Episode 14

It was a Monday morning, everywhere seems to be as busy as bees. The unusual traffic jam made Miss Anabel to get to work very late. Her boss was at work already and activities were going on smoothly.

(Danny’s pov)

I watched how she entered my office without face of apology, she called me sweetheart instead then I remembered I’ve been giving her an upper hand, she has grown wings as a worker that doesn’t respect her boss.

I’ve been a fool having a very tasty stew at home but roaming about with a cheap thing like her, she moved forward to hug me but I stopped her immediately.
“look at the time you’re coming to work ” I said pointing at the wall clock.
“I’m so sorry sweetie, I couldn’t make it up early I was caught by the traffic jam. Is that why you are angry with your mistress ” she asked

I felt like slapping her but I took another thought because I was the one who agreed to her stupidity. I decided to take things easy with her. “I’ll like to talk to you, we don’t have much to do today so let’s talk” I said. She nodded in affirmation happily not knowing what was on my mind.

She sat down on the rocking chair opposite me, she was looking at my eyes if it was like before I would have complemented her outfit but my mind was totally off from her.

“You’re a lady and you have to live like a lady, hook up with young guys, possess nice characters that will entice young guys. I’m a married man I have to live like a caring husband and probably caring father because I know I’ll have children one day. All what we have been doing was wrong it seems like I’m destroying your future because you know I’ll never marry you and your future husband will not be happy about your past ” I was still speaking when my sense came back to my brain, was I really the one saying rubbish? I just need to send her away beside she started it first.

I gazed at her, she was crying uncontrollably “After all I’ve done for you, is this how you’ll pay me? I swear to God you’ll regret it in life and let me inform you before you’ll sack me I’ll resign” she said and walked out of my office slamming the door as if she wanted to break it…..

I hissed…. What can she do? She’s nothing but a bitch that will be used by men and dumped like rag…… She’s even saying after what she had done for me….. What has she done…. We both benefited from each other…… I ate her up and she spent my money…….

I resumed my duty in peace and planned on how to get Gift back, I slapped my head for acting unwisely.

(Anabel’s Pov)

My phone rang it was my fiance I know he has missed me a lot but I wasn’t in the mood of talking to him so I managed to pick his call. “hi baby ” he said
“morning dearie ” I said in a weak tone, he noticed the unusual sound and demanded to know the reason why my voice was weak but I managed to lie that I was okay.

He said his coming has been canceled because of great works ahead, that was why he callef… My plans would be carried out peacefully….. I will make sure I deal with that stupid man that tries to play with me……. Nobody dares my precious pot and go without my permission……. I’ll so deal with him and his wife……… He’s now advising me…… As if his brain was lost when he was banging me……. He doesn’t know me….. I’m iya arugbo.


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