(Be Careful With My Heart…)



Raphael walked into Godiva’s room who was preparing to go to the company to see how things were.

” Good morning..” He greeted and she nodded gently before taking her bag..

” Are you going with me or you’re gonna stay back” She asked and he nodded

” I can’t let you go alone.. and again, you shouldn’t wear your mask, I’m right next to you if anything happens” he said and her eyes involuntarily moved to his lips

” Don’t worry, I should prevent it first.. She replied after a while taking her mask from her back..

she wore it before leaving the room with Raphael

? Ms. Moreno, it’s been 2 years since you last visited

? Are you gonna be spending more than a week?

The reporters surrounded her as soon as she left the hotel

The news about her arrival was everywhere on the web already

The Reporters took pictures of her and she waved at them gently trying to keep her cool while ignoring the crowd

? We saw the new spray Golden Wear and it’s reviews are great. how did you come up with such great idea?

She turned to Raphael who smile at her, she didn’t know when she returned it even though she was with mask.

? Why is you face always masked? We’ve never seen your face to see how beautiful you are.. she heard and her steps faltered.

She looked at Raphael who nodded, urging her to remove the mask..

She hesitated for a while before turning to the reporters and the crowd

” I know many haven’t seen my face ever since I started my business four years ago.. and I Know everyone is curious to see the demigoddess behind the mask..” she said and Raphael scoffed

” Skinny goddess you mean” he grinned

” So today, I, Godiva Morena wants the whole world to know how she really looks like.. she exhaled

She held her mask and took it off with a tight smile plastered on her face

? OMG!! she’s pretty

? Her beauty is alluring

She let out another tight smile before finding her way to the car when someone suddenly sprayed perfume right on her face and disappeared into the crowd

Her eyes widened

” Godiva, are you okay ” Raphael held her

” Who knows about my allergy in Japan? No one does. Why did the person do it when I just removed my mask?” She muttered, raising a part of her sleeve and realizing it was getting red already

What will she do? She can’t inject herself in front of the crowd neither can she kss Raphael in front of them else she was gonna explain who he was to her and she didn’t want to make Raphael uncomfortable if she lies that he’s her lover

Raphael got a glimpse of the guy who sprayed the perfume on her but couldn’t go after him cos he was gonna endanger Godiva’s life and her secret will be revealed

” Rap…hael.. ” She called with shaky voice, avoiding the faces in front of her..

She covered her face with her hands and bent her head as the camera flashed on her

Luckily, she was putting on a long sleeve else, her bulging veins was gonna expose her right in front of the crowd which she wouldn’t like and immediately her allergy goes viral, the companies she’s been building for years will go down..

? Is everything alright Miss Moreno?

? Are you sick? Feeling pains anywhere?

The reporters threw questions at her cos she was acting really weird

Raphael suddenly pulled her to himself hugging her very tight..

” Let’s stay this way for a while..” he said but she shook her head in denial..

He disengage from the hug and stared into her eyes which were red already

” Let’s leave here, My business might go down the drain if anyone discovers..” she muttered with difficulty

” You’ll be fine..” he said kssing her right there in front of the reporters..

Eyes went wide and mouths agape as the crowd watch them

The reporters kept taking photos of them non-stop

? Wow.. miss Moreno, is he your boyfriend? Someone from the crowd asked after they broke the kss.

She stared at Raphael not knowing what to say since they weren’t dating and he doesn’t like her no one bit

” Actually…

” She’s my girlfriend..” Raphael interrupted and she faced him immediately..

He held her hands firm taking her out of the place to the car, ignoring the securities who wouldn’t do their job.

He closed the car’s door quickly before the reporters could ask any further questions

? Since when did you two start dating?

? Please give us a reply.. some of the reporters said following the car even when it was moving already.

Godiva looked at Raphael then at their interlocked hands. Raphael noticed this and quickly removed his hands from hers

” Sorry, I..

