? CHAPTER 25 ?

*** EMELIA *** 5pm

thanks for today ,I said to Jerry well I’m right in front of my apartment we drove past the shop but fatima already closed ,but he insisted on taking me home.

so this is where you live ? he ask while I nodded with a smile .

thank you very much for today I appreciate ,I said with a smile and stepped down from the car .

you are welcome .he winked ”

bye .I wave and walk inside I can sense he already left I turn and that’s true .I smiled widely before knocking on the door.

fatima opened the door and stare at me before leaving huh ?

I walk inside before closing the door

fatima I called sitting beside her on the couch.

yes. she answered unwilling I guess

where are the babies ? I ask ”

they are resting we just came back from the shop. she answered without sparing me glance ,her attention seems to be on the phone she was holding.

emm fatima I bought this for you

I said handing over a take away bag to her.

thank you .she mumbled without looking at me and take it.

fatima is something wrong ? are you mad at me ? I ask but she ignores me totally and stood up she glared at me and walk away with the bag .

wow .I muttered sadly I guess is about the question where are you always going hmmmm .

let’s get some sleep I’m tired and with that I left for my room .




8am morning donald trump’s house **

emm donald groan as he open his eyes he blink three times before sighing.

I guess I slept deeply he mumbled and sit up a little.

where is that bch anyway didn’t she come back or did she travel ? whatever . donald said with a scoff he removed the duvet and stand up to his feet straight to the bathroom for a shower .

After few minutes he was done and he come out and dress up .he picked up his phone and left after locking the doors and a deep authorized instructions to his guards and servant totally all the staffs in the estate since genevieve is not around he ordered them not to let her in until he returns .



*** Genevieve ***

I came back yesterday to stay with Grandpa but this old thing is Making life difficult for me right now he summoned evan and we are in a serious meeting .

how many houses do they have over there ? Grandpa questioned ”

Grandpa there are very rich the have many houses that even I myself have not been to. I explained ”

did you see the reason why I said that you are an incompetent fool ,for a whole five years bch you are staying there you can’t gather things now all the years have been wasted .Grandpa yell pulling out the cocaine from his mouth there for making him to puff out a heavy smoke .

Grandpa I’m sorry but I can still find the exact location and take my child maybe threatening them with him. I said ”

exactly grandpa she can do that and I believe they would give in to it since that’s the only thing they places value on for now . finn added”

that is up to you genevieve if you dare fail me ,if you dare I will squeeze the living day light out of you ! Grandpa shouted while I now ,he stood up and left .

I faced finn with a serious but confused look .

finn what do we do ? I ask frustrated already .

what do you mean what do we do ,we are we there ,listen I’m not involve with the work is your job ,i have been doing my very well ,Grandpa shared it to us that you would gather their wealth for him and I should sell hard drugs and some other shady businesses I run for him so don’t you dare call me name here ,I have then the child what else do you want you are to slow for my liking.

Finn yell angrily before walking out not forgetting to bang the door so hard that I flinch.

what !!! arrrg I screamed ”

I’m gone I will deal with you , trump’s I will crush you all .let’s get to know where in mexico . I’m going to Mexico to find you and take what that rightfully belongs to me .I said and left .




donald came out from the taxi after paying the taxi man ,he took his bags and went inside after receiving greetings from the guards that knows him.

grandma is in right ? he ask a maid he met on the way into the sitting room .

yes sir welcome sir ,she greeted happily as she bow to him .

donald nodded and went inside he opened the door and entered before closing it .

he dropped his bag on one of the couch. grandma he called ”

he look around and saw a little boy crawling .huh ? he thought and rub his eyes .

baby Chris .he called happily while the baby look up at him and giggle before crawling towards him .

oooh my God my son my son ,donald said happily and carry the baby who wouldn’t stop laughing , smiling , giggling and pouting.

uuum wen ,donald make crazy said as he gave him a peck on his chubby cheeks .

you are now so handsome ,heathly ,cute and adorable than ever before .

donald ! grandma called rushing downstairs with a wide smile.

easy Grandma , hahahaha donald laugh

my son I miss you ! you didn’t tell me you are coming I would have sent someone to pick you up or maybe do that myself . grandma elizabeth muttered

common grandma that should be a surprise .Donald said with a smile

come here , give grandma a hug , grandma elizabeth said and donald laughed before giving her a side hug since he was still carrying the baby.

my handsome grandson ,come sit down honey you look tired and pale to me . grandma said rubbing donald cheeks while he sigh.

exactly grandma that’s why I’m here I called yesterday but your line was not available so I decided it’s time I come to this place myself .donald explained sitting beside grandma .

drop him , and tell me what the problem is ,is that girl right ,grandma ask angrily while donald chuckled ”

awwwn I’m sacred grandma look scary . donald said with a childish grin as he drop the baby.

hahahaha . grandma elizabeth laughed wholeheartedly ”

I’m happy you are here grandma can do anything for you anyway so no one dares make grandma’s favorite angry or else grandma would scare them away . Grandma elizabeth muttered with a grin .

grandma ….you are kidding right ? donald ask ”

no I will kll them . Grandma elizabeth teased ”

while donald chuckled ”

so you said you came to talk to me about something ,why not freshing up eat and rest in one of the rooms you prefer we would take later in the evening you must be tired , grandma elizabeth suggested ”

grandma I’m sad ,I have a lot of questions but let me obey your orders grandma you must answer me whatever I ask you because I already know the truth I just want to confirm it grandma you must tell me the truth please .Donald pleaded with a sad Expression.

what could that be okay I will tell you the truth you need to hear. grandma elizabeth muttered ”

grandma please promise me now .Donald said bringing out his tiny finger for a Pinky promise.

hahahaha son okay fine pinky promise , grandma elizabeth said as they joined their tiny finger together .

you believe me now so go upstairs and take a shower I will bring the delicacies to you okay . Grandma elizabeth said while donald nodded and stand up to leave .

da a da .baby Chris called crawling to his leg .

hahahaha my baby , baby Chris knows I’m the daddy .Donald sings happily .

I use to teach him with your pictures you know , grandma said ”

you must be kidding grandma . donald said carrying the baby .

anyway grandma what’s the secret ? donald snapped ”

secret ? what secret . grandma elizabeth wondered ”

oooh I mean what’s your secret in taking care of the baby ,I mean look how chubby and beautiful baby Chris has become ,so adorable and cute .Donald pouty .

ooww you want to know grandma’s little secret , don’t worry just a little time I will tell you my secret not just one but all of them. Grandma elizabeth said with a mischievous smile .

grandma i don’t trust that smile but let me wait then .donald said ”

give baby Chris to me go up and do exactly what I said your food would be served by me ,not just one but your favorites okay I don’t like how skinny and pale you look , grandma elizabeth muttered” taking baby Chris from donald who smiled at her and went upstairs .

da a da ,the baby called and giggle .

that’s right his your daddy you are so smart . Grandma smiled .


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