SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End



Adrian’s POV

I held Mariel’s face in my palm and i raised her head up, her hand and lips was visibly shaking, I knew she was nervous.

She had that don’t do it look on her face.

I was fully ready to do it and damn the conséquences, since i don’t have feelings for her i won’t feel anything even if i have s*x with her.

I let my lips touch hers and she jerked up, her lips were shaking and i could feel it.

This was the first lip i was tasting after i broke up with Nessa.

But…. but… I can’t hold myself anymore… I was feeling something.

Something unexplainable.

Something I feel only when I kiss Nessa.

I felt love, I felt passion..

Am I inlove with Mariel?

I decided to let go of the feelings and kiss her more to check if i’ll still feel what i felt.

I pinched her arm and she gasped, I got entrance into her mouth and k!ss her deeply but the feeling came out more.

I decided to withdraw before I make a fool of myself in front of my mom and sis.

Mariel quickly picked up her bag and ran out of the house, mom and Anna looked at me angrily.

“It’s over mom…. our plan failed… guess we’ll be doing the cleaning and cooking after all” Anna said and she dragged mom to the kitchen.

My leg felt weak, like they were glued to the floor. I put my hands on my lips.. they felt tipsy…

But I wasn’t drunk, how could I have this strange feeling again after a long time..

I need to talk to someone, I need to be sure of my feelings before I take a drastic action.

I fell on the couch nearest to me..

I’d always talk to my mom on issues like this but in this kind of situation, talking to a close friend was the best option.

Lucas… I could talk to Lucas… he was an expert in things like this.

I need to be sure about what I feel for Mariel…

It might be lost..

****Fast forward****

I sat on my bed and watched Lucas laughed at me, I was getting furious. I don’t think i should’ve told him about this at first.

But I already did and he was laughing at me stupidly.

“Okay… okay… Lemme get this straight.. you were trying to trick your mom by bringing in a… a fake girlfriend… but you ended up tricking yourself… com’on bro… you’re damn funny” He said with laughter.

“Oh my… Lucas I never wanted to tell anyone about this… but I decided to tell you ‘cos i thought you were the only sensible person i could talk to but now I know… I chose a real psychic… you can have enough space to laugh… I’m outta here” I said furiously, stood up and marched toward the door but Lucas blocked me.

“Oh… commom bruv… i’m really sorry… I just find it a little bit funny that’s all… i’m sorry”

“Come sit back… let’s talk about it” he said.

“No more laughing?” I said.

“I promise… I won’t laugh at you again” he said.

I reluctantly went back to my bed and sat down, he sat beside me.

“So… i think you’re inlove” he said.

“Just like that?” I asked.

“It sounds funny tho… but love can be really crazy atimes and it happens in mysterious ways” He said.

“But… we just kissed… nothing more” I said.

“Adrian… were you trying to bed her before you realize you love her…” he said.

“No but…

“No buts bro… I think you love her… do you have feelings for her?” He asked.

“Umm… I don’t know” I said sarcastically.

“Okay… this is the only way to know if you love her”

“Can you picture her kissing another guy… make it real… like it’s happening right in front of you” He said.

I went to my inner mind and pictured everything Lucas talked about.

Lucas POV

I watched Adrian go into deep thought and i watched his face for his expression.

He suddenly squeeze his face and his fist turned into a ball.. he looked angry as he glared at me.

I was chuckling quietly as i watched Adrian.

He dashed toward me and held my shirt firmly, he was killing me and i was choking.

Adrian was jealous, he was angry that Mariel was kissing another guy.

I’ve gat to bring him back to planet earth before he kills me.

“Ad… Adrian you… you’re killing me.. okay… it’s all in your head… just come back to earth already” I said but he wasn’t listening.

He brought his fist to my face but i caught it and pushed him on the bed.

He quickly came back to his senses and looked at me with an unknown expression.

“But… she… can’t kiss another Guy… when we just kissed” He said.

“It all an imagination Ad… now you’ve realised your feelings.. go and confess to her before another guy does” I said.

“Yes… that’s it” He hurriedly stood up and ran out of the door ignoring my calls.

Adrian’s POV

Now i’ve realised my feelings… i have to get her… Now!!

I ran to and fro in the street, letting my eyes scan for her.

She wasn’t around here… she was not here.

She might have gone home.

I know i took her unaware with the kiss but i also took myself unaware too.

I never believed i’d feel anything for her.

Never believed i could love so soon but i think Lucas is right.

Love can be crazy and mysterious atimes..


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