JUST US: Episode 21 – The End

JUST US ? ? (Do you believe?) BY RUTHIE LEE ? ? EPISODE 21 [] Bella [] My morning alarm woke me up and before I knew it, I was done with my morning routine and joined the girls in the car to school. I got to school and to class and the first person … Read more

THE FINAL SMILE: Episode 11 – 20

The Final Smile Episode 11 Two weeks passed and the turmoil continued. Everyone went from pillar to post looking for Lucy but no one came close to finding her. The tension going on in the houses of her loved ones was so terrible. Teju had gone from one hospital to the other in search of … Read more

THE SCENT: Episode 21 – The End

??????THE SCENT???????? (WHEN A RICH MAN FALL IN LOVE WITH A BEGGAR ????????????????????????) ???????????????? EPISODE 21? (UNRAVELING THE TRUTH) WRITING BY_______DAMMY B?? *MRS MOOR POV?* I drove at high speed to Dwayne’s mansion. I just can’t afford to lose my son. “Please save him!….God!…save my son!” I keep praying silently. I got to his mansion … Read more

THE SCENT: Episode 11 – 20

*??THE SCENT ??* (WHEN THE RICH MAN FALL IN LOVE WITH A BEGGAR) *EPISODE 11?* (SHE DROPPED THEM) *DWAYNE POV?* Throughout my stay in office today, my mood was very different from the playful Dwayne I am. I was harsh with all my workers even with my secretary. “Dwayne is there a problem?…if there is, … Read more

THE SCENT: Episode 1 – 10

??THE SCENT ?? (WHEN THE RICH MAN FALL IN LOVE WITH A BEGGAR) EPISODE 1? (THE BRIEF ENCOUNTER) AMELIA’S POV ? “Ouuuuuuch” I cried out before going out to vomit whatever is in my belly that needs to come outta there. “Hmmmm” I felt relieved now. Indigestion! Indigestion has became a part of me. And … Read more

GIVE ME A HEART: Chapter 1 – The End

GIVE ME A HEART By King Musafa CHAPTER 1 The sun was rising, the wind blew, carrying the smell of the sea towards me. I inhaled the sweet smell of the wind and smiled with content. Down below me were the fishermen heading towards the sea for their fishing trip. I sighted dad, then waved … Read more