Alex mum was so serious about her son’s marriage to Rose, she made life to be miserable for her and find fault in every little thing she does.

She left them for a week, her return was with a fair beautiful girl of 17years, she brought the girl to be Alex.

Alex was so angry when his mum brought the wife to him but he didn’t hurt them, his mum and the beautiful girl stayed at the guest room until the day Alex traveled.

His mother hired some guys to send Rose away, they threatened to kill her if she dares come back to the house.

Rose wasn’t scared, she left laughing at them because she knows Alex will look for her, she promised to stay loyal and keep in touch.

Her mother-in-law has forgotten there’s phone for communication, although Rose could take fast reactions but she preferred to stay cool and see the wonders.

(Gift pov)

I was at home plaiting my mum, ever since I was sacked I’ve been moving from place to place seeking for job but it was one disappointment or the other.

My mum has told me to wait patiently God’s time is the best so I accepted and joined her at home, she has a provision shop.

While I was plaiting her we were both chatting then my phone rang, I checked the caller it was Mrs Danny.

I hissed, maybe she wants to tell me something annoying, or don’t think I have the strength to listen to quarrel.

“Who is calling you? ” mum asked
“forget about the call mama about the caller they’re out of my life ” I said


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