Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 2

“What the hell?!!!” Annabel looked at clothes. Jeez it doesn’t look good. She expected the driver to step out of the car and apologize to her but the car drove past her and parked at the entrance to the restaurant. She got got angry and stormed to where the car was.



“Hey,Adams I think we splashed mud on that lady” Richard who was Adams childhood friend and complete opposite of the latter said with concern.

“So what?” Adams replied nonchalantly

“So we have to apologize to her”

Adams Scoffed and Richard knew the answer right away.

“Adams she’s here”


“The lady” He pointed at Annabel who was hitting the car violently

Adams sighed “Lawrence go find out what she wants now” he ordered the driver who nods and opened the car door stepping out to meet Annabel’s angry face.

“How may I help you ma’am?” He asked looking at her muddy clothes

Annabel threw her hands in the air

“Oh great,just great. He bathed me with mud then comes out to ask how he can help me” she laughs slowly and faces the driver “I can see you don’t have eyes look at what you did to my clothes”

“I don’t understand” Lawrence said

“You don’t understand? I’m covered in mud as a result of the mud puddles you splashed on me why driving”

“Oh I see”

“And…” She was expecting an apology

“Goodnight” He said and turned to leave

“Stop right there” Annabel was vexed. Is that all he has to say after doing this to her,he is going no where

“What is it?” Lawrence felt irritated

“Don’t they know how to say sorry where you come from?”

“Apparently not” he shrugged

Annabel looked at the man. He was wearing a black suit and had black hair. He wasn’t looking bad at all. She observed him a little and asked

“Are you a chauffeur?”


“Okay. I would like to see your boss”

“Without his permission? No” Lawrence wasn’t ready for Adams bad mouth that evening

“I demand to see your boss now!”

“What’s going on here?” Adams had stepped out of the car with Richard and a body guard followed them.

Annabel shivered at that sexy voice and turned to the direction the voice came from. She looked at Adams from head to toe oh my gosh this guy was hot. She guessed and stared at him in both surprise and admiration. And he wasn’t alone. She looked at Richard too. He was also good looking. Did God decide to send Angels in form of man to earth today? She was knocked out of her thoughts by his words again

“I repeat,what’s going on here?”

“Sir,this lady said we splashed mud on her with the car” Lawrence answered pointing his index finger at Annabel

Adams gaze landed on Annabel. He observed her for a while. The aura around her was a strong one. The lady was very beautiful with cute hair that was brushed on her forehead. He was intrigued by her beauty. His eyes went over to her muddy clothes

Annabel felt uneasy as a result of his gaze. Why was he looking at her like that?

“Good evening sir”

Her voice was sweet to his ears and he smiled inside.

“You said we splashed you mud right?”


“And you’re making a big deal out of it. It’s just mud that can wash off. Your reaction was a childish one. There was no need yelling at the top of your lungs”

Adams saw that beautiful face turn to an angry one

“Are you saying that its unnecessary for me to tell him that he splashed mud on me?” Annabel was infuriated. He was handsome but lack manners

“Yes of course”

“How dare you? Do you think I’ll stand here and watch him go Scott free without confronting him about what he did? Can’t you think with that head of yours?” Annabel wasn’t gonna let this slide

Adams including everyone around him were taken aback by her statement. No one has dared to talk to the merciless CEO like that. Lawrence’s mouth dropped open. This lady was digging her grave.

The bodyguards stepped forward and wanted to go towards her but Adams stopped them.

“How dare say such words? Do you know who he is?” Lawrence asked angrily

“Do I look like I care?” Annabel snapped back

Richard was impressed by her bravery. Too bad she was gonna be dead meat soon.

“This isn’t fair at all. I’m the victim here and your boss should have been remorseful at least” She said

Adams smirked. This lady had some nerves. He took out 200 dollars from his suit pocket and threw it at her

“There…I’m remorseful now. Take the money and fix yourself. You can keep the change though cause I’m sure you’re gonna need it”

Annabel was dumbfounded. What does he take her for? A stranded lady in need of cash? She took the money walked over to him,took his surprisingly soft hands so she thought and dropped the money in it then took a step back. Richard and the rest were shocked

“I don’t want your money mister. An apology is fine” She said looking in Lawrence direction

“And you’re not gonna get anyone. Who gave you the effrontery to disrespect me? Are you dumb or what?” Adams asked getting irritated by her bravery

“Excuse you? You are the dumb one here. You’re no gentleman at all and so is your driver”

“How dare you?” Adams was angry now

His bodyguards were waiting for an order to deal with this disrespectful lady but none came.

Annabel stared at him not ready to give in and a stare down between the two ensued with both parties unwilling to back down.

Richard knew things were about to get complicated so he stepped in

“Stop now both of you please”

“Stay out of this Richard” Adams warned

“Dude come on you’re better than this. People are watching. Do you want to end up in the newspaper headlines tomorrow as the CEO that has a fight or better still a disagreement with a lady?”

Hearing that,Adams stopped and made way into the car after saying

“This isn’t over lady”

A glare was what he got from Annabel as a response

“Aren’t you eating again?” Richard asked after him

“I’ve lost my appetite” was his reply

Richard looked at Annabel and smiled at her

Lawrence was about to go when Richard stopped him

“Lawrence” he called

“Yes sir”

“Apologize to the lady”



Lawrence was left with no other choice than to obey. Adams was his boss but he has to obey Lawrence too. Lawrence parents were also very rich and owns an oil and gas company. He was their heir plus they and Adams parents were family friends.

“I’m sorry Ma’am” his apology though forced was sincere and it melted Annabel’s heart

“It’s fine” She said and grinned

“You may go” Richard smiled at Lawrence and he left. The guy was really friendly and Lawrence mood lightened up immediately.

Annabel liked Richard kind gesture. He was the complete opposite of that mister sassy pants.

“Hi”Richard waved at her

“Hey” She smiled

She was cute. Richard couldn’t believe this was same lady that shut their CEO up previously.

“I’m Richard”


They shake hands

“Sorry about tonight”

“Its cool”

“What are you gonna do about your clothes” he said

“I don’t know and don’t think of helping me with money”

“Okay?” He was unsure

She would have used the clothes she wore to school but the mud touched it too cause she put it in a nylon and it wasn’t tied.

Suddenly she felt something warm around her. Richard had used his coat to cover her.

“No I can’t take this” She protested


She sighed and nodded. He was in a white long sleeves now and hopped into the car after waving her goodbye. She had collected his address so as to return the coat that was half way down here knee.

She sighed and left for the house



Adams got out of the car and rushed in angrily followed by Richard

“Calm down okay?” Richard said

“No one dares talking to me in that manner? Not even guys. How dare she? Who does she think she is?” He snapped pacing to and fro

“A lady?” Richard answered and Adams fired him a glare. He smiled and took a step back

“I’m going to teach her a lesson”

“Are you sure about that? I think its gonna backfire” Richard was teasing him on purpose

Adams was about to say something when they heard a knock on the door

“Are you expecting someone?” Richard asked and Adams shook his head

“I’ll go check it out” Adams said and strode to the door

He opened the door and saw a familiar face.

He asked uninterestingly

“What are you doing here?”


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