? CHAPTER 22 ?

**** Donald trump’s house ****

Genevieve was sitting at the balcony waiting for Donald to come in ,

donald ! come .she said immediately she guess his presence in the room.

I’m tired I don’t think I can . Donald responded from wherever he is .

donald I want to discuss something very important with you so kindly come I need to talk to you . Genevieve insisted .

you can’t talk to me I just came in ,I have a very hectic day, please don’t add to my stress .donald stated ”

fine since you don’t want to listen in peace then listen in piece . Genevieve yell coming inside the room.

Genevieve why are you always loud ? donald ask looking up at her .

oooh you are calling me a mad woman right now. Genevieve flares up .

I never said that but of course if you put it that way is still fine .Donald said looking away .

what ! Genevieve exclaimed ”

did you just say that I’m mad ,is you and your entire generation that is mad ! . Genevieve cvrsed ”

listen you are loud like unstable generator please when you are done ranting you leave ,I don’t have your time .Donald fired back .

what ! me generator .how dare you ? you son of a bch ! Listen I want my child back get my baby back ! Genevieve yell ”

in your dreams you will never set your eyes on that baby I know you don’t want him. Donald yell .

excuse me ? wait what do you mean by that .I don’t want my own child ? a child I carried in my wombs for nine good months . Genevieve faked tears ‘

shut up ! ? you carried him on your wombs which womb ? a womb that has been barren for good five years or which other womb are you referring to ? donald ask Making genevieve flinch back .

what is he talking about . Genevieve thought moving backward”

are you now dumb and deaf huh ? donald ask…I..yes I mean what do you mean by that , genevieve ask ”

what do I mean by what ? I mean if you have birth to the child why would you be maltreating him like that did you want baby Chris to die ? Donald said ”

I …..but donald interrupted her .

listen I know you are the mother of my son And the one who gave birth to the child but I’m the father so I consider where he should stay ,he is not coming back if you want to see his face video call grandma or you leave it .I can’t allow my only son to come back here and suffer for what he knows nothing about all because of your carelessness and clumsiness as a mother .donald shouted angrily “pointing fingers at genevieve .

You can’t do this donald give me back my son I want my son back ! genevieve yells ”

in your entire miserable life ! let this be the first and last time you ever ask about my son go to your business trip I have given you that opportunity don’t misuse it excuse me .Donald shouted ” and left .

donald come back here where are you going to ? genevieve ask ”

not your business infact I’m going to the sitting room to sleep don’t worry take the whole bed I prefer couch ,I like them .Donald ask walking away but genevieve isn’t taking that she keeps following him .

what do you want ? are you stupid leave me alone I need space. Donald growls

if you like roar like a lion I’m not leaving here until you tell me what has gotten into you. genevieve ask ”

you ! you have gotten into me ,you don’t want me to rest huh?Donald ask

donald I……shut up leave before I ask my guards to throw you out I’m feed up with this marriage you would be serve breakfast soon .Donald glared and walk away .

divorce ! Genevieve Wonder with fear . Breakfast did he mean he would prepare breakfast for me or what ? genevieve thought .

arrrrrg !.she screamed ”

I’m runied what do I do ,Grandpa is not taking this ,what do I do oooh my God arrrg !!! she screamed ”

I’m so tired .she cried ”


**** BACK IN MEXICO *****

*** Emelia’s and fatima’s apartment *****

they were both chatting happily .

I was so scared ,I don’t know what to do I feel the ground should just open and swallow me .Emelia said while fatima laughed out .

wow that’s terrible who is this brenda of a girl is she that bad ! Your first day was really scary .fatima mocked ”

whatever ! you are going to be stressed more ,you are working alone in the shop now .Emelia mocked back .

huh ? Fatima frowned ”

I don’t want to be a coffee woman too ,fatima cried out .

hahaha got your don’t worry soon enough we would get someone to be working for us .Emelia said while fatima nodded .

can I ask you something ? fatima ask

yes go ahead .Emelia said ”

where are you always going very early morning what’s going on ! Fatima ask

you won’t understand please don’t ruin this beautiful moment I promise to explain everything for you soon but now it’s not yet the time .

there are lot of things I need to know or don’t I deserve to know ,I ask about christiana and Christiane father you snubbed the question is one year now isn’t it time you tell me what is going on ,if is my own issue you would make sure I tell you everything but now is yours I’m asking you ,you are ignoring that. fatima said angrily ”

please calm down okay for I promise to tell you everything please just a little Time please. Emelia pleaded ”

whatever I want to sleep right now ,see you ! goodnight. Fatima glares and walk away.

hmmmm that was close ,Emelia sigh immediately fatima left.


**** IN EVAN’S HOUSE ****

**** Sitting room ****

what are you doing here ! Evan yell immediately he saw who was looking for him.

I came to see you of course ! you are back to the country for months or maybe a year now and you haven’t come to see me .The lady said ”

brenda leave when I’m still nice ! Evan said angrily.

common baby boy you don’t be that rude to your guest what exactly is my wrong .Brenda ask catwalking around evan who was still standing.

wow you look more handsome and sexy . can’t wait to have you inside of me ! Brenda said bchily ”

emma leave .Evan muttered as he feels his little man raising.

oooh cut the crap ,I’m here to see you ,you should be glad and grateful not the other way round .

so tell me do you miss mummy ,Brenda ask referring to evan already standing penis .

Maybe I should just rape you just like you want me to do that girl back then. Evan said angrily.

girl ! which girl .brenda ask trying to remember oooh that girl ? what’s her name again ? Brenda scoff

fatima that’s her name and I regret doing that ,Evan said”

whatever not like I force you ,you like dares and I gave you a task .brenda smiled feeling Evan big dk in her hand .

Brenda I’m warning you, leave. Evan said already aroused ”

noooh I’m not leaving I like what I’m seeing ,she said and pushed evan to the nearest couch .

Allow mummy to pleasure you I know you miss me I’m the best . Brenda said pulling down the small short evan was putting on.

Evan on the other hand was speechless ,he stare at brenda helplessly not knowing what to do as brenda knee down.

Brenda hold his dk and massaged it for a while before putting it in her mouth.


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