(Be Careful With My Heart…)



Godiva pushed the door to Raphael’s room open and peeped in

He was still on the bed

She walked in and sat next to him on the bed. She made to touch his forehead to see if he was running a temperature but he held her hands and sat up

” Your hand still hurts?” He asked and she shook her head in denial

” I’m much better now…” She replied, touching the gauze bandage on his head

” The pain, is it gone? ” She asked and he nodded, silence followed afterwards

” This knight of yours, how did you meet? ” He broke the silence

” Since my first day in high school.. why?”

” I’m just curious.. ” he replied. ” Can you tell me more? ” He asked and she exhaled


Godiva walked through the hall way with her head bend. She kept looking at the other kids and envying them cos they all had someone to talk to but there she was being a nerd

She clutch her books tightly to her chest as she made her way to the class,

She mistakenly bumped into someone and before she could apologise, two thunderous slaps landed on her cheek..

She held her hurting cheek with tears leaving her eyes

That has been her life, the weak teenager who couldn’t defend herself because she was scared

Everyone considered her weak and pathetic

It was her first day in school yet, she’s already getting sI.apped by someone she’s meeting for the first time

She’s been a victim of bvllying through out her elementary school and now it was gonna continue in high school

” I’m sorry.. ” she muttered crying slowly and the girl made to slap her again… She closed her eyes waiting to be hit but she didn’t feel anything

She opened her eyes only to see him, Her unknown Savior

” You’re bvllying freshmen now? You think bvllying the weak makes you Superior to them?” The guy asked, releasing the girl’s hand

” Don’t interfere ” The girl said

” I thought we talked about being a good girl Wendy, what happened?” he forced a smile and turned to Godiva

” I’m sorry ” she bent her head

” Stop saying sorry all the time, some times, just return the favor a triple fold ” he said and held Wendy by the arm, pulling her out of the scene while Godiva sniffed as she watch them leave

” Let me go..” Wendy struggled as he took her away..

” They seem to know each other..” She muttered finding her way to class
” That’s how we first met and he’s been saving me after that”

” So what happened to him?” Raphael asked

” I have no idea, can’t believe I had a crush on him ” She laughed. ” I was sad cause he stopped coming to school, I waited for him everyday yet he wouldn’t show up.. I even went ahead to cause trouble so he would come save me but he didn’t..” She smiled sadly

” If you see him right now, will you still like him?” He asked

” I won’t cause I don’t know what he looks like anymore, though I couldn’t get him out of my mind throughout my stay in college..” she smiled and stood up

” Even if you remember how he looks, will you still like him?”

” Why? Why the plenty questions?” She asked

” Just answer me..” he said and she kept quiet for a while before shaking her head

” No I won’t”

” Why? Why won’t you like him? ” He asked again

” Cause I’ve gotten over him with someone else..” she replied staring directly into his eyes.

He left the bed and walked closer to her

” You’ve gotten over him? With who?” He asked curiously

” You..” she replied and turned to leave but he held her back and made her face him.

He smiled shortly seeing his assumptions were right. He has been thinking of the “knight” since and trying to figure out if truly she was referring to him and yes, it turned out to be him

” You called him your knight and he called you Barbie because you’re skinny and look alot like a doll..” he smiled and her eyes dilated

” How did you know that?” She asked still surprise

” That’s because you’re still very skinny and look alot like a doll..” he flinked her nose and she wince holding her nose with a little pout

” You were a crybaby back then ” he chuckled

She just stared at him not understanding what was he was driving at then gasps when reality hit her

” You… you’re

He pulled her to himself and hug her instead

” I must have kept you waiting..” he replied disengaging from the hug

” I’m sorry for not keeping my promise and not recognizing you” he said and before she could say a word, he crashed his lips on hers, kssing her passionately before breaking the kss..

” I’m your knight.. you’re my doll, my Barbie from henceforth..” he said again attaching their lips..

Her hands wrapped around his neck kissing him passionately pouring all her emotions into the kiss..

It was him, it has always been him

She didn’t care that moment, all she wanted was the taste of his lips..

He broke the kss later staring directly into her eyes

” We met again..” he smiled and she hugged him

” Don’t feel uncomfortable when you’re with me..” she said

” I never for once did ” he replied

” I love you Raphael..” she muttered still in the hug

” And the guy right in front of you is madly in love with you..” he replied after they had disengage from the hug and she smiled broadly

” So am I officially your girlfriend? Can I boast around and tell everyone you’re mine?” She asked while he smiled

” The world already knows we’re dating..”

” Do you really mean what you said then?” She asked and he nodded..

” I’ve liked you since I kssed you in the office..” he said

” And you made me had wet dreams..” she muttered

” Oh? Now I see why you were giving me those attitudes” He laughed and she h!t him playfully

He leaned closer. ” How about we make the dream come true?” He asked and her eyes widened,

She turned to leave but he held her back crashing his lips on hers again!


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