Danny was at home with his wife. Ever since he left Anabel he has been with his wife always and always makes time for her.

“Baby I have a confession and it’s bad I think ” he said not really wanting to say it but he was guilty.
“Alright dear, you know I’m your wife and I will never leave you no matter what your offence is so just tell me and see how I will end up kissing you and tell you no problem ” She said

He wished he could tell her…… He wished and end up seeing her cute smile just as she’d said……. He wished he had never employed Annabel therefore cursing the day he saw her first……..

They’re all his wishes. “never mind dear, I will have to create time, make apology and trust me it’s about my past” he said but she was not satisfied…..
She moved close to him and sat on his lap “my love! You know even if I get angry it will not last long. Please tell me what it is? No matter what it takes I will forgive you. ” she said in a worried tone.

He smiled “okay I will but not now and promise me you will never leave me no matter what it takes.” he said
“I promise I will never leave you no matter what it takes ” she said politely.

He kissed her lightly on her forehead and walked away without turning.

(Edith’s pov)

I love him and I’ll never leave him so long as he respects me.

But what on earth will upset my husband in such a way? He seems to be afraid, I have to force him to know the reasons why he sounds so.

To be continued