? CHAPTER 30 ?

*** J.M movie industry ***

now listen we have only one person on our list today ,

the winner of this year j.m movie award winner is ….Is Emelia Trump …the judge announced and a bright light shone directly to Emelia standing point as she was been viewed by all ,

we love you !

you deserve it Emelia !

she is beautiful.

my Emelia please marry me ,

the crazy fans scream as the place become more noisy .

We love you !

I want to marry you !

Calm down everybody ,the judge said ” and the noise died down a bit.

Emelia is there anyone who is here for you , like sister ,parent ,Brother or maybe Friend ? please if you are Emelia relative come up to the stage please .the judge said handing the award gold to her and everywhere become quiet ,no noise was Heard .


*** Emelia ***

I was so happy when I was announced as the winner of this year show ,I was so excited ,why isn’t Trevor and Fatima here ,my heart beat quickened when the judge said my relatives should come up ,which relative if only he knows that I’m an orphan ,that I don’t know anything about myself except growing up and founding myself in the street until an old man picked me up ,he later got missing that I have to work and struggle harder just to survive .

I thought mentally as I feel tears roll down my cheeks .

Emelia …! the judge called ”

making me to get startled I’m thinking too much I guess ,I fight back my tears and turn to him with a fake smile .

Where are your relatives ,or don’t you have one ? the judge ask ”

where are they ? I felt a bit embarrassed gosh .

I………but that was interupted with a noisy entrance from the door.

what’s that ?, I thought and lift my head to the direction but my fake smile turns into a wide and beautiful smile when I found out is Fatima , Trevor and my babies ,I glance and saw Jerry and caro beside them.

who are these kids !

they are beautiful , adorable and cute !

Awwwn ,the guy is cute !

he is rich ,that’s his wife !

she is beautiful they got married the last past month !

They catwalked straight to the stage with the kids .

Awwn ,, people keep on cheering and the crowd become noisy

I felt hot tears run down my cheeks ,as I felt them spray the flower and everywhere was sparkling ,the stage become more brighter.

Awwwn ! the crowd chorused ”

wow a very big congratulations ,she is not only beautiful ,sexy and talented but also have rich and responsible personalities beside her all this while .The judge announced ” and the crowd yell ,

I was sobbing seriously as all attention was focused on me ,the Judge handed the microphone over to Jerry to address the crowd as they cheered him.

hello everything ! he said and the screams increased ”

You all know me so no need for me to introduce myself, Emmm Emelia here is very dear to me ,she is my best friend and I love her for that ,her simple kind and good personality ,she deserve any award that would be given to her today because she work hard for it .Jerry said and face Emelia.

congratulations Emelia more winnings ?

wow !!! the crowd scream .

thank you ,I smile as I felt tears roll down my cheeks as I look around and see the number of people gathered today just to see me .I’m really proud of myself.

This girl here is my bch ! my full time bch ! someone said and I know who said that immediately

fatima ! I screamed with tears of joy ,

yes she is my everything ,Fatima said hanging her hand around my shoulder ,she was their for me ,she is my sister ,my bestie and everything ,she deserve any award that is given to her because she is worth it ,I remember how we started from the scratch ,we suffered both of us but we never give up ,She is my priceless jewel I love her !!! congratulations .

Fatima concluded and spread her arms and I rushed onto her arms as I sob happily .

As the screams increased , clapping , and yelling

Yes she is my friend , colleague and partner in crime ,I love her so much she deserve everything ! ,caro said and hugged me too .

Buddy ! I called facing Trevor as he took the microphone ,

Emm I ..I’m supporting her with ….but fatima tap him.

I mean I’m really happy that my in law here is an award winner ,I know here right as a coffee woman ….but fatima glares at him .

emmmm congratulations Emelia ,

hahaha I bursted into laughter while the crowd joined ,well Trevor is no longer a mafia but their straightforward , bossy character is still very well fit in him.

can you imagine coffee woman ,I smile as I look around …..

mummy !!! my kids screamed and rushed into my arms .

awwwn ,

is she married !

they called her mummy !

I can hear the crowds murmur

as pictures and videos click keeps on it’s sound .

I took the microphone with my kids arms still wrapped around my body .

I smiled at fatima and she give me a go ahead ,

I felt relax and sigh .

yes I’m married ,they are my kids ,twin girls actually ,I’m not really from Mexico my husband is outside the country .I said while everywhere became silent .

who is your husband I wanted my brother to marry you ! a girl screamed ”

I stare at Caro for help and she understood ,

I walk out through the backstage followed by my friends and family ,While the event continue .

Thank you so much for coming ,I said to Fatima immediately we entered into the changing room .

but the id!ot gave me a heavy knock .

ouch ,I groaned ”

I’m a celebrity here ,I frown .

you look ugly with your frowny face ,Fatima pouted ”

that’s exactly what I would have said ” caro muttered ”

I’m so proud of you ! Jerry smiled at me

thank you ! I mouthed ” and wink at him.

where is that coffee woman ! fatima suddenly ask , and her eyes landed on Trevor who was already walking out with the kids clinging onto him

awwn daddy kids ,I said sarcastically and scoff .

I would be outside with ,them change and come out and babe don’t forget to wear the Dress now ,please you must and Emelia over to you ,bye Fatima .Jerry said walking away.

hmmm ,I sigh .


***** One hour later ****

I was called back on the stage ,

here are the gifts from your crazy fans

two full packed bags of money !

Two car keys !

clothes ,shoes ,bags,heels and other girlish stuffs.

A crazy fan also gifted you a package money flower.

And finally the J.m movie industry gifted you an estate ! congratulations !

I was speechless as I stare with my mouth wide opened .

Thank you ! thank you all I scream happily .

And finally before we go ahead with foods and other stuffs ,the owner of j.m movie wants a bit of our time .the judge said ”

I quickly called caro ,she rushed to myself

anything the problem ,she ask ”

I stare at Jerry he is already on the stage ,I gave him the are you ready look and he nodded ”

Is something the problem you called ,caro reminded as the crowd become silent .

I stylishly dropped my beads up to ten scattered around the ground ,.

what are you doing ,caro wisper

I’m sorry help me out I said ,

she bend down and start picking the beads , immediately she stand well Jerry knee down before her .

what are you doing ? caro ask , staring at him .

caro ,I have known you for years now ,we have been together for years ,I love you and I don’t think I can hold myself anymore ,

please caro my heartbeat would you marry me ?

he ask bringing out his ring while caro mouth was wide up .

I guess she didn’t expect that .

say yes ! the crowd cheers .

I watch as caro look around till her eyes landed on mine ,I smiled at her and give her a go ahead nod .

she faced Jerry who was still kneeling down .

please caro marry me I promise you ,you won’t regret I will take care of you .Jerry said ”

yes ! yes I will marry you Jerry ‘

caro said ,while Jerry smiled and inserted the ring on her finger .

he stood up and hug her ,as she sob .

we would be getting married this December so guys get ready the date would be announced officially, everyone is invited .Jerry said with a smile.

Thank you Emelia and congratulations ! Jerry said to me , before walking out with caro .

awwwn ,the crowds can’t stop muttering and the bloggers won’t stop taking videos and pictures.

I smile as I look around me ,I feel fulfilled ,

I’m really proud of myself ! I smiled ”

As the party continue .


A big congratulations to Emelia.

congratulations to Caro and Jerry

Trevor indeed she was once a coffee woman

Fatima the boss lady

Christiana and Christiane awwn daddy’s kids





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