? CHAPTER 23 ?

*** The next day ****


Brenda woke up ,too bad evan left her on the couch .Gosh my leg she cries out as she struggles to stand to her fit.

Why is he so mean ! that almost made me think I’m being disvrgned for the second time .

Brenda muttered ”

She managed to sit up a bit .what’s the time ? she ask mentally checking her phone .

oooh my God is already nine I have a movie shoot in not less than thirty minutes from now she cried out ”

Dmn you motherfker ‘ she cvrsed “as she dress up hurriedly lumping to her car outside .


**** J.M Movie industry ****

Where the h’ll is she ! who has her time here ! caro yell ”

I wonder why she isn’t here ,you can just give the role to another person is a new movie not some remaining part . a guy muttered ”

Silence everybody please allow me think ,I have being calling her line for a while now she refuse to pick up. jerry complained ”

how do you expect her to pick up didn’t you hear me she is a bch ! Caro stated”

that’s to harsh .Emelia who was sitting beside her whispered

you don’t know her that’s why you got some sympathy left , know her ,you would understand the reason why they said that the real d’vil’s are woman .Caro snapped ”

suddenly the door opened and Brenda walked in .

why are you late do you think everyone has that kind of chance to play along your stupidity .Jerry yell ”

oooh please spare me that trash ,I didn’t wake up early you know so it isn’t my fault ! Brenda glared”

will you shut up ,see how you talk to your boss you unmannered human ! I know for sure here you are with your unreasonable reason that you didn’t wake up early who does that ? maybe if you have died on top of that dk you would have learnt your lessons . Caro said ”

what ! dk .the rest chroused expect Emelia , and Jerry others bursted into laughter ”

you cheap sIvt how dare you ! who said that to you what evidence do you have that I have a dick buried inside me last night ! Brenda ask angrily .

Bla bla bla you see the reason why I said you are a bch ,a dumb one as that ,I don’t need to know I saw how you limp inside like a hit zombie why won’t I know the reason .Caro glares and roll her eyes.

you dare …..brenda yell and try going after her but others pull her back .

why are you guys holding her ? leave her alone she should try me ,brenda try that nonsense you want to try and I shall show you the reason why I’m call caro .Caro said angrily ”

silence *** Jerry yell and everywhere become silent .

enough okay why acting like kids all the time ,brenda let this lateness not repeat itself again .

I already distributed the script and the top characters for now are ? ooh I mean in our junior sections the seniors are in the other room ,

so the main lead here for now are ;

jerry .that’s me as the Angelo

Emelia as the baby jj

immediately he said that some people murmured ”

caro as the Sharon with that your sharp mouth ,Jerry muttered roughly her hair while she smiles

Alex you as Alex here too .Jerry said referring to a young handsome man who seem to be careless of whatever they are saying .

okay ! he muttered ”

And you ,you as sawyer and kylan ,you as carter ,you are the bob here and that continued as Jerry finish up with the young characters .

so what’s my role here ? Brenda ask ”

oooh I’m sorry you are going to act as doris , Sharon’s best friend but one of the antagonist in the play .

what ? her best friend ! Brenda exclaimed pointing at caro who hissed and roll her eyes .

why would you do that ,I want to be the female lead . Brenda yell ”

I know even caro or one of the old actress would have being our female lead but I choose Emelia here because I want to show her to the world ,so she can also be popular like all of your here please understand okay .Jerry said ”

okay fine I understand I give up ,caro said while others nodded”

thank you ! Emelia smiled at caro who returned the smile .

so we are good now guys , everyone is okay with their roles right ? Jerry ask ”

yah ! they chroused ”

except me ! Brenda yell angrily .

please brenda everyone know you as a good actress allow your junior to be seen please okay .jerry begged ”

no never or I’m out of this ! Brenda shouted ”

be out who cares who have a lot of Actors and actresses you know ,caro fired “.while Jerry sigh

guys ! jerry yelled angrily making them to keep shut .

my orders are final ,let’s get to work or you are out I don’t care .Jerry said walking away .


**** Back in London ****

* hospital *

donald was seen sitting in an office waiting for a doctor ,

sorry I made you wait for so long ,a doctor said walking inside ..

is nothing actually ,so what’s the result because grandma has never said that to me and I don’t seem to care .

sir donald here is the result .The doctor said handing over an envelope to him ,while sitting down .

Go ahead and tell me what’s wrong ? back then I don’t use to care but now I have to . donald thought mentally .

well you have amnesia ! and ….But donald interrupted the doctor .

excuse me ! what do you mean by that ? Donald yelled with a shocked expression …

sir that’s what the test is ,you lost some of your memories and that’s it.

no wonder I never knew I got married to her ,I think and think but still yet I just woke up and grandma said she is my wife what is she hiding from me ,who exactly I’m I forgetting what is going on .Donald ask himself

okay doctor bye ,he said and manage to stand up leaving the doctors office with a deep frown .

He drove straight to Calvin’s office

when he arrived calvin was about to enter his car .

hey dude whatsup I have a meeting in the next one hour is anything the problem you look gloomy . Calvin ask worridely

how long have you known me ? donald ask staring deeply at calvin Making him wonder why .

bro what’s the question all about .Calvin muttered ”

just answer the damn question ! Donald yell ”

hey you don’t dare yell at me in my company are you okay , have you lost it bro , fine I have known you since I was a child .Calvin answered ”

did I once had an accident , donald ask and calvin froze for a seconds.

emmm ,I mean I ….Calvin shuttered ”

Answer me calvin you have a meeting remember ! Donald reminded ”

yeah I know ,I think you should ask your grandma .Calvin muttered ”

what the h’ll do you mean by that isn’t it a simple question ,donald glares

I mean. ..I just ask your grandma okay I can’t answer this I mean ,you should ask her .Calvin said looking away.

really ‘ with this expression in your face i know fully well that you are hiding something from me ,what’s going on .Donald ask

bro chill relax okay I’m not hiding anything from you just ask Grandma anything okay ! Calvin stated ”

this prove that I truly have an accident ,well the doctor said I have amnesia loss of memory ,no some of my memories. Donald explained ”

but calvin just look away .

wait you are not surprised or shocked ,you know about it ! Donald exclaimed ”

hey relax how can I know about it ,I don’t know anything ask Grandma I throw my face away because you are actually acting like someone that is insane . Calvin said ”

what are you trying to tell me that , asking my best friend a common question simple question ,as simple as A b c has suddenly made me insane .Donald ask angrily with an unbelievable look .

bro that’s not what I mean you know what go home I will meet you soon okay .Please go home I will come over you need to rest .Calvin. said ”

I can’t believe this ,tell me what you know calvin because if I found about it ,you aren’t going to like me .Donald said angrily and enter his car , zooming off with a rough speed .

calm down bro .Calvin yell ,with a worried face .

oooh my goodness .calvin muttered scratching his hairs ,what do I do now. He thought before getting inside his car .


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