(Be Careful With My Heart…)


” Exton? ” Cerlia called shockingly

” I’m sorry Cerlia but I can’t father that child in your womb… You should rid of it or better still keep it and cut ties with me..” Exton said coldly and she landed him a resounding sI.ap

” How dare you say that to my face? I gave you all you wanted, my attention, my body, my time, everything!!. Is this how you should react knowing fully well you’re responsible” Cerlia said

” Yeah I agree you gave me all those and I took care of your needs too !!” Exton snapped

” Huh? ” Her eyes widdened..

” I didn’t say I don’t love you, I didn’t say I won’t take care of you but as you can see, I’m very busy and wouldn’t want to be a father now!! If you still want me to take care of you, then you have to get rid of that thing in your womb” Exton sat down on his desk with no expression on his face

Cerlia blinked back her tears as she stared at Exton. She felt like st..rangling him that moment

” Take yourself out of my office unless you want me to call the securities on you..” Exton said his gaze on his desktop

Cerlia glared hard at him again before storming out of his office in tears

” She’s pregnant? For me? What a joke!! Who does she thinks she is? She’s just someone I need to satisfy my sxual urge, how dare she get pregnant?” He scoffed before resuming what he was doing on the desktop



Cerlia threw her bag carelessly on the ground as soon as she got into her room. She squatted and began wailing loudly

She didn’t know what to do, she was confused as h’ll

” Should I just tell Raphael the baby isn’t his?”

She shook her head, brushing the thought off

” I can’t, he’ll be heartbroken..” she shook her head again

” If you still want me to take of you, then you should get rid of that thing in your womb” she recalled Exton’s words and she sighed loudly

” Should I just do that? If I do, what will I tell Raphael then? He looked so happy a moment ago. Oh Cerlia, what have you done?” She sigh again staring at herself in the mirror close to her bed




” Aren’t you going to work today?” Larina asked, going to meet her husband in the sitting room

” Yeah, I wanna spend today with my daughter, It’s been a while I saw her. She must really hate me now..” Alston said

” I was thinking of visiting her too, we should go together ” Larina said and he nodded

” I’ll be back, I need to change and pack some side dishes for my babies ” she said, walking into the kitchen

” Let’s go.. ” She said when she was done

She smiled at her husband as they both walked out of the house




Alston walked into the mansion with his wife and the maids greeted them with a bow

” New maids?” He asked

” Yeah ” Vespertine replied, leaving his room

” She fired 18 maids recently and She just recruited another 15 yesterday..” he added, going to meet his parents

” They came again without my notice ” Godiva sighed, opening the door to her room

” My princess.. ” Alston smiled at her but she didn’t return the smile neither did she reply

She rolled her eyes at him and shut her door. Alston just smiled since he knew his girl was mad at him.

He walked into her room while Larina followed along with Vespertine

” Hey baby..” he hugged her but she didn’t hug him back

” Don’t you miss dad?” He asked

” She isn’t human, she doesn’t miss people.. ” Vespertine replied

Larina just kept staring at her bedspread.. Her eyes wouldn’t leave it even for a second

” You feel like fainting again, right mom?” Vespertine asked, after seeing his mom expression and Larina sighed

” It’s just a bedspread but I still can’t stand it’s sight ” he shuddered, earning a chuckle from their dad

Alston pulled Godiva to the couch next to her bed and made her seat

” Are you mad at me, did I do something” He asked

” Of course, you haven’t Called or texted me for weeks now and you expect me to be happy? Am I even your daughter?” Godiva asked

” Of course you’re not.. ” Vespertine replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes

” Don’t roll eyes at me!! ” Godiva snapped

” C’mon Diva, You know dad is always busy with work.

As a business owner yourself, I know you can relate to that. You haven’t visited home for two months now neither have you called me..” Alston said

” That’s because I was busy..” she replied

” Let’s call it even then, dad got you chocolate..” Alston smiled handing her a small bag

” Omg!! Thanks dad ” she gushed, hugging her dad..

He kssed her hair and she let out a tight smile, not wanting to complain about the kss

” I made some side dishes, your favorite..” Larina said removing the dishes from the backpack

” Thanks Mom and… I might be coming home tomorrow..”

” No, you can’t..” vespertine replied sitting on the bed unknowingly.

” wtf!! You just sat on the sn.. his mom didn’t finish her statement when he screamed and sprang up from it like flash and that only made Alston and Godiva chuckle

” Let’s eat something papa” Godiva said, taking her dad out of the room


” You seriously can’t come home diva..” Vespertine said as they sat at the dining

” And why is that?”

” I can’t have you fire my workers all the time ” Larina chipped in while Godiva rolled her eyes

She remembered how she fired all 30 workers in her dad’s mansion and she chuckled softly

” Well, I won’t be chanced.. I need to go see Davis tomorrow”

” Davis? Are you both a thing now?” Larina asked

” Wait, you finally found a man?” Vespertine grimaced

” Who said I found a man? Are you nuts?” Godiva snapped

” Wow, you like him already? You going to go meet him means you li.. vespertine couldn’t complete his statement when Godiva dipped his face into the plate of food in front of him

” Stop talking trash, you b.astard… ” she said and vespertine lifted his head from the plate

He licked his lips and turned to Godiva. When he noticed she wasn’t paying attention to him, he dipped her face into her meal too..

Alston and Larina just stare at them

” Hey, Do you want to die?!!” Godiva shouted as soon as she raised her head up..

” Psychó ” Vespertine laughed, running away from the dining..

” Stop right there! I’ll kll you, I swear ” Godiva yelled and went after him

She looked really funny with the food on her face

A maid burst into laughter as she stared at Godiva. vespertine’s steps faltered immediately he heard the girl laugh..

” Oh, oh, I think the poor girl just got employed yesterday..” Larina shook her head.

” Did you just laugh at me or someone else ” Godiva asked looking around to see if there was someone behind her but no one was there

The maid was laughing at her!!

She took long predatory steps towards the girl

” Let’s not make this an issue, You’re fired..” She said sternly and the girl’s eyes widened..

She didn’t know her fault, Everything seemed like a dream to her

” Ma’am?” She exclaimed and Lydia rushed in

” I’m sorry about that ” Lydia said, taking the girl away

Godiva turned to vespertine who was just few steps away from her and gra..bbed his neck

” You’re choking me!! ” he shouted

” I’m choking you and you still have the voice to shout?” You must be joking” Godiva said, tightening her grip around his neck

” You.. I’m dying ” Vespertine complained but she still wouldn’t let go

He suddenly stopped struggling feigning de..ath

Godiva let go and he fell to the ground

” Oh my God, Vesper !!” Larina ran to them

” Vespertine? Can you hear me?” She asked but got no reply..

Godiva shook his head as she stared at Vespertine on the ground

” Step aside mom” She said and her mom did as said

She was about stepping on Vespertine’s face but he rolled away, escaping her legs

” He’s awake now..” She said and walked to the bathroom to clean herself while Alston shook his head at their silliness

” That psychópathic witch..” vespertine muttered standing on his feet.


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