” I want an abortion..” Cerlia said and the doctor’s eyes widened in surprised

” What do you mean? Aren’t you happy you’re pregnant? Why would you want to get rid of your baby?” The doctor asked

” I didn’t ask for your opinion moreover you can’t tell me how to live my life, I just wanna get rid of the thing in my womb ” Cerlia said

” I’m sorry but I can’t do that without the presence of a third party. Your friend, relative, boyfriend or husband must be present in case…..the doctor trailed off

” No need to worry, my man doesn’t want a baby now so it’s no big deal ”

” Still, I need to talk to him ” The doctor insisted

” Okay fine..” She glared at the doctor before bringing out her phone, she dialed Exton’s number and he picked up at first ring

? Done with it already? He asked

? The doctor is saying trash, she needs the presence of a third party”.. Cerlia rolled her eyes and the doctor took the phone from her

? Do you realize what you’re asking your wife to do?” The doctor demanded

? Just do whatever you have to do or are you her husband to dictate if she’s gonna keep the pregnancy?” Exton snapped from his end

? Why would any sane man ask his wife to get rid of their baby? The doctor snapped back

? It’s personal, just do what you need to do

? It’s fine. It’s your family issues after all… The doctor said giving the phone back to Cerlia

? Bye babe.. she said and ended the call

” This way.. ” the doctor told her and walked away while she followed behind




” Baby.. ” Alston called walking into Godiva’s room

” Going home already?” She asked, her gaze on the PC

” Chasing your dad from your house?” Alston asked back and she stopped what she was doing

” Yeah, I think that’s what it looks like..” She replied which made her dad giggle

He sat next to her on the bed and stroked her hair gently

” Aren’t you scared of the bedspread?”

” Why would I? If a tiny girl like you isn’t afraid then why should her dad be?” Alston smiled

” Your mom and I will be traveling to Ireland and we’ll be spending nothing less than a month there so I want you to take care of yourself and your brother.

Be the good and cheerful girl you’ve always been as a child” Alston said and she laughed

” C”mon papa, that Godiva doesn’t exist anymore..” she laughed getting down from the bed.

” I’ll see you both off and as for Vespertine, you don’t have to worry, he’s my responsibility.. ” She said walking out of her room with her dad

” I’m gonna miss you Papa ” she pouted, hugging her dad

” I’m gonna miss you too princess ” Alston kssed her hair and she disengaged from the hug

” Stop doing that papa ” She frown playfully and Alston chuckled, hugging her again

” Alright dad, take care of Larina.. ” she said after they disengaged from the hug

” So when are you meeting with Davis?” Larina asked, as they all left the mansion

” There you go again.. anyway, bye..” she waved and with that, she pulled Vespertine back into the house

” Bye mom.. I love you..” Vespertine said aloud as Godiva dragged him away

” Those kids.. ” Alston smiled proudly.

No doubt he was proud of his kids and his only wish was for his daughter to become herself again

” Let’s go honey.. ” Larina said and they both entered the car and the driver took off



? Hey Raph.. Cerlia smiled sadly

She had left the hospital moments ago and had decided to call Raphael though she was battling with abdominal pain

? Are you okay? Raphael asked from his end and she nodded as if he could see her

? I just wanna tell you something.. she said fighting back her tears

? You’re crying Cerlia, is something wrong? He asked

? It’s nothing.. I miss you that’s why I called

? What is it you wanna tell me? He asked

? That I love you and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me… She said sadly after remembering how harsh Exton was towards her when she told him about the pregnancy

? If this is your reason for calling then you’re being $illy.. he chuckled.

? I’ll call you back later, I’m kinda busy right now but just know I’ll always love you.. he said before ending the call

She stared at her phone for a while and burst into tears, struggling to her bed.




” Is everything okay?” Arnold asked and Raphael heaved a sigh

” It’s Cerlia, she sounded like something was bothering her. Don’t bother coming over to my place tonight cos I’ll be spending the night at Cerlia’s, sorry buddy” Raphael h!t his shoulders playfully while pepper shook his head not saying anything further

He attended to the customers while Raphael just watch couples dance on stage.



” GORILLA!!!” Vespertine barged into Godiva’s room

” Oh, Christ!! What do you want this time? ”

” It’s Alora, she wanna talk to you..” Vespertine said, handing his phone to her which she reluctantly took

? Hey….

? DIVA!!!!! Alora screamed and she quickly removed the phone from her ears momentarily before putting it back

? You’re loud Lora

Alora is her cousin. She’s sassy and one h’ll of a trouble maker. She’s been managing Godiva’s company in Mexico in her stead

? I’m sorry sissy, it’s just that I miss you very much…. She pouted from her end

? And guess what? I’m in the states!! She said again

? And Why are you just telling me now? I hate you!!

? C’mon Diva, I just wanted to surprise you and Mike. Let’s talk when I get home ” Alora said and ended the call even before Godiva could give a reply

” That bch is finally back..” She smiled and Vespertine took his phone from her before leaving her room


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