Cerlia opened the door only to see Raphael

” Hey ” he waved

She hugged him before pulling him gently into the house

” I’ve missed you..” Raphael said and she kssed his lips

” I’ve missed you too.. come here, I made something for us..”

” I’m fine ” he said and she pouted sadly

” I spend quite some time trying to make something for you ” she pouted

” Okay, fine!! But before that, I have something from you ” he handed her a small box.. she furrowed her brow trying to figure out what was in the box

” You can open it ” he said and she did

” Omg!! Raphael, this is pretty.. ” she gasped, staring at the beautiful necklace in the box

” It will look even more pretty on you. I’ve got the most prettiest girl on earth ” He said and she blushed

” Turn around, I’ll help with it ” He said and she did

” It’s beautiful ” she muttered, touching the heart shaped necklace

He sat on the couch and made her sit on his laps

” I don’t deserve at least a kss ?” He whispered se..ductively into her ears, sending shivers down her spine

He kssed her neck and she bit her lips trying not to m.oan. His soft lips on her neck was turning her own greatly that she didn’t realize when a m..oàn left her mouth

” You want me too ” he whispered again, and this time, her breath became hoarse

Of course she wanted him. It been months they had sx. She’s been giving excuses for months now and he wouldn’t even complain

He has always been sweet and caring and she didn’t want him to feel like she was avoiding him

He kssed her exposed bbs and she svcked in a large amount of air feeling a tickling sensation between her Iegs

” I miss you Raphael ” she said, capturing his lips at once.



Vespertine glanced at the time and discovered it was almost 10am.

” Fk, I have a class by 10am..” he sprang up from bed and headed to his bathroom.

He left the bathroom a minute later and hastily put on his uniform

He rushed to the sitting room but found no one there

” They didn’t even bother to wake me up.. ” he scoff since his parents had gone to work..

” Why am I even in a hurry? I should take my time, I have my sister after all ” he grinned mischievously going back to his room

He took another bath and dressed up

He didn’t bother to wear his school shirt this time. He had just his trousers on and a hoodie

He settled down for breakfast and minutes later, he was done. He cleaned the dishes since the maids were in their quarters he didn’t want to bother them

He spent an extra hour playing video games and left the house when it he realized it was 11am

” I shouldn’t kll myself cos I’m a student ” he hissed, entering his car and driving to school




” Oh, God I’m bored ” Godiva groaned

She was bored and when she’s like that, no one dares to ask her about what she wanted else he/she loses his/ her job.

Only Lydia could do that cause she has been her nanny ever since she (Godiva) was still living with her parents

” I think I should go to work..” she stood up from the couch and left the house since she was dressed already.

She met Nicolas, her driver waiting for her outside

” I thought I fired you?” She asked but he kept mute..

She entered the car and Nicolas did same even though he knew she doesn’t forgive people. He ignited the car and drove out of the house to the company




Vespertine alighted from his and walked elegantly to his class even though he was late as h’ll

He stood at the door and brushed his hair backwards while the girls stared dreamingly at him

” Mr John? You’re in school? I hope you got a new pair of shoes today?” He asked walking into class but Mr. John didn’t reply

He was the one who had fainted after Godiva had put his own shoes over his nose

” Was he supposed to be at home?” A student asked and Vespertine laughed

” Y’all wouldn’t understand ” he said, walking to his seat

” You can continue with your class sir..” he winked at John but John just glared at him

Mr. John cleared his throat before explaining what he had written on the whiteboard to the class

” What about the movie you talked about yesterday? Did you watch it? I tried waiting for you but it seems you weren’t gonna leave the board room so I had to leave with the others ..” Hannah whispered to Vespertine

” I did.. wanna know the most interesting part? A mature man with grey hairs wet his p..ants.. ” He whispered back and Hannah chuckled gently so Mr. John wouldn’t hear them

” Tell me about the movie when he’s gone okay?” Hannah said

” You know I’m not good at narrating..” he whispered back, giving his attention to his book and Hannah did same

” Are you both done talking?” Mr. John pointed at them

” You heard us?” Vespertine asked while Mr. John roll his eyes

That moment, he felt like st.rangling him (Vespertine) but he couldn’t.

He couldn’t risk staying behind bars for hours again like he did.. if not for Mrs Moreno, they’d have probably still be in jail till now

” Sorry about that sir, We didn’t mean it..” Vespertine smiled

Though he isn’t that type of students to disrespect his teachers because he respects his parents and even diva though they fight always.

His teachers were a bone in his throat. He hated them as much as they hated him

They had klled the gentleman in him…. according to him

Jerry just kept throwing him disgusting glares

” Glare at me that way again and I promise to feed you those filthy eyes of yours..” he said daringly and Jerry scoffed

‘ I’m seriously gonna get back at you. I don’t care if you’re a brother to that psychó you claimed as a sister but I’m surely going to kll you” Jerry balled his fist as he stared at Vespertine with so much hatred

Vespertine just had an annoying smirk on as he glared back at Jerry..

The whole class including Mr. John just stared at them, wondering what was going on in their minds

There was no way he was gonna allow them fight in his class not after what had happened the last time they had a fight.


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