? CHAPTER 27 ?


***COOL EVENING*** 8pm

Donald walk straight into grandma’s room ready to hear the whole story from her

you are here ,take a sit please grandma said immediately donald stepped in

Donald nodded and sat on a couch opposite her bed facing her.

grandma you said you would tell me the reason behind my anmesia tonight so that’s why I’m here. Donald reminded ”

I know that that’s why I said you should take a sit son I will tell you everything about the anmesia and the reason why you should always love your wife. Grandma elizabeth said Making donald to blink twice .

Grandma did you just said always love your wife ,hmm. okay just go ahead and tell me everything. Donald said while Grandma sigh and begin the story.

Back then donald ,my husband your grandfather got poisoned and died after visiting his best friend ,I confronted the best friend but he denies the fact even though the doctor confirmed it that he was poisoned , Grandma paused and wipe her tears.

He was the most kindest ,goodest and nicest man ever on earth ,I loved him so much but his life got cut short ,I felt depressed and wanted to give up but I insist on making him proud ,he was a wealthy man ,with class ,money can’t buy life trust me donald the money your grandfather trump has would have been able to buy his life because he was extremely rich ,I manage to move on a bit with the fact that my trump is dead ….Arrrg grandma cried while donald watch in dismay , unbelievable grandma is crying ? he thought but don’t really know how to console her .

Later your father visited me to stay with me for a while with his lovely wife ,but after their stay on there way back home to their house they got into an accident.

I don’t need anyone to tell me that someone tampered with their car ,I lost hope I felt broken I don’t know where to start they both died instantly.

I handed you over to their most trusted servant maria , and she sneaked away with you for sometime just like I instructed.

I doubled the security around you , and that particular house you are living in back then ,I struggle endlessly to become more successful again and again in other for you not to suffer.

When the accident happened you were around nine or ten something like that and I believe the h®rrible scene you saw would make you trumatized.

Later I sent maria to take you out to have fun , and enjoy the world with both ,rich ,poor and middle-class people ,but unfortunately you found something precious to you there.

I was as you grow fond of it ,till you are you to almost nineteen I wanted to cut you off with it not because of class but because I want you to be safe but I remember your happiness mattered so much to me son and I let you be and then notice that the enemies are back.

They want to kll you and take you away son ,I warned you to stop going all about with the thing you cherish but you insisted ,that day I was mad at you.

I yelled at you and walk away but you sneaked out just to see it again ,on your way back you got into an accident and that result to your anmesia and you lost your precious thing ,that day I get to found out that you try to run away with that which you cherished much but the enemies attack , and you got lost.

Genevieve was the one who was there for you ,she was your love because she always support you even thou I’m against it ,she cried the day of your accident and blame me for it she was the woman you loved and got married to . grandma elizabeth concluded ”

Donald on the other hand was still shocked ,

grandma what is this precious thing that I cherished so much back then that I try to walk away with but got crushed ,I even disobeyed you for that . donald ask obviously confused .

Hahaha donald ,my grandson is a flower ! but you must keep it a secret don’t tell even your bestfriend nor your wife about the flower because back then when you told me you said I should keep It a secret . grandma elizabeth muttered ”

but grandma you just I was nineteen years back then how come I got married to genevieve when ? how ? donald ask

yes it was a court marriage you just signed on papers that day before your accident to genevieve that you would marry her ,she was there for you even when you were in coma for two months ,Grandma elizabeth said ”

what !!! grandma did you just said two months ? Donald mumbled while Grandma elizabeth nodded ”

yes grandson two months !

grandma you really passed through alot , and I appreciate genevieve waiting for me all this while and was there for me but why would she suddenly start acting weird ,I really don’t like it .Donald said with a sad Expression while Grandma smirked ”

yes I passed through alot and I must finish what I started , Grandma said ”

huh ? you must finish what you started what is that grandma .donald ask ”

nothing . Grandma elizabeth snapped ”

okay . Emmm grandma who are this enemies that you are mentioning and about Grandpa death hope the best friend that was the suspect has been put behind bars .Donald ask ”

don’t worry about that the enemies are still out there but grandma is now wiser and smarter she is going to protect you and your children . Grandma elizabeth said rubbing donald hair .

huh ! grandma children ? Donald wondered ”

I mean your son ,That be ridiculous here ! grandma frown .

common grandma ,I’m sorry . donald apologize ”

I want you to make it up to your wife she has only you as a family take care if her and draw her closer shower her with love care and attention but becareful ,smart And wise up okay . Grandma advised while donald smiled

okay grandma I will make it up to her , and as for the baby she want to take him back to London .Donald said ‘

hmmmm really ? is her son anyway so she can okay ,but I will make sure she promise to take care of him for me because honestly I would stay in mexico for some time before coming back to America . Grandma elizabeth said ‘

okay then I guess you love it here .Donald smiled while Grandma nodded ”

sing me to sleep . grandma requested and lay properly on the bed ,

okay ,donald muttered and start singing for her till he noticed she is now sleeping .

goodnight Grandma ” donald murmured and left .

immediately he closed the door Grandma sit up and sigh.

I’m really sorry son but is fine the best ,they don’t want peace since they don’t want it I have to prepare for war ,is better to fight a losing battle than to surrender without fight . Grandma sobs and brought out her phone

light out .



A woman in her forties or fifties was seen feeding an old man

is been months now you refused to talk what exactly did they do to you ,the woman ask ”

I was tortured how I survived and wanders the street of london was a miracle to me ,the man said ”

I know that ,she suddenly suggest they find you for her , and when they did she sent me over here to take care of you for a while .The woman said”

I know that already you said that to me the first time you brought me into this house ,the man said ”

Is your fingers better can you eat now I need to make call .the woman said immediately she saw who was calling.

okay .thank you the man muttered and start eating with his hand while the woman shifted a bit far from the man before answering the call .

Hello ,how is everything ? the caller ask

is good ,but he hasn’t said anything ,he just insist we should be careful ,the woman replied ”

hmmmm I guess they did something worst than we imagined to him ,is okay I can wait for years ,months or days ,make sure you remind him of his granddaughter ,the child didn’t know but he knows himself ,so he should becareful with me ! The caller said and ended the call .

while the woman sigh hmm this is not really going to be easy at all ,She murmured and walk back to the man.


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