Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 7

“Keep your greetings to yourself Charlotte,I’m not here for courtesies”

Adams said with both hands in his pockets.

Charlotte thought he was just being himself and stood up to meet him but he stopped her

“Don’t you dare come closer”

“Are you for real?” She realized that he was serious

“Charlotte,do you know you’re very wicked? You’re heartless and selfish”

“What have I done to deserve this from you?”

He chuckled

“You’re asking me what you’ve done? In case you’ve forgotten let me remind you. How could you be so wicked as to throw hot soup,not just any soup but pepper soup on a waitress who had no intention of harming you?”

“That wretched and poor brat lacks respect”

“Oh spare me that trash. Waitresses are good at what they do. They bring out the politeness in them at work even though they may be cranky elsewhere and you know that”

Charlotte became quiet

“Why are you suddenly quiet huh? You embarrassed a poor lady in a public restaurant and ruined your reputation as well”

“I did what any other lady would have done. The lady lack manners”

“No Charlotte,you’re the one that lack manners and I can never marry a mannerless lady like you”

Her countenance changed immediately

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying that I won’t and will never marry you. The only reason I’ve been tolerating you was because of my parents and the respect I have for your parents”

Tears trickled down her cheek

“Adams please it was only a misunderstanding” She begged but he ignored her and left.

She screamed and her maids ran to her maids ran to her

“My lady are you okay?”

“Get out!!!!…She screamed and they ran from her….No,No,No this can’t be happening. Adams can’t leave me No I won’t let this happen. Over my dead body. What should I do? Yes I’m gonna call his parents”




The two ladies sat on the couch chatting

“I think he cares about you” Alexa said and Annabel laughed

“Seriously? He hates me”

“What I saw today wasn’t hatred. I saw worry in his eyes”

“Hmm madam Seer”

“Annie please don’t joke with this. I’m damn serious here”

“Alexa,he can’t like someone like me. He is from a very rich family and I am not. He is the CEO of a very prestigious company and I am just a final year student plus a part time waitress. What could he possibly like in me?”

“Stop the unnecessary comparison Annie”

“And he is engaged to the arrogant lady that did this to me” Annabel said

“They aren’t engaged yet”

“But they will sooner or later”

Alexa face palmed. She had a really stubborn friend

Suddenly,the door bell rang and Alexa ran to open the door. Her mouth widened in shock when she saw the person

“Hi Mr. Adams”She said

“Hey Alexa”

Oh he remembered her name

“Please come in”

“No need for that…He handed her a leather bag…Take this”

She collected it and asked

“What’s this for?”

“They’re medication for Annabel. Make sure she takes it and her skin will be back to normal in two days”

“Okay thanks” She smiled and he smiled back

Wow what a cute smile

“I’ll take my leave now”

“Bye” She said and he left

She closed the door and ran through the porch to the living room

“Who was that?” Annie asked


“Adams? Why did he come?” She asked surprised

“To give you these” Alexa replied and threw the bag on her lap

“Why?” Annie asked and she shrugged

They opened it and their eyes widened in shock. There were the most expensive skin ointment inside plus a body lotion and some tablets for her to take.

“I can’t take this” Annabel said

“You must take it. It’s just a friendly gesture from him and returning it would be a disappointment on his part”

Annabel pondered on it for a while and decided to take it.




Charlotte was in a first class bar with her best friend Bella. Bella was from a rich family too. Her father was Charlotte father’s business partner and close friends

Charlotte narrated all that happened to her

“Are you tryna tell me that Adams broke up with you because of a waitress?” Bella asked surprised

“Yeah” Charlotte answered and gulped down a full class of alcoholic wine

“Come on take it easy” Bella patted her on the shoulder

“I love Adams so much and can’t loose him. It’s all that waitress’ fault and she’ll pay for it”

“I think she is trying to snatch Adams away from you” Bella started adding fuel to the already burning flame

“Meaning…” Charlotte looked at her

“Why else would Adams defend her if she hasn’t $educed him in any way”

Charlotte thought for a while and anger built up in her

“How dare that brat try to take what belongs to me? I don’t share my man with anyone. Adams is mine and mine alone. That lady is gonna pay dearly for this” She gulped down another glass and Bells smiled satisfyingly




Annabel skin returned to normal just as Adams said and the body lotion made her skin more flawless and beautiful than before.

