? CHAPTER 28 ?



*** DONALD ***

I woke up with this feeling of excitement in me wow I guess is because I’m around grandma ,I smiled as I fit myself with a good looking cloth it won’t be bad if I take a look around this place before going back to London I thought

I walk downstairs ready to hear the giggling and bright cute smiles of my baby but I got shocked when I saw who was sitting with grandma ,

how did she got here what is going on ? what exactly is this I hide because I can’t believe it ,they were both laughing and smiling ,I look at my watch and realized that is around that late in the morning but how come she is here ? I thought ”

what’s going on ,is this a dream I thought she was ……..I wondered and peep at them again .

jeez dmn it .I cvrsed ”

oooh here donald I already saw you come out your wife is here , Grandma said with a smile

honey ! Genevieve called with a smile wow I thought mentally .

I smiled and hug her immediately I got closed to her ,I’m really sorry I don’t know what came over me .

is fine I forgive you , and thanks for always being there for me ,I smiled ”

okay then where is my baby , genevieve ask with a smile.

he is upstairs with his nanny you can go see him there , Grandma said pointing at the direction .

okay then thank you very much grandma I really appreciate ,thank you ! Genevieve said while Grandma nodded and gave her a go ahead nod .

Grandma what is going on ? I ask immediately genevieve is out of my sight .

Nothing ,I saw her early this morning in front of the house as a guest I welcomed her ,she told me how she misbehaved and pleaded with me to beg you to forgive her ,as a good mother I welcomed her and forgive her so you should do the same , grandma explained sitting down on one of the nearest couch .

But grandma I ….But she interupted me with a glare .

Common donald that’s your wife go upstairs and meet her ,she is the one for you no excuse please I’m really busy ,you guys can stay all you want before you go back to London okay . grandma added ”

okay .I muttered and smirk interesting grandma don’t think you can fool me I will find out everything myself .I thought mentally and walk away.



fatima was sitting with the kids on the floor they were busy munching on their fried chips .

Fatima are you guys not going to shop today ? Emelia ask as she step out with her beautiful outfit.

mind your business in this house ,fatima scoff “,

hahaha my love you know you can’t ignore me I’m your sister remember that ?Emelia teased ”

While fatima smile but quickly cover that up ,I told you about the incident yesterday and how we survived and you want me to go to the shop with this kids again ? fatima glares ”

oooh I’m really sorry princess I was just emm I forgot .Emelia pleaded”

whatever mrs actress just leave me and my baby Alone go to your movie industry please ,you forgot ,maybe if they shot at christiana and Christiane you wouldn’t have forgotten .Fatima muttered ”

what ! how could you make such an expensive joke what is it are you still mad at me ?okay don’t worry once I come back from work today I will tell you everything. Emelia said ”

really ,are you kidding me ? fatima ask as she eye Emelia with one eye.

of course not why would I do such a thing you deserve to know anyway ,so I’m telling you okay be good that keep that frowny face or is gonna scare Trevor away including some other rich suitors .Emelia joked ‘,

hahaha stop that . Fatima laughed as her face turn red ”

so because of my little teasing you are already blushing awwn ,Trevor’s babe .Emelia added and bursted into laughter while these babies giggle .

so you are mocking me with your kids huh ? leave right now .Fatima said pointing at the door .

I won’t leave ,Emelia said stylishly Making her way to the door to avoid but boom the cloth landed on Emelia and she rush out banging the door so hard .

no stay there ,meuter .fatima smiles ”

babies we are stuck here for today .Fatima said to the babies and sigh .



he was seen smoking cigarettes with a smirk of michevous mission passionate on his face.

Sir the gas is ready , before the following day ,the plan would be done as you wished ” the young man said with a bow .

Good ! I want a clean job ,since he wants it to be cracked in a hard way who am I to deny the fact , of course I will feed him the food he always wanted .Evan said sarcastically and bursted into laughter ”

Any news about the Korean investors ? Evan ask

yes sir ,but unfortunately it’s highly terminated and not in our favour but that of Trevor’s they already signed the contract with him .

Arrrg …. Evan screamed angrily that son of a bch how dare that thing try to challenge me ! how dare you Trevor I will squeeze you ,crush you and eliminate you ! Evan yell as he squeeze the life out of the poor ¢igarette he was holding .

any other thing ? why are you still standing there as a brainless idoit get out ! Evan yell angrily at his guard .

the guard step back two paces and bow before walking away .

You really think you have made it Trevor i will show you the reason why i am the lord of gangs this time around .Evan said angrily as he keeps on tapping his legs ,stomping them as his personal problem .


*** EVENING *** 12pm***

Evan and his gangs arrive at the destination they were to execute there plans .

don’t waste time go ahead i cant wait to see him cry ,Evan ordered ”

the guards Bowed and start their jobs ,they release a full container of gas around the hotel and pack stand out at a far distance before throwing the fire .

Hahahaha hahahaha Evan laughed wholeheartedly as he watch the new project of his opponent got burnt.

This would show you and teach you a very big lesson not to ever mess with me ,As for fatima she can go to hell for all I care but for you humiliating me Infront if her and your senseless subordinates I would deal with you mercilessly .Evan said angrily ”

sir we have to exchange the goods right away from the Biden so we would go straight to the warehouse ,A guard said interrupting Evan thoughts .

Alright ! let’s go already hahaha interesting ,the news is gonna be on board tomorrow and I can’t wait. ,Evan smirked ”

They drove straight to Evan warehouse and pack , another car can be seen already packed there .

I can see that they are already waiting for us becareful with the exchange ! Evan said and they bow .

Few moments later they came back ,

is the business done ? Evan ask

yes sir ,they did well you know you actually paid off alot of cash for that goods and is good they did as they said or else we meant go bankrupt ,The guard said ”

I won’t go bankrupt I still have alot of investment in my pubs and hotel so it can do if they dares ,but fortunately they didn’t do anything stupid I’m glad I should thank finn for the successful business ,is nice doing business with him .Evan muttered ”

should I call him right away sir ? the guard ask ”

no no no not now I would thank him for that myself you don’t have to ,get into the car let’s go .Evan ordered ”
And they all entered into there cars and drove out not up to some meters away ,the warehouse blow up.

Sir isn’t that your warehouse? a guard who looked back shouted , and they stopped the cars.

Evan stepped out and look at the unexpected view he just imagined because this can’t be true ,he thought ”

suddenly he got a message from Trevor ,he swipe right and it opened

You saw my own pay back huh ? don’t try that sht again or I’m gonna burn you alive ,I just choose to spare you !

Evan read out and scream .

arrrg !!! Trevor I will kll you my warehouse ! my money !!! Evan scream angrily throwing his phone away as his surbodinates watch being clueless of what to do at that particular moment .


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