(Be Careful With My Heart…)



” It should be 5am already in the states.. I should have called vespertine, he must still be asleep by now…” She muttered, putting on the dress she just ordered cause her guest were gonna arrive soon

The make-up artist just left after dolling her face up

Raphael was also in his room when he heard the door bell

” I guess they’re here..” he muttered walking out of the room to get the door..

” Welcome..” he said as the guest walked in looking their best in their expensive cloths

He made sure none of them had perfume on

” Good evening sir.. where’s our boss?” A girl asked

” Oh! She’ll soon be here..” he smiled before heading to Godiva’s room

He knocked the door and walked in when she asked him to

She faced him and he gulped down nothing

She was very beautiful in the strapless gown she wore accompanied with the makeup..

He couldn’t deny she looked like an angel right now

” You’re pretty..” he blurted out and she raised her brow at him..

It strange to her cos He’s never complimented her that way before.. It’s either she’s skinny or skinny, he doesn’t say anything else apart from that

” I mean the dress, its pretty..” he quickly said instead

” Your guest are here.. they’re all Waiting for you.. ” he added and she nodded

” Shall we? ” he asked and she nodded again..

He stretched his hands towards her and she smiled before holding it… of course they have to behave like couples since everyone thinks they’re one. he stared at her one more time before leaving the room with her

The guest shouted merrily when they sighted them together – she was smiling broadly.

👥 They look so good together..

👥 I know right

She blushed secretly when she heard them..

” I really want to thank you all for being there for me.. I wouldn’t come this far if not for your hard work.. I hope we all continue in this spirit of unity..” she smiled taking a glass of wine.. she raised it up and her guest did same

” To our success..” she said and her guest cheered loudly before drinking from their glass

” You’re a good business woman I must say ” Raphael said as they both found themselves a seat while the guest entertain themselves

The party went on until it was kinda late and everyone started dispersing

Raphael just stare at Godiva as she smiled widely, he’s never seen her smile that way and he kinda like this side of her.. she looks even more beautiful

Everyone left and it was now just him and her along with some cleaners who were done cleaning and left too

he smiled at her not knowing what to say that moment.

” You should smile often..” he said

” Why? Is my charm having effect on you?” She asked and he scoff

” Can’t he just say yes for once..” She muttered with a slight pout

” Someone is looking for you outside sir..” a girl walked back in and Raphael stared at her suspiciously.

” Who is the person? I thought everyone left? Why are you still here?” Godiva asked

” I was going to leave with the other cleaners but someone outside the compound asked me to call sir Raphael..” the girl said and Raphael raised a brow

‘ I’ve never been to Japan.. then who knows me?” He wondered and turned to Godiva while the girl left

” I won’t take long. Give me few minutes and make sure you go no where, Stay here okay?” he said and she nodded slowly

He left the sitting room and went outside but found no one..

” Are they playing pranks?” He sighed and was about entering the house when he sighted the guy who sprayed the perfume on Godiva’s face entering the sitting room

” That face.. ” he exclaimed

” Godiva!! ” His eyes dilated and he made to ran in when two guys blocked his way

The both had iron rod with them. He sigh frustratingly and removed his jacket

” Don’t blame me..” he said attacking the two guys at once…

They were well trained compared to him yet, there’s someone he needed to protect which is Godiva..

The first guy made to hit him with the iron rod but he held it and gave his stomach a kick which made him fall to the ground

He suddenly heard her scream and his hearts skipped beat

” Godiva ” he muttered and made to rushed in but the second guy blocked his way

He looked at the entrance then at the guys infront of him. The first guy was back on his feet

He heard another scream, an agonizing scream one this time and fear gripped him more

” please wait for me Diva ” he said and looked at the guys dangerously..

They charged at him but as they approached him, he held their neck htting their head together so hard that they lost consciousness and he ran to the sitting room at once..

He met three guys surrounding Godiva, smoking as they watch her cry in pain..

When they saw him, they all started kcking her with their legs

They were kcking her so hard that she vomited bI.ood in the process

” Godiva..” Raphael muttered his eyes producing tears..

The sight was just too bad. Godiva cried bitterly as her vision went blurry.. she cried more when she heard Raphael’s voice..

Raphael made to attack them but he was suddenly h!t on the head and he fell on his knees with bI.ood leaving his head

” Raphael..” she cried when she managed to get a glimpse of him. Despite being in pain, she struggled to crawled to his side but those evil men wouldn’t let her.

” Raphael ” One of the guys who seem to be their leader mimicked mockingly and the rest burst into laughter

He stepped on her hands with his boot and she groaned in pain while the rest kept htting her as they laugh

” This would be more fun, don’t you agree?” The guy stepping on her laughed, bringing out bottles of perfume

” Golden wear ” the guy read the name on the perfume… ” Heard you made this yourself and I’m sure you don’t know how it smells, how about you know it now?” He smirked and she shook her head

He opened the perfume’s lid and emptied it on her…

She let out another painful scream and the guys burst into laughter

Raphael struggled to stand up but the guy behind him hit the iron rod on his head again and he fell to the ground

” Raphael, please don’t die..” she cried and the guy kept htting him hard on his head..

” Godiva.. ” he called weakly

” Let… him… Be please” she cried as her body burnt like acid was thrown on her

The perfume already had effect on her and she thought that will be her last day on Earth.

” Please… ” She uttered inaudibly, her eyes closing slowly

She saw her life flash before her eyes and her mind drifted to her hero who was her senior in high school..

He was always there to save her when others bvllied and beat her mercilessly

★★ Flashback★★p

” When you’re in danger, just call me and I’ll come save you no matter where I am..”

” Is that a promise?” She asked and he nodded.

She smiled broadly at him

” You’ve always been saving me yet I don’t even know you, what class are you?

” Grade 10 and I think you should be in grade 9…” he replied and she nodded still smiling

” What’s your name then?” He asked

” Just call me any name you think suits me.. ” he replied and she thought for a while

” How about knight..” she said but he shrugged

” Your choice… ” He said and stood up

” You didn’t ask of my name..” She said watching him leave

” I don’t need it..” he winked at her and kept walking away but stopped when he got to the stairs

” I’ll call you Barbie.. it fits you more.. ” he replied

” Why? ” She asked aloud

” Cos you’re very skinny and look alot like a doll.. ” he replied while she laughed

” Thanks knight, I hope you always save me when I’m in trouble…” She shouted after him as he left

She stared at her bruised hands and arranged her scattered hair before leaving for class

” Godiva ” Raphael muttered, bI.ood leaving his head profusely

” Please…. save me knight ” she muttered and went unconscious immediately

Raphael’s eyes widened, It seems the word ‘knight’ brought something to his mind..

The strength he thought he lost suddenly burst out.. a loud scream was heard from him and he immediately stood up like he wasn’t the one they were be..ating seconds ago

He charge at those guys at once and started fghting them not minding if he was gonna kll any of them because of her..

Right now, the only thing in his head is to save her at all cost despite his bI.eeding head.

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