(Be Careful With My Heart…)



” What was my offence ma’am? What did I do ? Why am I getting fired?” The girl who had laughed at Godiva earlier cried

” What happened in there? What did you do?” Lydia asked

” I was going to place some fruits on the dining table when I saw ma’am and sir vespertine running round the sitting room. I cracked up after seeing the food stain on their faces..” the girl explained

” You laughed at her?” Lydia asked to be sure and the girl nodded

” Is it a crime to laugh in this home? The girl asked

” It’s my fault for forgetting to tell y’all about the rules but don’t worry I’ll talk to her about it.. ” Lydia said

” What are the rules here?” The girl asked and the new maids paid attention

” Firstly, y’all mustn’t laugh or smile in her presence. Anything you are asked to do, do it wholeheartedly with no mistake or your job is gone”

” Y’all should get use to her midnight laughs too. You mustn’t complain or say anything, just live here like a blind person and y’all will be fine ”

” She laughs at night?”

” You should be glad she didn’t laugh last night, I guess she was busy with office work”

” Now, That’s scary..” The new maids whispered among themselves

” Yeah, y’all will get use to it..” Lydia assured

“‘I doubt that.. ”

” Well, that’ll be all.. ” Lydia said and left the maids quarter to Godiva’s room

She knocked on the door and entered when she heard a faint ” come in”

” What is it? ” Godiva asked, her attention on her laptop

” Diva, I need to talk to you..” Lydia said

” Okay, I’m listening..” she looked up at Lydia but Lydia hesitated for a while

” Lydia? What is it you wanna tell me? I don’t bite okay? You know me too well to be behaving this way..”

” I need a favor..” Lydia finally said

” Okay? So What’s it about? ”

” Can you please spare the maids? I forgot to lecture them yesterday. They’re oblivious of what should be done in the house, so please pvnish me instead Diva ” Lydia said and Godiva raised a brow

” Are you serious right now?”

” I’m serious diva, the poor girl has been crying and as a woman, I feel pity ”

” So I’m a man that doesn’t feel pity?” Godiva’s frown deepened

” Godiva!! ” Lydia called loudly

” Fine fine, do what you want.. happy now?” Godiva raised her hands in surrender

That’s just her, she respected her nanny a lot.

” Anything else?” She asked

” Not at all..” Lydia smiled before exiting the room

” Tch..” Godiva scoffed, resuming what she was doing on her laptop.



” Cerlia is pregnant..” Raphael broke the news and Arnold’s eyes dilated immediately those words left his mouth

” Pregnant? For who?” He asked

” What do you mean for who?” Raphael frowned

” Don’t get it twisted, it’s just…. I’m curious. How many weeks? Months?”

” Does that even matter pepper? ” Raphael asked back while Arnold shook his head, not wanting to ask any further questions

” Congrats bro..” he patted Raphael’s shoulder before walking back to the club to attend to customers.

‘ Why is he behaving that way? I’m the only guy Cerlia is seeing so why should I suspect her?’ he wondered

‘ What if pepper is actually right? What if…. Nah, it’s not true” he quickly brushed the thoughts off

” I might as well just kll myself if she cheats on me.. she knows this too so she wouldn’t do that to me..” he assured himself before walking into the club to meet Arnold



Cerlia stood In front of the hospital and stared at it for a while

she sighed deeply before walking in.

She’s been thinking alot and the only thing she could think of was to get rid of the baby

Exton had sent her enough money since she was ready to go with his opinion of getting rid of the child

She entered the hospital and walked directly to the doctor’s office

” I want an ab..ortion ” She said and even the doctor was surprised at her words


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