SECRET CRUSH : Episode 21 – The End



Mariel’s POV..


I had just written my TOEFL exams.. waiting for my results to get admitted into the university.

Adrian walked up to me and kissed my lips lightly.. I wasn’t in my best of mood right now, I was scared, for my results.. going to the university has always been one of my greatest wish.. tho’ i put in all my effort and i was sure i’ll get good marks on the English test… my mind was racing fast, If i don’t pass this exams then my hopes of getting into the university is shattered.

“What’s wrong babe..?” Adrian asked.

I turned my back and rested my head on his chest… I let the scent of his body spray overwhelm me.

“Examination panic.. hun?” He asked again and i nodded gently.

“Com’on babe… I believe in you.. you worked so hard for this, so you don’t have to be afraid..” He said and i nodded..

He raised my head up and kissed me on the forehead, we both disengaged from the hugs and he took my hands and led me toward the exit..

We both went to the park in his car.. We bought ice cream and went to sit on a swing.. i sat on his laps..

“Babe.. I really don’t like this side of you at all…”

“Do you want me to make sure you pass.. I could grease those lecturers palm a little” He said and my eyes widened.

“That’s cheating Adrian… please don’t get yourself into it ‘cos of me… Your believe in me is enough to keep me strong” I said and smiled.

“Since you don’t wanna go to a university.. what do you plan to do?” I asked.

“It’s all dad’s idea anyway, he wants me to take over his company since age is catching up with him..

“University is a waste for me” He said and I nodded.

“Guess your family like the idea.. I mean your mom and Anna” I said and he nodded slightly.

“Talking of Anna… she’s been pestering me a lot to bring you home again.. she said she wants you to help her with something… lady’s stuff…” He said

“Awww.. sweet child… i’ve missed her a lot too.. we can meet today… since i’m free” I said and he nodded.

I already resigned from work.. cos of my exams and mom’s pester.

I stared at his face for a while and an idea struck me..

“You’re really handsome.. you know” I teased.

“Of course… that’s why the girls keep coming” He said and i feigned anger.

“Com’on babe… just kidding… you’re the only one okay?” He said and brought closer to kiss me..

I dumped a little of my Ice cream on his face and he gasped.

I hurriedly stood up and ran around the park laughing loud..

“You look like a snow man” I teased.

He wiped the ice cream from his face and ran after me..

“Just wait till i get you.. miss..” He said and ran after me.

He caught up with me as i fell to the ground and he laid on my…

“Let go of me.. a$$hole” I said still laughing.

“Not until.. i do what i want to do” He said flirtatiously and winked at me..

“A$$hole” I said


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