(Be Careful With My Heart…)




” OMG..” Larina exclaimed, and the glass she was holding, fell from her hands shattering into pieces when she saw the news..

She couldn’t help but reread the article

” It’s true, they’re dating for real!!.. gosh, I knew Raphael was a sharp guy the very first time we met” she laughed while her husband shook his head

” But why is she not wearing her mask? Why would she suddenly wants to show her face?” Larina asked staring at her husband

” Maybe, she wants the world to see what she really looks like. It’s not much of a big deal” Alston replied his gaze on his laptop

” But honey.. I guess they’re people with perfume out there, how come she looks fine and even smiling widely? It’s been years since she smiled that way.. is she finally okay?” Larina asked

” I’m busy honey, we should be happy she’s okay..” Alston replied his gaze still on his laptop

” But….

” I should be in the room..” Alston cut her off carrying his laptop

” I’m not done talking..” She followed behind

” I know, that’s why I’m leaving..” he replied while she pouted still following him behind




” Fk, I knew it!! Me calling him brother in-law was worth it.. I knew he was gonna fall for one of my sisters ” vespertine smiled, as he stared at his phone

” Your sister’s boyfriend is cute..” Trisha said and vespertine turned to her with a frown

” What, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” She asked with a little smile

” You’ve never said that to me… ”

” Tch.. I’ve told you that countless time when we were friends but you never took me serious” she pouted while he chuckled

” You’re pretty..” he told her and she blushed.

” I think exams are at the corner and I really can’t wait to spend the night with you.. ” he said and she gasped

” What?” Vespertine asked confused

” Sp… spend the night with me?”

” Murder that thought, It’s actually not what you’re thinking..” he laughed and she heave a sigh..

” I told Mom you’ll bring me home.. she knows we’re dating.. ” she said

” That’s good news then.. it’s been ages I last saw her.” Vespertine said pulling her cheek slightly

” Let’s go home..” he held her hands and took her out of the class




Godiva and Raphael walked into the home and he exhaled sitting on the couch.. There were no maid in the mansion, just them

She got her phone ready to call a house cleaner to help with the house chores when Raphael took the phone from her

” Let’s clean up.. ” he said and she stared at him strangely

” Clean up?”

” Of course..” he smiled, pulling her into one of the rooms which happens to be hers..

He got into her wardrobe searching for something she could wear untill he came across a bum short..

” This should be okay..” he said and got a singlet..

” this should do too..” he gave it to her and left the room so she could change

” I’ll be waiting for you..” he said from outside

After a while she left the room

” Hey..” She drew his attention and he faced her direction..

” Not bad..” he said walking to her.. He had a change of clothes too

” So where are the Cleaning tools” He asked and she pointed at a direction..

he looked over to the place she pointed and he found them..

He brought out all what they were going to be using and handed the vacuum cleaner to her while he held another

” Ever done chores?” He and she shook her head slowly

” So you have no idea what the machine with you is?” He asked again and she nodded

He chuckled softly and took it from her

” It’s a vacuum cleaner. You Press the red power switch with your foot to turn it on. Like this ” he explained, turning it on

” You just have to press it again to turn it off. You get that?” He asked and she nodded, taking it from him and doing what he did

” Using it is quite simple; start from the far edge of the rug and push it forward in a straight line then pulled the machine back slowly towards you to collect all the debris, alright” he asked again and she nodded

” Let’s clean the sitting room first, do a great Job ” he winked and she smiled slightly before starting with hers



” Oh, Christ” Godiva exclaimed slumping on the couch

” Is this how stressful cleaning is?” She wondered

They’ve been cleaning ever since they got back from the company

” Take a shower while I make lunch. You’ve done well.. ” Raphael said

” You’ve not scold me or call me names today, should I be worried?” she asked staring at him

” You’ve been doing things right, so why should I call you names?” He asked back and she scoff before entering her room, shrieking with excitement




Cerlia gulped down another glass of tequila as she stared at the news on her screen..

