A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End

Episode 8

|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

Bro peter, the way our sisters are flocking this new pastor tire me o! Femi complained to his friend. They don’t even seem to notice us any more, I’m afraid that unless pastor Shola settles down with a wife, we bachelors won’t know our fate with these sisters.

My dear, I thought I was the only one noticing this, peter said looking surprised. Last Sunday, I saw sister Tolu with a bag filled with beverages, she even dropped it in my office. I was thinking they were for me, but alas she brought them for pastor Shola, Peter complained sorrowfully.

Femi bursted out laughing. “Wait, even Tolu, your so-called wife to be ni?” Femi asked still laughing.

“My dear, I tire o. Okay this morning when I came to work, do you know how many sisters I saw waiting for pastor Shola in his guest room. It’s well my brother,” Peter said.

It’s well o, my own happiness is that at least he increased our pay because working in this church office is not easy at all. Let me go to my office jareh, Femi said picking up the works he came to print in Peter’s office.


Hello Bose, it’s Bunmi on the line.

Bunny, how are you? How is work going ni?

Fine Bose, listen Bose, something dey ground here.

Wetin babe?

Bunmi kept mute for something before replying her, “pastor Shola proposed to me.”

Jeez! I knew it, Bose exclaimed. Hope you said yes immediately?

Bose I was confused ni, we have just known each other for three months only and I needed to pray to know if God is leading me ni. Bose I’m loosing my mind, I just told him that I’ll call him back later, at least I need to pray, Bunmi said.

Pray wetin Bunmi? No I want to know, pray wetin? A man of God is telling you that God is leading him to you and you still want to pray, to confirm wetin? Bose paused for sometime. See Bunmi, let me tell you, she continued. If I’m still single and you tell me this kind of thing ‘ehh’, I swear I’ll maneuver you and grab him for myself.

Bose don’t swear, Christians don’t swear please, Bunmi said trying to correct her.

Swearing or not, that’s not the point here. For crying out loud, do you know what you’re about to lose? Girl wise up jareh, Pastor Shola? The dream of every spinster in our church.

I know Bose, but we are talking about marriage here, Bunmi said still worried.

Bunmi, if you ever say no to this man, you’ll kill yourself in regret. You see all this sisters, their eyes no clear especially that Tolu, I don’t understand her moves around pastor Shola these days o. I have advised you as a friend ni, Bose said trying to convince her friend.

But Bose, don’t you think its too early for him to start talking about marriage and I’m scared that people will start talking that we have been dating, Bunmi said hissing bitterly.

Ah! Is it your mouth they are talking with. You’re still naive Bunmi if not you should have known that they will only talk out of jealousy. Since you and him has being seeing each other, has he ever done anything that seems suspicious, like has he ever tried raising his voice at you? Bose asked.

Wait, what do you mean by seeing each other ni? Bunmi asked with a widened eye.

You know what I’m talking about Bunny, so don’t act like you are talking to a kid.

No, no, I wasn’t dating pastor Shola please. We were just friends, he calls me frequently, yes, but we weren’t dating, Bunmi objected.

That’s what we all say, Bose replied laughing.

I still insist, Bunmi said. Anyways you know pastor Shola, he barely talks loud not to talk of yelling. He is just the most gentle guy I have ever met, Bunmi said.

So he’s now a guy no more pastor Shola, Bose said laughing so hard in an annoying manner.

Bose! Stop please, I’m serious here.

Hang up this call now, call pastor Shola and give him a yes to his proposal, Bose said sounding very serious.

Alright, thank you Bose, you have always got my back. Bunmi hung up the call and dialed pastor Shola’s number.

Hello love, I was waiting for your call, pastor Shola said from his end.

I’ll marry you Shola, I’ll marry you, Bunmi said repeatedly trying not to sound nervous.

Tonight you have given me an answer that will caress my heart through out the night. I suddenly feel safe and relaxed, thank you my love.

Thank you beloved, Bunmi replied with a surprised look on her face on how the word ‘beloved’ escaped her mouth with such ease.

My heart is desperately desiring for you Bunmi, I love you beauty, sleep well, pastor shola said with a soft tone.

“Oh my God, I hope I know what I’m doing,” Bunmi thought within her. I love you too, she replied hanging up the call.

Who do you think is the problem in Bunmi’s life now? – Pastor shola? Or Bose? (State with reason)

“He is a man of God, so you don’t need confirmation from God” – how true do you think this statement is?

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