A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

Jeez, Bose, this new pastor is extremely wonderful and amazing. He is more than what you described him to be ni. I so much love his accent ehh and the way he picks his words gently. He’s quite funny also, I really enjoyed the Sunday worship of today o, Bunmi told her friend as they stood outside the church premises waiting for their friend Tolu.
You see, so at last I’m not even good in exaggeration ni, the pastor is…’

Good morning, bro Keneth greeted cutting her off. Please sister Bunmi, the new pastor wants to see you, he informed her.
What do you mean? Bunmi asked looking surprised.
He asked for our dept head, Kenneth explained further before taking his leave.

My dear run and go, Bose said winking at Bunmi as she arranges her scarf and dusts unseen particles off her cloth.
Bose what are you doing? Bunmi asked suspiciously.
What? Bose asked raising her shoulders. I was only trying to make a sister look good before going to see her pastor, she said trying to justify her actions.
“Bose, Bose,” Bunmi called out repeatedly suspecting what she was trying to do. Please I’m going to see my pastor, not my fiancé so why the tush up? Bunmi asked heading off for the pastor’s office.
I have powder in my handbag, maybe you should apply it, Bose called after her.

Bunmi was flabbergasted when she saw the people that gathered to see pastor Shola and 90% of them were ladies.

Tolu! What are you doing here too? I was even outside with Bose waiting for you ni, Bunmi asked surprised.
I came to see pastor, I’m having a serious stomach upset, Tolu answered her avoiding Bunmi’s eye contact.

Tolu! Bunmi called out with hands akimbo. This kind of stomach ache that we your friends don’t even know about ni.
You what are you doing here? Tolu asked cutting eyes at her.

Sister Bunmi! Pastor Shola’s personal assistant called out from the pastor’s office. Bunmi ran off to answer the call.


“Good afternoon pastor,” Bunmi greeted prostrating in a respectful manner.
Good afternoon my dear, pastor Shola responded putting out his hand for an handshake.

For a second, Bunmi was indecisive which one would be more respectful – using her two hands to enclose his hand or just giving him a normal handshake.
Thank you sir, she said receiving his handshake with a hand.
Pastor Shola held her hand in his for some moments before releasing it.
Sit down please, he said waving her to a seat.
“Thank you Sir”
Your name? Pastor Shola asked with a smile.
“I am sister Bunmi”
I heard you are in charge of decoration, I’ll need a redecoration for the church auditorium. I think the one there is already old, put down the expenses it will cost and give me feedback.
Alright Sir, I’ll surely do that. “That’s all, you can leave” he said excusing Bunmi who stood up to leave.

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