” Is this where you work?” Raphael asked, looking around the building and Cerlia nodded.

Exton was just leaving his office when he sighted Cerlia. He smiled broadly but suddenly frown when he saw a guy next to her

Cerlia smiled awkwardly as they walked towards Exton

A grown creased Raphael’s brow as he watched Exton stared at Cerlia lu$tfully

” Why are you staring at my girlfriend that way?” Raphael spoke up..

” Do you still love you eyes ??” He asked, already getting pissed

” Tch!!” Exton scoffed loudly

” Raphael!!” Cerlia cautioned

” I’m sorry about that sir ” Cerlia bowed continuously, pulling Raphael to a corner cos she knew he ( Raphael ) was hot tempered and was gonna make a scene out of nothing

” Babe, you shouldn’t talk that way to my boss. What if he fires me?” She pouted cutely and he exhaled

” I don’t just like the way he stares at you. He looks more like a pervert ” Raphael rolled his eyes

” Alright, I’m sure he’s never gonna do it again and don’t worry I’ll be careful ” she smiled

” I’ll talk to you later in the evening okay? I might come to the club to see you..” Cerlia said while Raphael stare at Exton then at her before walking out of the building

He didn’t want to create a scene at her working place so he left quietly

” Is that the Raphael guy you’re dating?” Exton asked Cerlia but she didn’t reply. instead, she walked to him and peck his lips

” You shouldn’t stare at me that way in front of him.. remember I haven’t broke up with him yet..” she pouted

” Oh, please spare me the lectures naughty doll ” he said holding her waist as they walked into his office

” Of course I’m naughty, you spoiled the saint in me..” Cerlia chucked while he made her seat on his desk before going between her legs

He got the fix phone from his desk and placed a call through his secretary

? I’ll be busy for the next two hours, make sure no one comes into my office… he said and ended the call immediately




” Why were you two fighting?” Mr. Harmsburg asked, adjusting his glasses

” My opinion doesn’t matter after all, so just ask the sh*thole next to me” Vespertine rolled his eyes

Mr. Harmsburg turned to Jerry for an explanation but he just kept mute

” You should apologize to vespertine, Jerry”

” Huh?!! ” The two guys exclaimed at once..

Vespertine was shocked cos he has always been the one receiving all the blames and doing all the apologies and now Mr. Harmsburg was asking Jerry to apologize?

Absurd!! He scoffed

” Not need for his insincere apologies, I’d prefer he becomes my errand boy for a week!! Cleaning my shoes everyday for a whole week isn’t much of a big deal, if he can do that, I’ll choose whether to forgive him or not ” Vespertine smirked as he stared at Jerry daringly

” You must be stûpîd..” Jerry snapped and he shrugged

” If you say so but don’t forget I took lessons from you..” he replied back while Mr. Harmsburg sighed staring at the two boys

” If he can’t do that Mr principal, then I’m off..” vespertine stood up

” I can’t do it Mr David Harmsburg..” Jerry said sternly

” Of course you will, you have too..” Mr. Harmsburg gritted out while vespertine laughed

” You can start your job now boy.. ” he smirked glaring at Jerry who fumed in anger..

Jerry was hesitating so Mr. Harmsburg walked to him and kick his leg slightly that he went on a knee

” Do what he said Jerry, you started the fight after all” Mr. Harmsburg said while Jerry curled his fingers into a fist before cleaning vespertine’s shoe with his hankie..

” That’s my boy..” vespertine ruffled his hair but Jerry sI.apped his hands off

” Thank you sir..” Vespertine winked at Mr. Harmsburg before tucking his hands in his pants pocket and with that he left the office smiling broadly



Godiva stood at the parking lots waiting for Nicolas, her driver

It was a boring day for her at work cos she had given all her employees a day off

She wasn’t fun of associating with people so she had stayed back to do all the work

She sighed when she sighted her car drove into the packing lot.. Nicolas left the car and went to get the door for her

She entered and he did same . She leaned back on her seat, trying to get a little rest as he drove home




Cerlia left the bathroom breathing heavily and weakly.

She just threw up everything she ate moments ago. She’s been burning up and throwing up too for a while now

Raphael was restless at her sudden sickness and asked her to go to the hospital but she had assured him she was fine

” Should I just go to the hospital today?” She wondered, cleaning her wet face with a towel

She got a cloth from her wardrobe and wore it before walking out of her apartment

She flagged down a cab and got into it

” Willy’s hospital..” she said and the cabman drove off to her destination



She alighted from the car, and paid the cab driver before walking into the hospital.

She got to the doctor’s office and requested for a check up

She was ushered a seat and her bI.ood sample was taken

” Give us few minutes ma’am..” a nurse said and left the doctor’s office..

” How are you feeling?” The doctor asked and she explained her symptoms to the doctor

” I think you’re pregnant miss..” The doctor smiled broadly at her

” I doubt that..” she shooked her head

” Why? Is getting pregnant a bad thing?” The doctor asked, confused

” Not really, I’ll just wait for the results first..” Cerlia smiled and minutes later, the nurse who took her blood sample walked in, she handed the test result to the doctor before walking away

The doctor glanced through the paper while Cerlia held her breath

The doctor looked up at her with a broad smile and her heart palpitated she could already read the reasons for the doctor’s smile but she was hoping it’s something else

” Congrats dear, you are two months pregnant..” the doctor dropped the bombshell

” What? Two… Two months?!!!” She exclaimed loudly

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