Episode 16

Things moved good as Gift resumed her work.

(Gift’s Pov)

I was happy when I got to my office, my office looked perfect and well decorated. I also have a Personal Assistant, a very nice lady of about my age.

My joy knew no bound, I’ve always longed to make my old mama happy and proud. I hated it whenever she sit quietly thinking about our late father who left us at the mercies of his unkind kinsmen who shared his property among themselves after the death of my father as if they had been waiting him for him to die.

Fate finally smiled on us in such a miraculous way, everything happens by chance and that is one of the best thing that has ever happened to my mum and I.

I left my office to check on the Production Department to see how far they’ve been, I sighted a lady dressed very hot……. She looked like Anabel but I couldn’t figure it out….. I stood watching to see who she was and what she wanted. As the manager I have authority to do and undo.

I got the figure when she was closer, She’s the one…. I wonder what she was looking for…… I don’t want any problem from her so I ran to my office immediately. Although our eyes came in contact and she would be directed to my office because boss was not around….. I tried to look for how to avoid her….but I don’t need to be scared of her beside I conquered.

My telephone rang, it was my PA. She told me about the visitor that wanted to see me so I told her to allow her in.

She entered my office with a laughter, I wonder what was funny that made her to be laughing “excuse me, is anything funny?” I asked her angrily but she burst into another section of uncontrollable laughter “please if you don’t have anything to say just leave my office because this is not a comedy show where you’ll display all your 32” I said mockingly, I was proud because she was jealous.

She frowned and moved towards me “you better watch your lips else I will include you to my preys and you will not find it easy in the game” she said
“What do you mean? ” I asked
“Don’t worry you will get it soon, I’ll start from your boss and soon I will be the owner of this company and I will make sure I frustrate you. You think you now have office right? You are enjoying the best atmosphere right? Don’t worry you’ll see” she said

I laughed “Do you know what? You’ll always be the loser because it seems you don’t want to turn from your evil character. I know you’ll always try your best just the way devil always try his best but you will always end up like your master the devil and guess what? I’ll always conquer because he who laugh last laugh the best. Initially you started as if you owned the company but where are you now? Dust to the foot like you, shameless bitch! Now walk out of my office before I pour my wrath on you ” I pointed towards the door for her to leave.

“Wow boss boss, we shall see who will win this race and I bet you, if you don’t stay out of this you might lose your life because Danny will not forsake the mother of his first baby. I agreed I’m cheap but I was able to get your meek and innocent boss a child. You just watch and see” she said and walked out…..

I hissed ignoring her words because she can do nothing than to open her filthy legs for married to satisfy them…..


Alex’s mother left the house after the incident between Alex and the lady she brought so he decided to go for his wife.

On reaching there, he heard the most shocking news, the uncle who had damaged Rose life had leukemia (cancer of the blood) and would die at anytime.

He confessed all he has done and asked for forgiveness from Rose and her aunty who never knew about it…..

“I forbid you ” the aunty said
“Now you’re asking for forgiveness after the pains you’ve put me through, the e-card still remains in me because I will never have a child on my own meanwhile you have children….. I’ve always see you as a father not life destroyer” said Rose but her husband stopped her…..

“Stop saying all this. Are you God or is the doctor God of your life? Nobody can predict God’s plan, I believe we are going to have our babies and for your uncle he’s only but human and was trying to respond to his fleshy desires, please find a place in your heart to forgive him. ” he said

Rose and her aunt were touched by his words, they decided to forgive him and the family were happy family once again but her uncle’s days were numbered on earth already.

Few days later Rose and her husband left for their house, her aunty saw them off. She thanked Alex for his understanding and prayed for the couple.

On their way home they saw an old man carrying load, they decided to help him by giving him a ride ignoring their journey. They took the man to his house before the old man alighted from their car, he told them something.

“I have being living with humans but I’ve never seen such a nice set of people like you, I like your kindness and courage. Because you have done this to me, it won’t come late again. Mark today’s date being January 16 2006. By this time in ten months time, it will be celebration” he said and left.

Although Rose didn’t believe in the prayer but she answered amen immediately her husband answered. They drove home.


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