? CHAPTER 29 ?

*** Four years later ***


The press were everywhere ,the trump’s have signed the approval of his wife having and taking charge of his Five companies out of many ,That was grandma elizabeth suggestions after many years now .

Mr Donald can you tell us something that made you hand over your Five companies over to her ?

So from today you are handing over these companies you listed to her ! and she would become the rightful owner ??? the press ask ,

yes I love and trust her so much so I’m handing it over to her because I trust and cherish her so much and I believe she would do nothing but good to the companies ,I have known her for years now ‘ Donald answered with a smile as Genevieve smile widened on how tight he held onto her arms

Mrs Donald do you have anything to say to your husband ? the press ask ”

camera sounds , and videos clicks filled everywhere .

Yes I do have ,I want to thank my husband Donald for Trusting and loving me all this year’s ,we passed through alot but he is always there for me both the time I misbehaved ,so I want to thank him and grandma too . Genevieve said looking around and sighted grandma who flashed her a beautiful smile .

Wow ,awwn the people murmured “and clapped ”

Can we take a picture of your family at large including your baby please ,they begged ”

sure of course why not , grandma said standing up with baby Chris who is now grown and he looks so adorable ,cute and handsome

okay thank you trump’s ,thank you grandma , congratulations Mrs Donald , and you too Mr trump’s Many more years together. the guests congratulates as they all enjoy and celebrate.

say cheer’s ! Grandma said

cheers ! they all giggled and clicked their class of wine.



*** J&M Movie industry ***

billboards and magazine of actors and actresses were filled everywhere ,Is the end of the year party where awards and nominations are being presented to the rightful owners .

Today is j .m movie production own ,alot of rich ,classic and responsible men and women can be seen there , population is excess , and is already visible that they are klling themselves with fashion because each an everyone of them is looking their best,crazy fans fullied everywhere as the show is even yet to commence .


*** Make up/dress up room ***

Emelia was sitting opposite Caro ,as their make up artist fix their faces , and beautify them ,

I’m so excited Emelia ,I won last year on the j.m queen, and the billboard was fullied with my sexy picture ,last two years was Brenda and then this year my mind is telling me is going to be you ,you have gone way to far ,now popular has a lot of fans ,money, fame and also modelling for some companies now tell me what exactly won’t make you win this year show ? Caro teased ”

hahahaha ,Emelia laugh ” stop it I’m really grateful to God and my sister ,Emelia muttered ”

you mean the one rich lady who got married last month ? Caro ask

yes that is Fatima my sister , bestfriend , and everything , well Fatima is now a business owner ,run her own company through the help of Trevor, I can’t explain between the two of us who is more richer ,she is now classic ,busy ,bossy but to others not me ,Emelia chuckled ”

wow ,I’m so jealous of you all especially that girl her husband was so handsome ,when I saw the groom that day I was already crushing so hard ,Caro said dramatically ‘,

while Emelia giggle “,

poor single me ,Caro said but that was interupted with a playful knock by Jerry !

babe ,Caro pouted her lips and frown ,

you don’t dare say that you are single ,are you not my fiance huh ? or should i get marry to you today ,Jerry ask

hey ,stop that lovey dovey act here ,I’m still here single and not searching you know ! Emelia glares ”

hahaha you are so jealous ,baby let’s go caro smirk as she drag Jerry away .

Bestie I will be back soon let me fuck my girl .Jerry muttered”

awwn ,other actresses and actors there mouthed

they are so cute ,well wondering how it all become true , during this year’s I got really close to Jerry he loves me alot ,but he was crushing on caro ,I later found out that caro was also crushing on him ,I set them up ,those id!ots got drunk and confessed there love to each other ,I lock the door and allow them enjoy for the night I can’t kll myself …Emelia though and bursted into laughter making other to stare at her .

I’m sorry ,she mouthed still trying to HD back her laughter .


