A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of a Pastor’s wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

When Bunmi returned from the hospital that Saturday afternoon, she hurried into the kitchen to get her husband’s food ready. She kept on singing and smiling as she prepared the meal; the Lord has done it for her. The news she just got from the doctor still enveloped her heart. The words from the doctor still echoed in her mind as he handed her the medical result test she did – “you’re a month pregnant madam.” These words brought her so much comfort as she thought on them. She found herself making some dance steps unconsciously in happiness.

The thought of being a barren woman had always bothered Bunmi. If there is one thing that bothered Bunmi so much; that would be being ridiculed. She just can’t stand the shame and mockery that may arise from not meeting up with people’s expectations.

“Maybe this great news will change my husband’s attitude toward me,” Bunmi said to herself expectantly. She threw the onion in her hands up in excitement and started dancing round the kitchen.
When she brought down the food from the fire, she rushed out to get her husband’s favorite drink. Bunmi was determined to restore her marriage.

When Shola came back in the evening, Bunmi was already dozing on the couch after hours of waiting for him. Shola walked over to where she was and kicked her hardly making her to jerk up immediately.
Bunmi wanted to let out a cry but remembered her decision to make things right.

Good evening darling, Bunmi greeted respectfully. She made to take his briefcase but Shola objected pushing her away.

“Get me my food!,” Shola barked at her.
“Alright dear,” Bunmi said calmly trying to keep her voice low and soft. In a jiffy, she was back with his food and the drink. Shola was amazed at her attitude but wouldn’t let that show on his face.

Silence enveloped the room as Shola devoured the plate of food. Bunmi sat patiently waiting for him to ask her about her visit to the hospital but when she saw that Shola was not ready to say a word to her, she decided to break the silence.

“I later went see the doctor today darling,” she paused to know if he would say anything but when he said nothing, she continued, “I decided to go for a …”

“Where did you get the money you used?” Shola asked finally but not with a friendly tone. “I thought you said you had no money or did you open a secret account at my back?”

“Shola!” Bunmi shouted in surprise, “how can you say that to me?”

Don’t get me upset now woman, where did you get the money you used! Shola shouted hitting his fist on the table.

“I still had some money with me,” Bunmi replied trembling in fear.

“Useless woman!” Shola cursed getting up. Clear out these plates! He ordered making to take his leave.

“I’m pregnant,” Bunmi bursted out. “I’m a month pregnant,” Bunmi repeated trying hard to hold back the tears in her eyes.

And so? Shola asked with contempt. “Are you the first woman to take in before? If you still love your life, never slake back from your duties.”

That night, Bunmi cried so much in her closet that she started contemplating on taking her life there but the thought of going to hell still shivered her. It would be like jumping from frying pan into fire.
But with the type of pain that beclouded her heart that night – suicide was the only way out.

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