She started laughing like a maniàc all of a sudden

” Enjoy while it last.. I’m going to have what belongs to me soon” she muttered, gulping down another glass



Larina picked up her phone which have been ringing for a while now and glanced at it

She smiled when she realized it was her daughter

‘ Why’s she calling at this late hour? It’s 11pm already..”

📞 I wanted to ask you something that’s all. Did you tell Davis about my allergy? Godiva asked on the phone

📞 Yeah I did.. I thought you both will be together that’s why I did that. why? did something happen?” Larina asked

📞 Not really.. good night then.. Godiva ended the call

” Did something happen over there?” Larina wondered and glanced at her husband who was asleep already because of too much office work



Vespertine giggled as he kept chatting with Trisha through video call. He couldn’t deny he missed her alot even after dropping her off from school

📱 You should sleep now.. it’s getting late, it’ll be midnight soon.. Trisha said

📱 Can’t just get enough of your face.. he pouted

📱 Don’t be $illy.. the same face you’ve been seeing for years now.. Trisha laughed

,📱 It wasn’t that pretty back then but now, it’s more than pretty.. he smiled while her cheeks turned red immediately

” Trisha..” she heard her dad’s voice..

📱dad just came back.. see you tomorrow and I love you.. she said and kssed her screen

📱 More more baby doll.. Vespertine replied before ending the call

” She’s driving me ¢razy.. why didn’t I fall for her a long time ago? Love is indeed ¢razy..” he smiled lying on his bed.

He wasn’t sleepy so he had to reread the article about Godiva and Raphael



Godiva stared at Raphael as he ate.. The way his lips moved slowly was something else..

She was starting to imagine things but quickly shook her head trying to get the weird thoughts out of her head before standing up

” Is something wrong?” He asked.

” Not really, Alora…..I promised I would call her ” she replied

” It’s not bad if you call her here.. I should talk to her too..” Raphael said dropping his spoon.. he was done eating too

” Oh! Right..” she said awkwardly before sitting..

She brought out her phone and dialed Alora’s number

Alora picked up immediately as if she’s been waiting for the call

📞 Hey babe..I promised to call you and I did..” She said

📞 How is he? Your boyfriend.. can’t believe you finally found love after being single through out high school and college” Alora laughed creating an awkward moment for Godiva since Raphael was staring at her

The call was on speaker so he could hear Alora talk

📞 What are you saying?” Godiva laughed dryly staring at Raphael who didn’t seem bothered

📞 I hope he doesn’t break your heart since you have fallen for him to the extent of kissing him in public.. gosh I’m jealous, i need a boyfriend” Alora laughed

📞 He’s not my boyfriend.. bye” Godiva quickly ended the call..

She knew Lora with words.. she doesn’t want a situation whereby she’ll feel more uncomfortable around Raphael..,

” Don’t mind her, She talks most time without reasoning.. ” she said not knowing what to say next

” I should be in my room then..” she stood up

” We should do the dishes..” he said

” Oh! Right.. the dishes..” she laughed turning to the dinning table again..

She packed some of the dirty plates from the table and Raphael packed the rest

They got to the kitchen and began doing the dishes…

Godiva was still thinking about Alora’s words when a plate slipped from her hands and shattered bringing her back to reality

” Oh! No..” she exclaimed, bending down to pick the broken pieces..

Just few inches away for her hand to touch the broken plate, Raphael held it.

” Careful, You shouldn’t pick stuffs like this with bare hands.. you might get cut ” he said pulling her to a corner before bending down to pick it

” You might get wounded too..” she said

” I’m a guy, I’ll be more careful ” he replied

” You should use this instead of your hands..” she said giving him the dustpan with her..

He stared at her for a while before taking it

” What?” She asked

” It’s just…..You seem gentle today..” he said, packing the broken plate into the dustpan and dumping it in the trash can

She didn’t say a word cos she didn’t understand her calm attitude too.. it’s been years she acted that way

They were done in minutes and they went to separate rooms to rest as they await the guest at night


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