Her hatred and dislike for Adams died right away. He was nice after all. She decided to find a time to thank him.

She resumed school and work too and the manager paid her for what Charlotte did to her.

She went back to her father’s house and assured him all was well since she told him they were working on a project.

Mr. Williams didn’t pester her that much. She is an adult and is capable of taking care of herself.




Adams father had received a call from Charlotte who told him what happened-Lies included…He called Adams and Adams came to the house

When Adams arrived he greeted them and when everyone had eaten the father went straight to why he called him.

“Adams,Charlotte called me and said you broke up with her. Is that true?”


“Why if I may ask?” Mr. Henry asked adjusting his glasses

“She is not the right lady for me dad”

“Why do you say so?”

“Dad,Charlotte is selfish and over ambitious. She doesn’t have the qualities I want in a woman and I don’t love her” Adams said

“We are not talking about love here son. We’re talking about business. You have to marry her for our business to boom. It’s for the sake of our company”

Adams was vexed

“But what about my happiness dad?” He asked

“That isn’t what we are talking about here”

“My happiness is included. You can’t expect me to marry someone I don’t have feelings for”

“Son you know I love you”

“No you don’t father. If you love me,you would have put me first before your company. You wouldn’t want to sell my happiness for what you’re going to gain if you love me” Adams stood up from the dinning table

“What do you think you’re doing?” His father asked

“I’m leaving”

“You are going nowhere till you accept Charlotte back” He snapped

“Over my dead body” Adams replied, pecked his mum’s forehead and left the mansion

“Henry,let’s allow our son marry who he wants to please. We can find other means of raising our company’s sales not these one” Mrs. Henry said after Adams left

“Stay out of this Natasha” He snapped

“He is my son as much as he is yours and anything that concerns him concerns me as well. I can’t stay out of it as long as my son is involved” She stands up

“My decision will not be amended. He must marry her” Mr. Henry said and his wife smirked

“Then get ready for your son’s rebellion” She said and left while her husband continued his meal.




Annabel was in her room reading for her exams when Lisa entered

“Can’t you knock?” She asked

“I’m sorry” Lisa said and she was surprised

On a normal day,Lisa would have argued or rolled her eyes but today was different. She sensed something might be wrong

“Lisa…what’s the problem?” She leaves her book and draws Lisa to the site on the bed

“I’m scared Annie” Lisa said

“What are you scared of?”

“The auditions for the modeling competition is coming up 2 weeks from now and I’m scared that I might not get chosen to participate on behalf of our school”

“Oh sweetheart,don’t be scared okay? Just believe in yourself and you’ll be successful. Fear will only bring you down and make you doubt yourself but with prayers and believe,you will do it and end up surprising everyone including yourself” Annabelle said

“But there is this rich girl in school who is always picking on me and telling me that I’ll loose”

“Don’t listen to her. I believe in you Lisa and I’m sure you’re gonna nail that audition. Don’t let what she is saying discourage you”

“Thanks. I feel much better now” Lisa said and hugged her

“You’re welcome. I love you Lisa”

“I love you more Annie. You’ll come watch me during the auditions right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m also going to come with Gideon. I told him your birthday was this Saturday” Annabel said

“Why did you tell him?”

“He asked me”

“You’re such a snitch” Lisa said covering her cheeks

“Says the lover girl” Annabel teased and she blushed


“Don’t blush too hard so your cheeks won’t burn” Annabelle teased her again and she ran out of the room with her face in her hands.

Annabel laughs and returned to her books.


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