A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 07

“Elena,you’re suspended”

“What did you say?” Elena thought she heard wrong

“Are you deaf? He said you’re suspended. Now go get your stuff and get out of the school” Mitchell snapped

Elena ignored her and asked the him

“Mr Martins,how long will I be suspended from school?”

“Two weeks” he answered sternly

“Okay” Elena sighed

When Elena sighed,Mitchell thought she had accepted defeat which means her plan had worked. With Elena gone,she would have Jaden all to herself and he would finally fall in love with her. But what she doesn’t know is that Elena is not the type to accept defeat easily.

“Sir,permit me to ask a question” Elena was being polite

“You’re permitted”

“May I know the reason why I am being suspended?”

“Who cares about the reason!!! You’re suspended and that’s final so get lost” Mitchell thought she could shush Elena by saying this

🌊Oh! Poor Mitchell if only you know who you’re dealing with🌊

“Mitchell,I wasn’t talking to you so shut up and don’t speak again till you’re spoken to” Elena’s voice was calm but there was a hint of anger in it which made Mitchell shudder. She then turned to her uncle for help. He patted her hand and faced Elena

“You want to know why right?”


“I was informed that you’re a bully. You beat other students,take their seats and even seduce most of the guys. Such act is punishable under the college rules and regulations.

I’m even being lenient by suspending you,you should be expelled” he said looking at her in disgust

“Are there any evidence showing that I did all these things you just mentioned?” Elena asked fighting back her anger

“What do I need evidence for? Of course you did it”

Elena was shocked at his attitude. What kind of man is this? How can he believe such a thing without investigation or proof?

Elena was wondering why her father the king chose this man to head this college.

She had personally asked the king to open this school for the sake of the older people who couldn’t make it to high institution.

The tuition feels was quite affordable and the poor students are there on scholarships based on their capabilities.

She had put in a lot of work to make this college the best and she is not gonna let this man ruin all her efforts.

She was surpressing the urge to show her real self and sack this man immediately.

“I didn’t do it”

“Yes you did”

“No Mr Martins,I didn’t do it”

“Stop lying and leave the school premises now”He ordered

Elena couldn’t keep her cool any longer and let her sharp tongue loose

“Mr Martins,I have just discovered how incompetent you are. I wonder why the king chose a man like you to head his school”

“Hey young lady! Watch what you say to me” he was controlling his anger

“What kind of a head believe whatever a random student come to tell him without proof. You didn’t even investigate before taking action”

“Are you trying to teach me how to do my job?”

“And are you trying to punish me for what I didn’t do? Sorry Mister cause I’m going nowhere”

The man got angry,slammed his fists on his desk and stood up to look at Elena thinking he would intimidate her with his height or scare her but Elena wasn’t scared and stood straight.

After all she is a warrior princess and can’t be intimidated by anyone. Seeing that Elena wasn’t scared he was infuriated the more.

“Elena I am your head”

“Mr. Martins I am your student”

“You have no right to talk to me in such manner” he said through gritted teeth

” And you have no right to punish me for what I didn’t do” Elena shot back at him.

Being a princess,she had studied law and political affairs in higher institution and she was no rookie when it comes to arguing on cases like this.

She would state her facts without fear and defend the person to the last bit when they’re innocent. And now she is innocent and they expect her to keep quiet?

H£LL NO!!!

Mitchell who had watched in shock said to Elena ” Stop creating a scene here. Just leave”

Elena’s gaze landed on her

“Mitchell so this is your backup plan right?”

“What are you blabbing about?” Mitchell started acting innocent

“Since your plan to get me raped and killed didn’t work,this is how you plan to get rid of me?” Elena showed no emotions and it was hard to know what she’s thinking which is kinda scary.

“I…I have…no idea what…you’re talking about”

Mitchell was wondering how Elena found out she was behind everything. She had executed her plan carefully and even convinced her uncle. Elena was smarter than she thought

“Mitchell what is she talking about?” Mr Martins asked

“Uncle,I…don’t know”

“Elena I need an explanation”

“It would interest you to know that I and your niece do not see eye to eye and that’s why she’s telling all these lies about me”

“Mitchell,is what she’s saying the truth?”

“Uncle she’s…she’s…lying”

Elena chuckled

Mr. Martins sat down and thought for a moment then it dawned on him that Mitchell had lied to him and he was foolish enough to have believed her.

“I want Justice to be done so I am taking this matter to the king for him to help me” Elena was deliberately scaring them and it worked.

Mr Martins face turned pale and his voice softened immediately

“Miss. Elena it hasn’t gotten to that. You don’t need to get the king involved in this. You are no longer suspended”

“I will only let this slide if Mitchell apologize to me” Elena smiled inside

“Of course! Mitchell apologize to her”


“Apologize to her now!!! Do you want me to loose my job?” This was the first time he raised his voice at Mitchell but he couldn’t afford to loose this job.

“I’m sorry” she muttered

“I can’t hear you” Elena was enjoying this

“Elena I’m sorry” she said it well this time

“Good I won’t tell the king again” Elena smiled and left the office

“Uncle I’m sorry”

“Mitchell don’t ever bring any report concerning that girl to me ever again. Now leave” he said pointing to the door.

Mitchell walked out of the office in anger and planned to get revenge on Elena. She would make her pay even if it goes as far as killing her.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Elena walked into the class and everyone was surprised because no one has gone to the principal’s office when he called angrily and come back same way they left. How did she do it?

Elena walked to her seat and sat with Kira who asked

“What happened?”

Elena explained everything to her and she sighed

“When all these is over,I will make sure Mitchell licks the back of my shoes” Elena said and Kira laughed

Just then a guy walked into the class and all eyes were on him. His handsome face was like a diamond shining in the sun. The ladies wouldn’t look away.

Jaden had been the hottest in school since he resumed. Despite his reserved attitude,the ladies were still going crazy for him while other guys were jealous. Jaden ignored all of them and walked towards Elena.

When he finally got to her seat,he looked at this gentle lady in front of him and poked her forehead with one finger

“Hey! What did you do that for?” Elena asked pouting

Jaden smiled and those dimples were as attractive as ever

“You little woman,always getting into trouble” he pinched her cheek

“I didn’t do anything. I have never done anything” she said and puffed her cheek

Jaden couldn’t help but laugh. She was so adorable when she acts this way. When he laughed the class opened their mouth in surprise. Who was this girl and how did she do it? She must be special.

First of all,she went into the head’s office and came back unscathed and now she has drawn the attention of the coolest boy in school. They all envied her

“You didn’t do anything but you ended up in Mr Martins office hm?” He teased her

Elena looked at him “Do I look like a trouble maker to you?”


She glared at him and he smiled back at her.

🌸This guy sure knows how to tease our princess🌸

“I’ll leave now. Stay out of trouble okay?” He said

“Hmph” she folded her hands

Kira couldn’t hold back her laughter. Jaden walked out of the class.

Kira looked at Elena and saw her cheek. Since when did her tough and feisty princess start blushing

“O.M.G Elena you’re blushing”

“No I’m not” she covered her cheeks

“You like him”

“No I don’t. Kira stop already”

“Okay I’ll stop” Kira shook her head. It has finally happened

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Chris had snuck out of school to meet Zaki who was drinking wine on a couch. When Zaki saw Chris entered he asked

“Is she dead?”


“Then what are you doing here?” He asked in a cold tone

“Don’t act cold towards me Zaki I haven’t come to ask for money you greedy man” Chris said

Zaki grinned “What do you want then?”

“I want you to tell me the princess’s weakness so that I can use it against her”

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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