A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 04


Jaden was still thinking about how Elena made him feel the way he has never felt before.

Her crystal blue eyes, elegant features and amazing personality and her smile oh!! her smile makes him never want to stop staring at her.

Her smile was mesmerizing. He has never been captured by such beauty before.

She was a nice girl with a character he admires a lot.

Could she be the one he is looking for? He is 24years old and his father wants him to find a wife soon or else he would force him to marry someone he chooses.

So Jaden has to come to Star Crown College to see if he can find one. He and Elena are almost on same mission but both are unaware of that.

⭐Don’t worry guys we will know more about Jaden’s family background later⭐

He was still thinking when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

When he turned and saw who it was,his countenance changed. Why won’t this girl just let him be huh??? Is it by force?

“Mitchell,what do you want?” he asked in a cold tone

“I…I…em…I…”she stutters

“Can’t you talk or have you suddenly gone dumb?”

“Jaden,why are you doing this to me?”

“What did I do?”

“Jaden I love you so much why won’t you love me back? You won’t even look my way”

“Mitchell I don’t love you and will never love you so leave me alone”He was pissed off

“I am the principal’s niece. Most of the guys in this school are gawking over me. You should consider yourself lucky that I love you”She said with raised shoulders

Jaden chuckled

“You being the principal’s niece is none of my business and won’t change the fact that I have no feelings for you. Even if you are the president daughter,I will not love you”

“You don’t love me? If you don’t love me then who do you love? Is it that Wretched newbie Elena?

Look at me (she turns around showing her slender figure) is she more beautiful than I am? What does she have that I don’t?” she snapped

“Everything Mitchell. She has everything. She’s well behaved with good manners. She doesn’t go about throwing herself at guys who have no feelings for her.she is decent and caring. Unlike you”

Mitchell stared at him in disbelief

“Jaden,did you just compare me with that girl? That…that good for nothing?”

“I only answered your questions”

Jaden hissed and left while Mitchell stomped her feet in anger.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

Elena had gotten acquainted with her stay in school and was put in year 1 Class C with Kira while Mitchell and her minions were in Class A and Jaden was in Class B.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Mrs. Elizabeth their English teacher was in the class. She was a woman in her early thirties, beautiful and elegant.

She was teaching them tips on writing a good essay when Mitchell barged into the class.

“Young lady,why did you barge into my class in that manner? Don’t you have respect?” Mrs. Elizabeth asked

“I have the right to barge into any class I feel like barging into”She glared at the teacher

“On whose authority Mitchell?”The teacher asked

“I’m the Principal’s niece Ms Elizabeth and it’s none of your business which class I chose to stay with”

The teacher sighed and nodded. She didn’t want to get a letter of quiery from principal Martins.

“So why are you here?”

“I have transferred to this class” when she said that,the whole class started murmuring and the teacher shush them immediately.

“Okay then go and sit down”

Mitchell darted a scornful look at Elena and Elena knew that Mitchell was here for her.

Elena smirked

This lady doesn’t know who she’s dealing with.

What a fool!!!

Mitchell walked to a seat and pushed the boy there off his seat. He went to sit somewhere else.

The teacher was done and left the class giving Mitchell the opportunity to look for trouble.

She wasn’t going to let Elena go scot free for drawing Jaden’s attention.

Let’s see how Jaden will like her now if he sees her drenched from head to toes.

She walked over to Elena’s seat and poured water on her dress pretending that her hand slipped.

Elena gasped when the water touched her and Mitchell smiled.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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