Written by Authoress Rejoice

Episode 9

Charlotte ran to them and pulled Annabel away from him. She looked at her with contempt and said

“Get away from him. What are you doing here you boyfriend snatched?”

Annabel blinked

“Excuse you”

“Isn’t that what you are?” Charlotte glared at her

“I want nothing to do with your boyfriend. I only-”

Charlotte cut her off

“Shut up. You’re so shameless”

“Charlotte who gave you the right to barge into my house in such manner?” Adams asked

“Oh please…she waves him off…I’m your fiancee so your house is also my house”

“A mannerless lady like you can and will never be my fiancee. Let me remind you in case you’ve forgotten so quickly,I hate you to the bones and will never marry a person like you. You better do yourself good by forgetting about me cause even if all the ladies in this world finish,I will not love you or marry you”

Charlotte’s countenance changed immediately

She stood there speechless and decided to transfer her anger and frustration on Annabel

“You…You caused all these. You distracted my fiance. It’s all your fault” She snapped

“Hey don’t blame me. Like I said earlier,I want nothing to do with your boyfriend. I only came to thank him for helping me and that’s all” Annabel explained

“Liar!!! You’re a liar”

“Soothe yourself then. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time explaining to someone like you”

Annabel turned to leave but Charlotte blocked her way

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet”

Annabel felt irritated and faced Charlotte

“Charlotte or whatever you’re called,I’m only being patient with your disgusting attitude today cause I’m in a good mood else I would have given it to you the way you deserve it. Note that I’m a vengeful person and when I hate someone I make sure to hate them with all my heart. You’re already in my blacklist Charlotte and if you dare cross my path again,you won’t like the aftermath”

After talking,she pushed Charlotte out of her way and left

Charlotte stood there speechless as tears stream down her cheeks

Adams was happy he wasn’t going to be the only one suffering from Annabel’s badmouth

He looked at Charlotte

“Just look at how you disgraced yourself in her presence. I’d stay away from her if I were you. Now if you don’t mind,you may close my door on your way out”

With that said,he went upstairs

Charlotte turned and went to where she parked her car. She entered and drove out after the gate was opened for her.

Destination:Her house




Bella was sipping her wine when Charlotte entered in tears

“Come sit down” Bella said and sat her down

“What happened?” She asked

Charlotte sniffles and narrated all that happened

“That’s not cool” Bella frowned

“That pauper had the effrontery to speak to me in that manner”

“Come on babe stop these. Don’t waste your precious tears on that good for nothing”

Charlotte wiped her face

“She must pay for this”

“Now you’re talking. What’s the way forward now? Cause we can’t let that lady take Adams away from you”

“I’m paying her a visit in school tomorrow”

“Then what?”

“You’ll see” Charlotte smirked and entered her room





Lisa was on her way back from school when a car stopped in front of her. She looked through the windscreen and saw a familiar face

It was Gideon

He got down from the car and approached her

“Good afternoon” She greeted smiling

“Afternoon pretty how are you doing today?” He asked returning the smile

“Cool and you”

“Good. Come let me drop you off”


He opened the car door and she entered while he followed and closed the door.

He gave the driver a signal and he knew exactly where to go

He turned on the ignition,did the necessary things and started driving

“So how was school today?” Gideon asked

“It was splendid cause Sarah wasn’t in school today”

“Who is Sarah?”

“Just a spoiled brat that has been getting on my nerves lately”

Gideon laughed

Few minutes later,the car stopped

“Why did we stop? My house isn’t far from here” Lisa said

“Yeah I know” He opened the door and led her down

She looked up and saw SUMMER’S BOUTIQUE written on top of the building

“What are we doing here?” She asked

“Getting a present for someone’s birthday tomorrow” He said and she smiled

“You remembered”

“Of course”

They went into the boutique

“Go and pick anything you want” He said

Lisa left and came back few minutes later with a black dress and handbag

Gideon looked at what she was holding them at her

“Is this all?”


