Vespertine entered the class smiling broadly, leaving the students to wonder what was happening

Jerry walked in too almost immediately looking all angry..

Few minutes later, it was closing hours and the students started dispersing

Vespertine got his things before turning to Jerry

” Get home safely errand boy. Your job starts fully tomorrow, make sure you come with lots of shoe rags” he smiled cunningly before walking out of class

” It wouldn’t be a bad idea going over to Diva’s place right? I miss her!!” He pouted, entering his car and driving over to Godiva’s mansion


” Gorilla ” Vespertine called entering Godiva’s room

” Gorilla ” he called again. ” Where’s she?” He asked, looking around the room till his eyes landed on her bedspread.

It was another bedspread but still with the same snake design

” How does she sleep at night with does snakes on her bed? ” He wondered sitting on the couch next to the bed

Though it was just a bedspread but he was still very scared..

” Now I’m convinced she’s a witch”

” Are you done talking?” Godiva asked leaving the bathroom

” What brought you to my room?” She asked again, sitting on the bed

” Aren’t you scared? Are you human at all? ”

” Cut the crap boy and tell me why you’re in my room.. ” Godiva said using the dryer on her wet hair while vespertine scoff

” Boy? I’m 18!! Our age difference isn’t that huge” he scoffed again

” Since you don’t know why you’re here, leave my house ” Godiva stood up

” Well, I can’t. I’ll be spending some time with you”

” Huh? Oh not cool, I should call Alston. He needs to take his son home” She said and Vespertine scoffed again

” I need money. I didn’t want to take it without your knowledge so I decided to ask you first but if you refuse then you’re leaving me with no choice”

” Wait, are you threatening me right now? ”

” Nope, your brother just need money. It doesn’t sound like a threat to me ”

” I’m not your mom, now leave my room… And if a dollar gets missing from my account, hahahaha ” she laughed dryly

” You wouldn’t like me..” she said

” You’re wicked and selfish ” Vespertine stood on his feet

” I know, It’s not new ” she replied nonchalantly

” Gorilla ” Vespertine rolled his eyes

” Call me that once more and I promise to remove a tooth from your mouth ”

” Gorilla, ugly gorilla, selfish gorilla ” he made faces at her but quickly ran out of her room when he saw her reaching for her slippers


Cerlia’s heart skipped countless beats after the doctor said those words

Two months? Then Exton was the father of her baby..? She wondered and stood up

” Thanks doctor..” she did a little bow before walking out of the office and out of the hospital

” What should I tell Raphael? Two months pregnant? God, he’ll know I’ve been sleeping around ”

She was deep in thoughts as she walked down the street

” Should I tell Exton yet? Will he think I wanna pin the pregnancy on him?” She thought again before flagging a cab down which took her to Raphael’s work place

She sighted Raphael at a corner with a girl who seemed to be throwing herself at him

” That wtch, what does she think she’s doing with my man?” She balled her fist and walked towards them

She landed the girl a slap as soon as she got to them

” Stay away from him, he’s mine ” She said to the girl and the girl glared at her ( Cerlia ) before leaving

” Hey ” She faced Raphael with a smile

” That wasn’t necessary, you should have just talked to her calmly ” Raphael smiled back at her

” I just didn’t like the way she was htting on you ” She pouted playing with his brow

” I have eyes just for you cerlia ” he said

” I know ” she giggled

She turned to Arnold but as usual, he just stared at her expressionlessly before walking out on them

” He’s in a bad mood today, the boss shouted at him earlier..” Raphael said and held Cerlia’s waist, drawing her to himself

He kssed her lips softly and she responded to it

” Can I sleep over at your place tonight?” Cerlia asked, caressing his chest slowly

” Sure, it’s been long you’ve done that..” Raphael replied, kssing her forehead

” Alright, I’ll wait till you’re done with work ” She said, taking a seat

Her eyes were only on Raphael as he worked


” Hey, let’s talk ” Raphael said, taking Arnold out of the club

” What’s wrong buddy? Why are you ignoring Cerlia?” Raphael asked

” She’s hurt by your actions. I thought you liked her, you even said she was your favorite ”

” Favorite my @ss.. ” Arnold rolled his eyes. ” I don’t know but I just don’t like the way she’s behaving recently and I’m having this feeling…. he trailed off.

” She’s cheating on me? ” Raphael completed, chuckling afterwards

” Cerlia would never do that, she’s just too busy with work that’s all.. ” he replied and Arnold faced him properly

” Why do you like her so much? Just give me a reason!! I know you were the first guy to ever sleep with her, you disvrgned her, that I know but why do you love her so much that it’s making you blind!!”

” Taking her dignity isn’t enough reason? I mean, how do you expect me to leave someone i….

” Just shut the fk up and see reality!! Yes she might love you but.. pepper trailed off

” Right, I understand your fear pepper, but whatever is going on in your head isn’t true ” Raphael said and turned to leave

” And What if… just what if you discover she’s cheating on you for real, what will you do? Will you stop loving her? Will you hate her?” Pepper ( Arnold ) asked

” I don’t know Arnold but I know she wouldn’t cheat on me. If she does, I’m gonna get mad and hurt but I’m sure I won’t hate her” Raphael replied

” Why? ”

” I can hardly even provide her needs but she’s still with me despite all that. I’m the worst boyfriend ever but she wouldn’t even complain. I don’t think I’ll be able to hate her ” Raphael said

” You’re hopeless.. ” Arnold shook his head before walking into the bar and met Cerlia moving her head to the beats of the song playing in the background

‘ Why do I have this feelings she’s cheating on Raphael?’ He wondered, taking a seat far from her

Raphael walked into too and sat next to Cerlia. They kept laughing and talking Together while Arnold watch them

” I hope my assumptions are wrong..” he sigh.


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