SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End



Adrian’s POV

“Say whatever you wanna say and be snappy about it” Mariel said sternly.

Right now we were both seated in a Mall… a shopping mall, Mariel was getting pissed off while I was scared and nervous at same time.

“Mariel I know how much I’ve hurt you.. both words and action… I’m really sorry for…

“Com’on Adrian, I’m sure you didn’t come all the way here to say that.. just hit the nail on the head already”

“But if you’ve come to ask for another favour.. just know it’s a NO, I ain’t gonna play on anyone anymore so just find someone else” She said sternly.

“No Mariel.. I don’t need any favor.. I just wanna apologise”

“I’m sorry for.. taking your first kiss.. I know you might’ve wanted your boyfriend or future husband to take it but I just didn’t know what came over me I..

She cut me in

“Yes Adrian.. I’ve always been a joke to you… you just see me as something you can use anytime you like.. you never even cared about my feelings.. it’s all about you.. you, you… you don’t even consider me or my feelings” She yelled now..

Tears were welling up in her eyes.. ready to burst out..

Does she have feelings for me?

What does she mean by that??

“Feelings??… what do you mean.. do you.. love me.. Mariel…” I asked confused.

“Tch.. you didn’t even notice.. cos you only see me as a plaything.. well, there’s nothing to lose anymore..”

“Please answer me Mar..

“Yes Adrian… yes.. I love you.. are you okay now??.. you can start laughing at me.. there is nothing for me to lose anymore.. I thought it was infatuation at first but i discovered it wasn’t”

“You can go ahead and make fun of me now.. you can tell your friends and you all can laugh at me.. but I know i’m getting over you gradually….. I don’t know how I got to fall for you…” She said.

This is so shocking.. so unbelievable but true.. Mariel loves me.. she fvcking loves me…

I was speechless.

Mariel’s POV

I had let everything out.. all my inner feelings.. I let them all out..

It hurts so much tho’.. but it’s for the best.

My tears were pouring out.. i’m always weak when it comes to Adrian..

I have to leave here fast.. I could see a few people desperately looking at us.

“Goodbye Adrian.. I hope we never meet again” I said, wiped my tears and stood up.

I picked my handbag and was walking out.

Adrian ran to my front.. people were staring at us, he looked at me for awhile, bent his head lower to my face and kissed me.. infront of everyone… they were all looking but he didn’t care.. he kissed me and i reciprocated it..

Let me enjoy this last kiss from him.

He finally released me, wiped my tears with his thumbs and knelt at my front..

“I’m sorry for not noticing you all this while… I just wanted to be sure of my feelings.. but now i’m very sure of it… I was scared.. cos i thought you’d never love me.. I thought i had lost you to someone else”

“I LOVE YOU MARIEL.. I want these people to witness me saying this to you.. so you’d know my love is sincere… will you be my girlfriend?”

Adrian said and i gasped..

It was all like a dream.. but i don’t wanna ever wake up from it…

Adrian is asking me to be his girlfriend..

It looks so unreal..

“Please Mar..

“Yes.. yes, yes… I love you and i’d be your girlfriend” I said.

I bent down beside him and kissed him…

Atleast i gave my first kiss to my boyfriend..

I could here claps.. all attention on the mall was fixed on us and they were all clapping..

Some were crying too..

I’m so happy.. this is so emotional..

****2 days later****

I sat on my bed lazily.. Adrian and I had so much fun yesterday..

We spent so much time together and I was already feeling like his wife.

My phone beeped.. it was a text… from Adrian

*Good morning sunshine… how was your night*

I read the text and smiled to myself.

I was about replying when aunt came in to tell me i have a visitor.

Who could it be??

I packed my hair in a ponytail and wore my flip flops.. as i ran out.

I opened the door and someone dragged me aside and kissed me.

It was Adrian.. I can’t just get enough of him..

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