“This won’t do” He said and dragged her inside and they came back later with loads of clothes,handbags,shoes and jewelries. Some of which he bought for Annabel

The went to the reception and he gave the cashier a black card and their stuffs were packaged

“Thank you”

“My pleasure”

They went into the car and he drove off

They got to her house and he dropped her

“Thanks again” She said and hugged him

She withdrew from the hug and he frowned

“What” she asked

“The hug was too short” he pouted

She laughed and went inside while he smiled and left.




Annabel and Alexa were done with their papers for the day and sat down in the school garden

“Babe today’s paper was not easy at all” Alexa grumbled

“Who told you that? It was a piece of cake” Annabel said

“Easy for you to say Ms. Brainiac”

“Stop grumbling”

“I don’t even know why that strict supervisor separated both of us today”

“Because you refused to keep your eyes to yourself”

They laugh



“Have you heard the latest news?”

“No. What is it?”

“Adams building and design company is recruiting the top five best engineering students after graduation”


“Yeah. Interested students are to sign a form. I think you should sign it”

“But I don’t want to work in Adams company”


“I don’t want to be seeing him everyday. Besides I don’t hear will employ me”
“Forget about that one. See the pay is times five of your present salary”

“Are you for real?”

“Have I ever looked this serious?” Alexa pointed at her face

“What about you?”

“Me? Of course I’m signing that form”

“Okay I’ll do it cause I want to reduce the stress on my dad”

“Yeah!!! We’ll sign it tomorrow. Let’s go home” She pulled Annabel up

Alexa didn’t come with her car cause it was faulty so the girls trekked to the road to wait for a cab.

They were barely outside the school premises when Charlotte and Bella’s car stopped in front of them.

The students knew it was Charlotte and that means trouble so they gathered in groups to see what drama was going to play out this time around.

Charlotte got down from the car followed by Bella and walked towards Annabel.

When they were close enough,Annabel gestured for Alexa to move aside and she obeyed

Charlotte eyed her

“Arrabel,so you go to this Godforsaken school”

Annabel smirked and faced her

“First of all my name is Annabel not Arrabel so get that into your head…the students jeered…And second the name of this School is Emerald University not Godforsaken School so learn how to use your eyes next time cause it’s boldly written on that signboard”

Bella glared at her and Annabel glared back

“I’ll assume you didn’t say that. I only came to warn you for the last time. Stay away from my man. I don’t share my fiance with anybody especially paupers like you”

“Charlotte now I know that you’re senseless. Why are you throwing yourself on a man that have no iota of feelings for you? Are you that cheap? Jeez you’re shameless”

The students started murmuring and Charlotte got angry

“Hey you,how dare you talk to her in that manner?” Bella said

“Will you shut that dirty mouth of yours? Was I talking to you? This is between me and her so quit putting your nose where it doesn’t fit” Annabel said and the students started laughing

Bella couldn’t say anything but kept quiet

Charlotte was furious

“How dare you speak to I and my friend in that manner? Do you know who I am?”

“Do I look like I care about who you are? Who you are doesn’t matter to me but the fact that you come from a rich home doesn’t make you a god. I hate folks like you. They disgust me”

“I can see you’re out of your mind”

“At least I’m a sensible person who doesn’t throw herself at men”

Annabel was fed up. Since Charlotte won’t let her be,she was going to hit her where it hurts the most

Charlotte was hurt. This lady wasn’t what she had expected

She made the mistake of underestimating her

“You’re just a wretched poor girl. You have nothing compared to what I have” Charlotte said

“Oh really? At least I’m poor and hardworking not a rich spoiled brat” Annabel made her point

That shut Charlotte up immediately

Annabel walked over to her

“I warned you to steer clear from me but you refused to listen. I don’t care about how much you have or how many people you’re connected to but let me make one thing clear to you,I am not afraid of you. Try anything on me or people related to me and you’ll see how dangerous I can be”

Charlotte opened her mouth but words failed her

“Come Alexa let’s go”

Alexa came forward and they left

The students threw dirty looks at Charlotte and left too leaving her to think about what happened


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