Subtitled: Marriage war

By Author Joy

Episode 15

(Gift Pov cont)

My phone kept on ringing and I ignored it but my mum began to complain “It is not fair even if the person annoyed you just pick the call so long as the person still honors you and called you then pick the call if he or she tells you good reply them good and if the person tells you rubbish keep silent and hang the call okay? ” she said

I really love my mother and I can go extra miles for her because of her kind of personality. The phone rang again so I decided to pick the call “Hello Gift! ” she sounded politely as if nothing has ever happened.

“I’m okay ma” I played along
“Gift I know you might have been angry with me but seriously I never knew about you losing your job and I can tell you my husband is regretting it now….” she stopped as if she was speechless, I was also speechless and confused but I managed to speak.
“Don’t worry ma’am, I’m doing okay and I believe things will be fine. How is my boss? Hope he’s doing great ”

She was still quiet but finally spoke “Miss Gift please find it in your heart to forgive us and accept the apology he’ll send to you today ” she ended the call, her voice was shaky like someone crying.

My mum asked who was that, I narrated everything to her, she began to dance for joy hearing that they are apologizing but I was not happy because I’ve lost the job.


Mr Alex arrived home from his journey, he could see the changes in his house. When he got home. His mum and the beautiful maiden brought to him as wife came to welcome him. “Where is my wife? ” he asked
His mum was surprised “You mean we are not important or what? We are happy that you are back and instead of you to freshen up and tell us about your journey you are asking of that “man” you called wife” she said looking away immediately she called Rose “man”.

“Mama, you can call her any name you wish but where is my wife? ” he barked at her.
“I sent her out so that you will have some privacy with your new wife or what will you say about it? ”
“I think it is high time you and your wife to leave this house because this is not my wife, now leave my house. You are now turning to marital third party and I will not tolerate such nonsense. For goodness sake how would you feel if you were Rose? ” he asked angrily

“Whatever! I wouldn’t blame you because I believe it’s her witch power that made you to forget how to respect elderly once including your mother ” she said and walked away.

He stood looking everywhere and scratching his head “and you, what are you still waiting for? Follow your mother” he barked at the lady who was standing in front of him.

She laughed uncontrollably “you are funny, so this is how you so much love your wifeless wife? ” she asked mockingly

He designed her smooth face with earthly slap, she fainted immediately after the slap reach her cheek “I can kill you because of my wife” he said and walked out knowing she was faking her fainting.

His mum who heard the sound of the slap came to her aid, she helped her to recover and took her to hospital shouting “Alex you will not kill me!”

He was lucky he got his wife and Rose told him she was at her auntie’s house. He had promised to come over and take her home but she insisted until his mum leaves the house before she would come over that she had lied to her aunt that she came for visitation.


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