Belinda dressed in a mini fitted gown that showed her beautiful curves. It was the the D-day to see the lawyer but Raymond was not dressing at all. She faked happiness as if she was ready for the divorce but he look downcasted and frustrated about it.
“sweetheart we can work things out, I’m sorry about the past and how I’ve treated you ” he said.

She looked at him from head to toe “maybe you should tell the lawyer ” she said and drag her bag. She picked her car keys “And don’t stay long before coming ” she said and left.

He didn’t even mind taking his bath, he just picked his own car key and headed for the lawyers office.

While the lawyer was giving him some documents to sign that he was no longer married to Belinda officially, he laughed “ma, no way. She’s my wife and she will remain my wife forever, she will be the mother of my three kids in life. Take your signing papers and leave us alone ” he said

The lawyer faked to be angry “what are you trying to say or what do you see me as? You came here because you needed a divorce and now I’m doing what you want….. ”
“sorry ma’am, my husband and I have sorted everything out and we still love each other ” said Belinda making her husband to marvel, he jumped and hugged her immediately.
“you’re amazing sweetie ” he said
“but wait, we must agreed on something” she said
“whatever you say I will agree ” he said out of joy.
“I must start working ”
“Done! You can even start now ” he said

They all laughed including the lawyer. “Congratulations Mr and Mrs Raymond” said the lawyer, they left the office in happiness.

Ray apologized for his bad manners in the past, she also apologized for provoking him.


Gift was still talking with her mum when a messenger came to her house with a letter from Benson and Son LTD.

It was a letter of apology, in it was a document containing house and car, the car keys were given to her for being the best staff and she also got a promotion from General Secretary to General Manager.

Gift and her mum cried for joy, they danced and prayed for Danny. He also provided a driver that will teach her how to drive.

? Oh my Lord! ? do you think the story has almost come to an end? No no no more fire are coming o, just wait and see the return of Annabel it will be superb. Nobody tries her and go free
Hope you enjoyed this episode.


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