? CHAPTER 26 ?

**** AT E&F COFFEE SHOP ****

There was no much customers so fatima was spotted sitting outside with the babies as they play around

suddenly a car stopped and fatima look up to confirm is who she thought

Trevor ! what is he doing here why didn’t he call ,fatima wondered ”

but wait this is not his car or I’m ….but that thought was interupted when evan come out of the car .

fatima frown deeply as she feels fear , and anger all at the same time .

hello fatima darling .evan greeted sitting beside her .

who owns this babies , Evan ask

not your business rapist what are you doing here ! fatima yelled ”

common you haven’t seen me for some months now didn’t you miss me or something ? Evan smirked ”

Mind your business and stay away from my life fatima said stylishly pressing her phone as she dial Trevor’s number .

keep your phone fatima let’s talk I have good news for you . Evan said with a smile

I don’t need your goodnews stay away from me ! fatima shouted as she look around to make sure the babies are around her .

darling listen this goodnews is what you would like at least you get to forgive me .Evan said ”

meanwhile Trevor already answer the call and have heard what is going on he ended the call but fatima didn’t know and she don’t want to look down at the phone to avoid Evan suspecting the fact she called for help .

Darling you know brenda right ! the one that dares me to rappe you ! Evan ask with a smirk .

I don’t know her leave me alone what do you want from me ! fatima glares angrily ,I feel like sta.bbing you deeply till you did ,fatima thought mentally.

Well I know you are angry I just want to inform you Brenda have paid for what she did ,so you can now forgive me. Evan said ”

excuse me ? what has she paid for fatima snapped ”

oo wwo okay listen I fk the living day light out of her yesterday night ,she cried for help but don’t worry I didn’t let her go until I feel she felt the pain you felt that day .Evan said sharply


what ! fatima screamed with her mouth opened in shock.

you are really a monster ,a devil ,demon ,fatima cvrsed ”

huh ! I thought you would be happy besides she has felt the pay back .Evan said nonchalantly ”

how could you say that easily why are you so inhuman . Fatima cried out ”

wow how can someone sympathize with her enemy the day I raped you ,I told her she laughed at you , but here I am telling you that I fucked her so hard till she fills your pain but your expression did the opposite ,you are indeed a good person that’s why I want you back so do you forgive me ? Evan said ”

leave me alone ,fatima shouted standing up as she look around and saw the kids crawling inside.

Darling how could you say such a thing to me , Evan ask standing up too to her side.

don’t you dare come closer to me ! fatima yell .

why not I’m your boyfriend anyway ,Evan teased ”

leave her alone ! someone said ”

Trevor ! fatima called happily with her tears and rush to his side .

oooh wow I see the saviour man ,how dare you interfer in my business ! Evan ask angrily .

leave fatima alone stop coming closer to her you already rapped her what else do you want ! Trevor snapped ”

is none of your business fatima is my girlfriend so I have every right to talk to her ! Evan yell

shut up ! Trevor yell banging his hand on the table .

leave Evan , leave while I’m still nice. Trevor said angrily

why would I do that ,do you think I fear you ? Evan muttered and bursted into a loud laughter.

I won’t leave there is nothing you ,I mean you would do. Evan yell ”

go inside and hide with the babies because this shop would turn red in the next two seconds , Trevor whisper to only fatima’s hearing as she stare at him and nodded before rushing with the babies locking the door immediately as her heartbeat increases .

why did you send her in ,I’m with my guards as well ,you want combat here ? Evan ask

depends on how obedient you are ! Trevor fires back.

okay I want that ,guards .They both chroused as the battle begins shooting as buIIets flies helter skelter.

Trevor rushed to Evan and gave him a heavy ki¢k which sends him flying ,Evan guard sh®t at Trevor but he dodge it and send a buIIet to him back and he fell heavily.

Evan stood up and rush to Trevor giving him a punch and that made his lips to cut. Trevor touched his lips and chuckled.

How dare you ! Trevor yell as he angrily sh®t Evan , and he groan .

Trevor look around and realized that two of Evan guards are already down ,you want some more ? Trevor ask with a smirk as Evan groan in pain .you I will kll you ,Evan said angrily and walk out entering into his car with his guards while some fix the dead bodies .

hmmmm ,sir are you okay ? Trevor guards ask as they rush to him.

anyone of us gone , Trevor ask ignoring there question

no sir we are all gallant ,they chroused ”

you must be serious and smart because he meant do something stupid. Trevor said

Roger that sir. they saluted.

Trevor sigh as he look at the door fatima ran into ,he walk closer to It and knock .

Fatima ! open the door . He said gently.

after few minutes the door open , and Fatima step out with the two kids and you can easily spot ,fear , and sadness in her eyes .

Fatima look around and flinch .She almost died of heart attack earlier when the buIIets sounds was flying all over ,she just hugged the babies close to herself as if the babies understood they kept quiet.

lock the door and come with me ,you are closed for the day. Trevor said without looking at her , and fatima already knows that his angry.

she quickly pack the stuffs and lock the door ,she carried her bags and the babies as Trevor lead the way .

Fatima thought they were to enter his car but was disappointed as Trevor walk pass the car , and they walked for some minutes before entering into the hotel earlier .

I see is really his hotel. Fatima thought

they entered inside ,as the staffs won’t stop greeting Trevor who wasn’t responding .

He pressed on the elevator and they all entered ,it reaches the eight floor and stopped as they walk out .

Trevor walk pass two doors before opening the next one ,he entered , and turn to fatima.

come inside .He said ”

okay Fatima shuttered ”

this is my hotel is safe for now stay here with those kids and don’t destroy my stuff’s is my hotel room. Trevor muttered ”

okay. fatima muttered still speechless as she drop the babies who are still quiet and that make fatima wonder why.

I take my bath now. if you need anything you can call my staffs they would give you anything. Trevor said looking bat fatima who looked up and saw Trevor broken lips.

ooh my God. she cried out making Trevor to wonder why.

what are you okay ? Trevor ask coming closer to her while she stand up immediately from the bed .

your lips ,I’m really sorry .Fatima sobs ,

stop being dramatic is just a cut . Trevor scoff .

I’m really worried ,I don’t want to see you get hurt,it makes my heart hurt .Fatima said and bursted into tears and that made Trevor to be speechless .

he smiled at fatima who’s head was still bowed ,he walk closer to her before hugging her .

I’m fine okay ,as he pat her back gently.

Did you have a first aid box here ?, fatima mumbled ”

yeah I do . Trevor said disengaging himself from the hug .

Go take your bath so I can dress your wound. fatima muttered still not raising her head.

Are you shy ,look at me .Trevor chuckled ”

no I’m not .Fatima denied ”

okay look into my eyes if you are not . Trevor suggest .

no !..Fatima said sitting down on the bed .

really you are shy then , Trevor smirk as he bend closer to Fatima .

what are you doing. Fatima ask nervously as she stare at Trevor handsome face,she felt her breath seize .

are you still breathing ? how about I remove my shirt . Trevor teased ”

emmm , Trevor ! stop .fatima said shyly .

Okay then I will .Trevor said with a smile .

I’m glad you are worried about me. Trevor said ”

who is worried about you ? Fatima denied ”

I know you do care about me don’t deny it .Trevor teased ”

while fatima look away shyly.

I’m going to take my bath now I would be right back that’s the first aid kit. Trevor said and walk into the bathroom banging the door.

hmmmm. fatima sigh holding her chest .Oooh my God I’m so nervous .,fatima said fanning herself dramatically.

ma …ma .the kids called Making fatima flinch .

ouch Christiane and christiana you startled me .Fatima muttered ”

while the babies giggle .


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