are you there?? Tiana called and knocked the door repeatedly from outside

Let’s talk later Damon.. Tiana is here and I have to attend to her. Dean said and walked out of the bed

Tiana?? That your childhood crush? When did she arrive? He asked repeatedly

I can’t explain now. Let’s talk tommorow.. he replied and hanged the call up.

He immediately got himself a shirt, since he’s shirtless after which he hurried to get the door.

Hey Dean…. I have been looking for you.. she said immediately when he let her in.

I’m not a kid Tiana. Why will you been looking for me? He threw the question at her and walked up to the bed.

I Never said you are a kid, I was just worried when I didn’t see you after we got back from school, where were you? She asked and sat down opposite him on the bed

I must have forgotten that you are here maybe that’s why I didn’t tell you and also I was in hurry to leave. I actually went to teach my learner.. He answered and picked up a note going through it.

Excuse me!! What do you mean by teaching and your learner? She furrowed her brow

I’m a lesson teacher Tiana, I went to teach my learner after I got back from school… He stated without looking at her.

I can’t believe this Dean, what’s the need to lesson someone. It’s for low life people because they do it for money. Why are you doing it? She asked since she found it strange

Teaching is for everyone and can be offered by anyone, Its just how people thinks that anyone who’s teaching do it for money.

I’m not teaching to earn money, I’m lessoning someone because I consider it as a way of having fun… He stated and tried concentrating on what he was reading in the note.

Tiana tried discussing more about it but he kept on cutting her off. She noticed how careless he’s acting and shifted closer to him

We used to be very close when we were children. What happened to us now?? She asked sadly and tried holding his hand.

Nothing has changed here Tiana, We are still friends. He replied and looked their hands that Tiana locked together.

I know that we are friends but you didn’t seem happy to see me. I was talking to you then in school but you just suddenly changed and told me to let’s talk later. She explained sadly.

I’m sorry for doing that… He apologized and dropped the note he was holding, roaming his eyes around while Tiana continue staring at him.

You’ve become so handsome and charming Dean. Can I ask you something?? She asked

I’m listening…. He stated simply

Are you still interested in me like you were then? She threw the question making Dean to release his hand from her

I don’t know what you are talking about Tiana… He said and blinked his eyes

Try and understand what I am trying to say here Dean, you used to have interest in me when we were children right? She asked and he scoffed without answering.

Say something Dean, Don’t you love me?? She asked and Dean coughed

It’s late already Tiana you should go to bed… He said without looking at her.

I’m still discussing something with you, answer my question Dean . Don’t you love me??? She asked and before she would say something else.

Dean stood up from the bed and started heading to the wash room.

I’m stressed and I need to have a cold shower. Have a good night rest… He said and walked out if the room leaving Tiana stunned.




How are you diary?? Well I’m not fine today diary, I had to stress myself because of the Punishment Brad gave me and seriously I’m exhausted.

Bad news that I couldn’t access my phone because the screen broke when it fell and Dad promised to get another one for me.

My parents are leaving tommorow so I am hoping to receive another Phone from them.

New students joined us today and seeing how Mina couldn’t stop talking about them made me upset.

Something strange happened diary, Arnold’s lesson teacher and the guy looks so much alike.

I was surprised seeing him today when Arnold introduced him as his lesson teacher. He’s resemblance with the new guy gave me concern.

My doubts will be cleared when I meet him tommorow, That guy that came to join us today can’t be a lesson teacher, because I heard about his background.

Presently I am starting to doze off…….We should call it a night.




Seriously Mom:Dad I’m going to miss you and Mom… Axel said and hugged them with his small hands.

There’s no doubt we are going to miss you also too. So now I want us to get something cleared. Mr Martin said

We won’t be coming home soon and luckily you will be going on holiday in some weeks to come. I think it will be a nice idea for you all to come over to spend the holiday with us… He stated and the children beamed.

I want all of you to take care of yourself and don’t bother about us. Dad is always here for you… He assured

Mum also has never stopped being here for you also… And you!!! My mother in-law… She said to Amelia like she always does and they all laughed.

I want you to take care of your brothers and don’t hesitate to tell us if you need something. We’ve ordered a new phone for Amelia, I’m sure you will get it today. She explained and Amelia jumped on her.

Arnold make sure to inform me Incase you are having problem with your lesson teacher, I will get you someone else if he’s not capable.. He shared and everyone seems happy.

After exchanging love and care to their children, Mr and Mrs Martin entered their car and zoomed off. Looking behind to see the waves they were getting from the children.

Seems I am back into sharing car with you two now, come on let’s go. I can’t get to school late.. Amelia said and they all entered their car too.


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