( Be Careful With My Heart… )



Vespertine played games on his phone since Trisha isn’t around yet.

” Why’s she late today? ” He muttered staring at the whiteboard for a while before returning his gaze to his phone

Someone purposely walked pass him and stepped on his legs.. he puffed out air from his mouth and looked up at the person which happened to be Jerry

” Gawd..” he exhaled softly

” Why’s it always you? ” He asked but Jerry didn’t utter a word, he just snigger

” Can’t you see your legs were on the way? I needed to see the beauty infront of you but your filthy legs stood as an obstacle..,” he replied and vespertine gave a lopsided smile before standing on his feet..

The rest of the students turned to them

👥 Is it another fight?

👥 Can’t Jerry just stop being childish?..

” It seems we both will never know peace..” he said and pvnch Jerry on the nose

Jerry was about punching him back when Mr. harmsburg entered the class..

” Jerry!! ” he shouted..

” How Many times have I told you to stop this child’s play? Aren’t you happy the wizard is calm?” Mr. Harmsburge asked but Jerry said nothing and dropped his hands

” I’ve told you several times to stop getting involved with him will you?” Gift spoke up

” He punched me first and I..

” I only saw you doing that.. See me in my office right away..” Mr. harmsburg said and left while Jerry glared dangerously at vespertine before walking away

He met Trisha at the door.. he stared at her briefly before leaving

” What did you do? I hope you both both didn’t fight” Trisha asked dropping her backpack in front of him while he bit on his lower lips
” I guess you punched him first?” She asked and he nodded slowly

She exhaled and folded her hands

” I’ve told you several times vesper, Jerry is passing through a lot at home.. his step father doesn’t like him and his mom is just one busy woman.. can you just stop hating him? I really don’t…..

” It’s okay.. I didn’t mean it.. you didn’t tell me he has a step father.. just hearing it for the first time. You only told me you both live in the same neighborhood ” he replied

” So?? ” She raised a brow

” So?” He said too not knowing what she meant

” You should tell Mr harmsburg you started it..” she said

” But I didn’t.. ” he defended

” Just for today huh? ” She pouted and he sighed

” Fine, I will..” he said

She smiled before pulling him into a hug

” Will you take me home today too?” She asked and he nodded. She made to hug him again but Mr Tim walk in

” That bald head..” Vespertine muttered

She chuckled lightly and proceeded to her se



” Why aren’t you saying anything Jerry? Why won’t you just let the sleeping dog lie?” Mr. Harmsburg asked but he kept mute

” I think you should call your dad.” Mr. harmsburg said and Jerry’s hand curled into a tight fist..

Of course he hated his step dad.. though his step dad isn’t abusing him but the fact he’s controlling his mom way too much is what he doesn’t like,

His mom doesn’t even have much of his time like the way she used to when his dad was alive

” I don’t have a father.. I’ll just tell my mom..” he said and turned to leave when he sighted vespertine at the entrance

” Hi Mr principal..” vespertine smiled and walked in… He stopped in front of Jerry and sighed

” You should be grateful you have a nice neighbor..” he said and turned to Mr. harmsburg

“‘I started the whole thing sir.. I carelessly put my leg on the way and he mistakenly step on it.. so I had to pvnch him but you Came as soon as he wanted to pvnch me back.. I’m at fault”

” My parents are kinda busy and wouldn’t come so I’llI call Godiva to….

” No need, Godiva doesn’t need to come over.. since you started it, then you both should settle it yourselves”

” Now leave my office you two..” he said while vespertine chuckled. He walked to Jerry and held his shoulders

” I’ve never made peace an option but it seems for the sake of your step dad, I will consider..” he said and walked while Jerry balled his fist at his statement

They got to class and had three more class before school came to an end


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