A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 05

Elena gasped when the water touched her and Mitchell smiled

“Oh! Elena I didn’t see you there. My hand slipped” Mitchell said mockingly

Elena stood up and gave Mitchell a knowing look but said nothing and Kira got angry

“Mitchell,why would you do a thing like that? Are you out of your mind?” Kira asked

“Kira,it’s just water that poured on her. It’s no big deal. Why are you making it look as if I committed an abomination?”

“Excuse me. Who do you think you are?”Kira snapped

No one came in between them because they were scared Mitchell would report them to the principal

“Kira it was a mistake” Mitchell said feigning innocent

“It wasn’t a mistake. You did it on purpose so as to humiliate Elena”

Mitchell was about spicing it up when Elena intervened

“You two should stop okay? I am fine and it’s no big deal” Elena said and everyone was shocked including Mitchell. They all expected her to react violently but she didn’t.

Mitchell poured her water deliberately so that Elena would get angry and pick up a fight with her then she would report her to the principal and have her suspended but instead Elena did the opposite.

“But Elena…” Mitchell tried to cause more trouble but Elena cut in

“Mitchell let it be. You said it’s no big deal so forget about it” Elena said and Mitchell clenched her fists.

Just then a guy walked in to the class and everywhere became quiet. Some of the girls were drooling while others were fixing their hair and makeup. It was Chris ( the assassin) he was tall and handsome with short but amazing brown hair. He walked up to Elena with a smile and introduced himself.

“Hi,my name is Chris” He extended his hand to Elena for a handshake and she took it then he pecked the back of her hand. Everyone started talking at once

πŸ‘₯”O.M.G did you see that?”

πŸ‘₯”I can’t believe this”

πŸ‘₯”Awwwn Elena is so lucky”

πŸ‘₯”Oh I am jealous”

Elena quickly withdrew her hand from his and smiled then said

“I’m Elena. Nice to meet you”

Chris smiled and his gaze landed on her dress which was wet. He already knew who did it. He looked at Mitchell and she extended her hand to shake him but he shoved her off and the whole class started laughing at her.

What an embarrassment!!!

She dashed out of the class angrily.

“What are you going to do about your dress?” Chris asked

“I will go and dry it. There’s no problem” She said and walked out of the class with Kira.

Chris was in same class as Jaden but had come to check on his prey Elena. He had to admit that the princess was very beautiful unfortunately she is going to die very soon.

When they were out of the class,Kira was complaining bitterly about the dress but Elena made her change the topic of discussion

“Chris seems nice don’t you think?” Kira asked smiling


“And the way he kssed your hand made everyone go nuts”

“Kira,I am used to men kssing my hand and I feel nothing about it. The only difference was that he is not a prince”

“Yes you’re right. Look! Jaden’s coming this way”

“Oh”Elena looked at her dress and sighed

Jaden was smiling but his smile turned cold when he saw Elena’s dress

“Who did this to you?” he asked angrily

Before Elena could utter a comforting word,Kira had already told him everything

“How dare she? She’s gonna pay for this” He said and wanted to head for Mitchell’s class when Elena held him

“No don’t. It’s just water and I am not hurt. Please don’t go” Elena pleaded

“Are you sure you are fine?”

“Yes. Please where can I get a dryer?”

“It’s in the school equipment room. Come with me” Jaden said and held her hand taking her to the place while Kira followed them.

When they got there he personally dried her dress then held her hand and took her back to class. Chris saw them from afar and was aggrieved

“Why the heΒ’k is that guy holding her hand and she is not objecting? Could it be that she likes him? No! I won’t let that happen” He said and entered the class.

Jaden dropped Elena off in her own class then went to his. Mitchell had not come back and everywhere was peaceful.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


The king had summoned Kira and she took permission from school to see them. Though she lied to the principal that her mother was sick.

The king was seated on his throne with his wife beside him. Kira entered and curtsied

“Greetings my King, greetings my Queen” She said lowering her head

“Kira, how are you?” the king asked

“I am fine your majesty”

“Kira, how is my daughter? Is she fine? Is anyone bullying her? tell me everything and hide nothing” Queen Zara was hell worried

(Nawa for queen Zara o. Calm down first na)

“My king and queen,The princess is fine and happy. She also said I should tell you that she is enjoying the school’s environment”

“Is that all?” the king asked suspiciously

“No. There is a lady there who is bullying her but the princess said you shouldn’t worry that she would handle it”

“You see,I tried to talk her out of this school stuff but she refused.

If only she had agreed to marry Prince Derrick like we told her to, everything would be fine.

Now my darling daughter is getting bullied. That bully needs to be taught a lesson” the Queen was angry and the king tried calming her down

“My wife,Helen refused to marry Prince Derrick cause she didn’t love him and wasn’t sure whether he loved her too”

“But she didn’t agree for them to meet and get to know each other better”

“My queen, don’t worry. Trust in our daughter. She will handle it”

“Okay my love. But can I go see her the day after tomorrow? I miss her”

“Yes but be careful not to get her exposed”

“I will” The Queen was happy.

“Kira, you can spend the night here since you told them your mother was sick so that they won’t suspect you”

“Okay my king”

“You may leave now” Kira curtsied and left for the maids chamber.

They all welcomed her not knowing what made her leave but didn’t dare to ask.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Since Kira was not returning that evening, Elena decided to go for a walk and it got a little dark before she decided to head for her room.

Suddenly,she was surrounded by 5 hefty men who looked at her lu$tfully and licked their lips.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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