? CHAPTER 24 ?

*** Donald ****

I drove straight to my house ,what ! what is this ,I yell angrily.

I parked my car and rush inside I fucking need a cold water to flow over my body .

I went straight to my bedroom and entered my bathroom to have a cold shower ,today had been a hectic day .

I need to see grandma ! I scream mentally as I feel tears run down my cheeks what exactly is going on ,why didn’t I wise up since why now .

I have amnesia ,what the h’ll ,who knows what else I’m suffering from.

I off the tap and walk out ,I tied my towel and make use of the bed immediately I’m so tired.

grandma see you soon .I muttered and slept off.


*** CALVIN ****

This is hilarious ! I exclaimed immediately I parked

I need to contact grandma elizabeth before donald do something stupid how did he find out ! what’s going on .

I dial grandma elizabeth’s number but it’s not available ,I dial it again but still not available .

gosh what do I do now .

how would he be seeing me now when he found out I’m keeping this kind of big secret from him .Is not my fault is grandma I have to obey her

arrrrrg .I screamed mentally .

maybe I should leave this meeting ,but I’m already here ,but your friend is not fine not just your friend your best friend .my mind scolded ”

yes let me go and see him I said trying to move my car but arrrg

dmn now this isn’t the right thing to do if I go there now he meant make me utter something’s I shouldn’t mention ,his grandma should explain to him not me. I assured myself before stepping out of the car for my meeting.


**** BACK IN MEXICO ****


come here ! grandma elizabeth said to baby Chris as he crawl towards her .

baby boy do you miss your daddy should we go back home ? grandma elizabeth ask as the baby pull her dress.

hahaha ,she laughed and carried him immediately while baby Chris couldn’t stop himself from giggling .

see you have tiny teeth’s now ,don’t bite grandma with it okay . Grandma elizabeth said ”

ma am ma ma the baby said and smile .

yes my son ma am ma I’m your great grandmother okay , grandma elizabeth muttered and roughly his hair, suddenly her phone rings and she put baby Chris down before going to the other side of the room to make the call .

Hello grandmother .the caller said over the phone ”

any information to give . Grandma elizabeth snapped ”

I think he founds out about it ,he went to a doctor and then his best friend so I think he founds out. the caller said”

hmmm his really going to be mad and his going to hate me but that’s all for the best ,Is okay I know that bch triggered his quest to find it out . grandma elizabeth muttered with a frown .

they do quarrel everytime and they are not In good terms there malice is sure really bad .the caller said ”

good ,just for sometime and everything would be settled is there any move he is making ? grandma ask ”

yes to take it and own everything by force that he has waited for too long .The caller answered ”

the wages of sin is death ! we shall see then . Grandma elizabeth said angrily and ended the call.

arrrg .Trump where are you ! my dear husband ,my child my daughter ,Where are you all . grandma elizabeth cried out .

ma am ma ….baby Chris called crawling towards her.

she stiffed for a moment before smiling with tears in her eyes she carried the baby .

baby Chris ma ma is sad . grandma said to baby Chris who stared at her in an unexpressed way.

the baby raised his tiny hands and wipe her tears away .

my baby Chris . Grandmother called emotional and hug him to herself .

They would all pay ! she thought .


**** In the movie industry ****

*** EMELIA ***

the shoot for today is over ,is fun and stressful I’m so exhausted and farmished ,jerry insist he take me out for lunch so here we are at a big restaurant .

yawwwn .I yawned as I take a sit while Jerry sits opposite me.

the waiter is already standing with the menu

what do you care for ?, he ask

hotdog and egg would do .I muttered ”

huh ? is that really what you want ? he ask

well do they have hamburger and fries or maybe salad , emm spaghetti sauce infact everything don’t worry I can pay they should just bring everything .I muttered ”

haha that’s crazy ,is kinda funny seeing you like this .okay then I will. jerry said before facing the waiter ,after some words with the waiter he left and Jerry turn to me .

I’m really sorry on how stressed you look I guess I made you work too much on your first shoot .Jerry said .

I smiled tiredly and nodded

I should be thanking you and God for giving me the opportunity to show the world my talent .I said

immediately the waiter arrived And drop our order on the table .

ummmh yummy .I muttered and smile at jerry who chuckled ”

you are the best ! I winked as I start eating immediately without waiting for him .

hey calm down you don’t want to get choked right ? he said as if he knows the food started choking me .

arrrg water .I mumbled as he feed me with water .

I coughed before getting myself back .

thank you . let’s it now. I smiled ”

you are funny ,he said ”

I would take that as a compliment now let’s eat I’m starving I said impatiently while he nodded and we started eating .

so about the kids you don’t want to talk about it now do you ? he ask .

no I don’t please , maybe next time .I said while he nodded ”

so why is my acting skills hope I impressed you .I ask

you are not that bad ,you are really good at that baby jj .he teased “while I laughed .

thank you ,I really appreciate your efforts on how you helped me thank you very much .I said ”

is nothing ,I’m glad you are good I don’t regret it .he said with a smile .

okay then can I ask you something ?, I said

yeah sure go ahead what is it ?, he muttered ”

is brenda your girlfriend ? I ask

he dropped his culteris and chuckled

why do you ask do you want to be my girlfriend .he said

what ! I exclaimed of course not you don’t have to tease me like that .I shuttered ”

oooh really .he mumbled ”

I ask you that because she acts so possessive of you , and I think she likes you ,I mean who question a girl the reason for holding someone’s hand ,or something .I explained ”

well you are right ,.she has approached me many times with the claims that she loves me .jerry said

wow , that’s great and what was your respond lover boy. I teased ”

well too bad I told her she is not my type and I don’t like her .He said

what ! that’s rude I blink ‘

well I don’t like her in that way who like someone like that ,she is rude ,bossy , arrogant , bitchy , and annoying . jerry said with an unbelievable expression.

okay fine enough of her .is fine she is just being herself so stop it ,or would you rather prefer being with someone who pretend and when you guys get married or something the house becomes fire and unbearable for you ? you don’t want that right ,so I think is better people being their real self so if there is any error you can correct them in good voice .I said ”

while Jerry nodded And clappy for me .

hahahaha stop that ,I laughed

well you should also join online motivational speakers ,you are not that bad .he teased ”

are you kidding me ? I frown

no of course not I’m saying the truth . he said putting a full spoon in his mouth .

okay then ,but that’s the truth . I love two people in that industry. Caro and Alex .I said with a smile munching on my food slowly .

really .he said and pause what about me ? he snapped .

you ? I wondered “what do you mean I ask

I mean you said you like caro and Alex what about me .he pouted ”

awwwn my cute producer , director and friend you are always loved by me .I said dramatically as we both laughed ”

you are a good actress .he muttered as we both eat while chatting .


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