” You saved me again.. she cut in and smiled slightly

” Thank you..” she added

” Oh! Yeah.. you’re welcome..” he replied with a little stutter before looking out of the window as the car drove to her company



” How come she’s still fine?” Michael wondered, smoking from the stick of ¢igarette in his mouth

what was he going to tell Jerome? Jerome really paid him much so everyone could know her weakness but how come she’s fine?

” Jerome might know what to do next..” he thought and immediately brought out his phone to call Jerome..

Jerome lives in the states while Michael was sent to be on Godiva’s tail

? She’s still okay after the spray.. Micheal said

? What do you mean? Are you saying it has no effect on her? Jerome asked surprised

? That’s what I’m saying boss..

? Just keep following her.. you must carry out that stuff today.. Jerome said

? What about the guy?

? Don’t kll him, he’s still needed .. Jerome replied ending the call




” Welcome boss..” The employees cheered happily as Godiva entered the building..

They’ve been waiting for her since she told them she was coming.. No one wore perfume since it’s part of the rules

? Wow.. an employee exclaimed and Godiva frowned

when she noticed the employees were too much staring at their phones, she also brought out her phone to check

It was a photo of her and Raphael kssing earlier


” This reporters..” she muttered and stared at Raphael who was staring back at her..

Her phone vibrated. She stare at the phone and smiled before picking the call

? Wow!!! came Alora’s scream and she removed the phone from her ear

? Hey.. wanna make me deaf? She scolded and Alora chuckled

? C’mon diva.. you didn’t tell me you were going to Japan.. does that mean you’ll visit maxico after you leave there? Alora has all her contact in all the countries and cities diva’s company were. She had called the line she is using in the states but it wasn’t reachable so she had to try the other numbers

? Maybe.. but I….

? Seriously Godiva, why would you open your face in public? You know no one knows you’re allergic to perfume, why do you like putting yourself in danger? Last time you almost kllèd yourself..” Alora scolded

? I’ll call you later okay? I’m at the company.. Godiva said

? No problem girlfriend….. but are you seriously dating that guy? She asked

? Of course not.. bye Lora ”

She quickly ended the call.. she knows Alora with numerous questions..

She knew her next question would be; ‘ how did you fall for him..’ but she’s not ready to answer such questions yet when all the boyfriend stuff isn’t even real…

She got into her office and looked around.. It was looking very neat.. that’s why she was friendly to her employees in Japan cos they always put the rules first

She left her office shortly and got into the lab to see how things were.. she wore her masked with Raphael walking behind her

” Ma’am when are we going to be making the golden wear? We’ve been seeing a lot of recommentions and I’m sure the Japanese are patiently waiting for it..” Nana, the lady managing the company in Godiva’s stead said

” We’ll be doing that tomorrow, everything will go well..” she assured

She went back to her office after urging the employees to come to the party she’ll be throwing at her mansion

” Are you uncomfortable?” Raphael asked

” I’m not, I have to be strong because you’re here.. she replied and he nodded

” The guy who did that, I saw him, he was putting on a black hoodie with a face cap and I seem to have memorize his face”

” Does that mean I’m in danger or what?” Godiva asked

” I dunno, maybe they wanted to disgrace you publicly. You should be glad your grandma’s prayers didn’t allow it..” Raphael smiled while she stared at him

” My grandma died already.. in the house of a shaman..”

” Oh, Sorry about that.. you must really hate those people then”

” Sure.. I don’t believe in what they do. They couldn’t even save my grandma back then, then what’s the need of believing them.. ” she rolled her eyes

” We should go home, I’m bored” She carried her bag

She picked up the fix phone on her desk and called Nana

? I’ll be home.. don’t forget to come over in the evening..

She ended the call and left the office with Raphael



? I think she’ll be throwing a party at her mansion” Michael said into the phone

? Then you should attend with some of the boys, don’t look suspicious.. Jerome replied

? Yes boss.. I won’t.. he replied and ended the call


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