(Be Careful With My Heart…)


” Lydia !!” Godiva called and Lydia ran to her almost immediately

” You called me”

” Yes, I need some new employees.. ” she said and Lydia nodded

” I’ll tell Jack ” Lydia said, and left

” I told him to leave my house, Did he really leave? Since when did he become so obedient?” She asked herself, staring at her brother’s room and his door opened that moment

” He’s still around? That wizard ” she scoffed

” Wanna give me the money?” Vespertine asked walking to her

” It’s just $10k Diva, will you give me? Huh?” He pouted cutely and Godiva pulled his cheeks fondly

” You Cute little puppy.. ” she let out a tight smile before pushing his head off and taking her phone

” You’re getting even more stin.. Vespertine couldn’t his statement when his phone beeped…

He checked it and his phone fell from his hands

” OMG!! You’re such a sweetheart. I take back my words, you’re the best” He hugged her happily

” Don’t suffocate me foól ” Godiva pushed him away from herself forcefully and he fell. He didn’t care about the pain that moment

” I love you Sissy ” he said and pecked her cheek

” Hey, Do you wanna die?!!!” Godiva snapped but he quickly picked up his phone and ran to his room

He knew she hated it when she’s been kssed. Even her parents wouldn’t kss her cos she didn’t like it so he had to run away to save his head

” $50k? Omg, I love my Diva. she should have made it $100k, she’s a millionaire after all..” he smiled, falling on his bed

” I love my Diva !!!” He screamed, jumping on his bed

Minutes later, Godiva’s compound was filled with people. She was ready to interview them herself when her phone rang

She hissed loudly when she discovered it was Davis

What does he want? She scoffed before picking up

? What is it? She asked

? You busy? Wanna take you somewhere.. Davis said

? I’m busy ..

? C’mon, Just few minutes. I’m Infront of your home and I can see alot of people outside. Are you recruiting workers? Davis asked but She ended the call and walked out of her house

” I wonder what he has to say..”

she passed beside three girls and quickly held her nose so she wouldn’t inhale the scent of perfume coming from them

Lydia ran to her direction immediately. Godiva just gave her a glance before walking out of the building

” You three should please go home, you can’t have the job ” Lydia told the girls. All they could do was grumble before leaving the building


” Why did you come over?” Godiva asked, entering his car after she noticed it was perfume free

” You’re pretty..” Davis smiled which made her scoff.

Of course she knows she is pretty

” You haven’t replied my question..” Godiva said

” Right, I was hoping you’ll be chanced so we could go on a proper date since you left without a word that day..” Davis stated

” Here, my business card..” he added handing her a card which she collected

” You’re a CEO? ” She asked though not surprised

” Yeah” he nodded

” Alright..” Godiva said, alighting the car

” I’ll think about it..” she said and walked into the building only to see fifteen people already selected

” That was fast ” She muttered, walking into her room leaving Lydia to do the job.




Cerlia sat opposite Raphael as they stared at each other though she was avoiding his gaze

” Look at me ” he said and she raised her head

” How are you so sure you’re pregnant?” He asked

he wasn’t disappointed or anything, he just wanted to know

” I… I went for a medical test ”

” How many weeks?” He asked

” Fi.. five days.. ” she lied, shedding tears

” Why are you crying? You don’t want the baby? ” He asked, wiping her tears

” I…. I ” he hugged her before she could even complete her statements

She was five days pregnant and they made love just a week ago so there was no way the child wasn’t his

” It’s fine, I know you’re scared but I promise to take care of you and our baby, I’ll be the best father to our baby and make sure it lacks nothing. Grandma would be so happy to see her grandchild..” he stroked her hair gently and she looked up at him

” Don’t tell them anything yet, I’ll do so myself. We’ll see them together and tell them about the news..” she said and he smiled

” They will be so happy Cerlia ” he smile again but she just looked at him with pity

” he looks so happy and ready to take responsibilities when the baby isn’t his.. ” She blinked back her tears and stood up

” I’ll be heading home now..” she said and he nodded, walking out of the house with her

” Alright love , don’t stress yourself okay?” He said as a cab stopped infront of them

She smiled at him and nodded as she entered the car

” I’m so lucky..” he smiled, entering back his apartment



Cerlia was done taking her bath, she applied some make up and stared at herself in the mirror before walking out of her house

She boarded a cab which took her to D’S ENTERPRISES

She walked into the office but didn’t meet Exton.. she sat on the couch, waiting for him patiently untill the office door burst open and he entered

” Hey baby.. ” he smiled, walking to her..

She smiled and hugged him.

” I’ve missed you..” He said, kssing her neck earning a m..oàn from her but she quickly took few steps away from him

” What’s wrong?”

” I actually came to tell you something..” she said

” Anything, I’m all ears.. do you need money?” He asked and she shook her head in denial

” Not that..” she trailed off and began to cry

” Is everything okay?” Exton asked confused

She dipped her hands into her bag and handed him the test results

” What’s this?” He asked

” You should check it for yourself.. She replied, cleaning her tears and Exton opened the envelope.

A frown appeared on his forehead as he glance through the paper

” Is this true?” He asked and she nodded

” Who’s it’s dad? Cos I’m sure it’s not me ”

” What are you talking about Exton ? We’ve been….

” We’ve been nothing!!” He cut in

” This has to be some kind of joke cos I’m never gonna father that thing.. ” he said and her eyes dilated


” How am I even sure I’m it’s father? You better go find the father to the bstard in your womb..” he said again and she felt her world crumbling.


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