*** FATIMA ***

I was in my room ,well is no longer fatima’s small apartment ,I now own mansions ,cars ,companies and alot of things I always wished for in life ,Thank God for Trevor my darling husband who would believe that I would be married to someone I tricked Back then , I’m now free from Evan trouble ,you would hear the story from Trevor himself ,I’m really glad I’m leaving my life the way I want ,right now I’m dressing up for an important events ,I’m heading to Emelia’s work place ..

Mom can we come inside ? christiana and Christiane said ”

well I live with my husband but the kids are staying with me too ,thou Emelia has her own house but atimes stay with us ,infact we live wherever we choose to live.

come inside sweetheart’s ,I muttered finally fixing up my last button I’m fully dressed as I want .

mom you look so beautiful ,they complimented ”

awwn thank you , and you too you girls looks so adorable and beautiful in your dresses .I muttered with a smile .

Thank you ,they blushed ” and giggle

well they both grown into beautiful girls ,the call me mummy even when they know I’m not ,I love and cherish them alot ,I returned last week from my honey moon with Trevor after a month and of our wedding ,they both missed me and we’re eager to see me so here they are since then ,anyway is Christmas so is nothing .I thought and smile .

Where is daddy ? they ask he should be outside waiting let’s go already .I muttered and the hold my arms before we walk out .

Well they keep on asking about their real father , and Emelia showed them his picture and that he would be coming to see them soon ,they believed her and trusted the fact because they said that daddy is handsome .

And ooh well about where Emelia use to go ,she already confessed to me ,I already know the father of the baby ,and the smart grandma elizabeth .I scoff .

Honey you kept me waiting ,Trevor said interrupting my thought .

I’m sorry honey ,I apologize with a kss and smile at him .

you look hot , handsome and sexy ,I said giving him that look you know ..

thank you , and you look gorgeous ,you and suit ..he laughed ”

whatever ,I scoff and walk out with the kids

hey wait on sweetheart I’m sorry okay ….He chuckled as he walk faster to catch up with us …
To the car ….I said to the kids and they nodded .


*** Trevor ***

Honey I’m sorry ,I apologize to Fatima my beautiful sxy wife ,well she is now extremely rich ,funny husband money ,

she is hardworking , and never jokes with work ,she loves wearing suit it fits her perfectly thou .

Well all this year’s has been nothing but freshness , happiness and peace no mafia business ,no shady businesses,no Evan just peace of mind .

I stopped my mafia business when Evan died ,I stopped everything all because I don’t want her to get hurt ,I still wonder how I got caught in the web of love ,


*** flashback ***

I was standing back then as I watch my hotel blow up in the vedio my guards sent ,I quickly ordered them to drive straight to Evan warehouse and I did the same thing he did to my hotel to his warehouse ..I sent him a message and I guess he couldn’t hold it back .

he came back to the warehouse and I was still there ,we both started fighting ,his guards and mine , and I faced him ,we fought for almost an hour before my favorite guard sacrifice his life for me ,

he said to me back then through phone to go out of the environment ,I signalled my boys as we move back fastly ,I guess Evan thought we are running because he started boosting ,I obeyed my guard because he was my favourite although I didn’t know what he planned to do , suddenly a big tank of car drove pass me , and entered into the warehouse ,few seconds later the warehouse blow up again ,the fire I saw that day was a typical example of what we all call hell ,he died in the fire with Evan and all of Evan surbodinates died thou I lost some of mine during the fight,I got Alot of wounds that day .

The case was closed down because of my dad ,what would they say ,that Mafia’s had a fight ,since then I stopped the mafia business and focused more on my business ,thank God for fatima who was always their for me ,I know her better now ,dated her for years ,proposed and finally got married to her ….

ho ..ney …someone called waving at my face .

I flinched and snap out of my deep thoughts .

we are here ,what are you thinking about are you okay ? Fatima ask ” with a worried look .

wow ,is she not the one that is angry with me back then .

I smiled and face her .I love you baby

I love you too ..she said with a smile ..

hmmm ,the kids clear their throats .

dad ,Mom we are still here ,why not get a room ,they both chroused ”

what !!! christiana and Christiane where did you get that from , Fatima glares ,while they open the car and step out .

sorry momma ,they pouted

awwwn so cute .I smiled .


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