A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

That Friday night was a night that marked a turning point in Bunmi’s marriage life. If she could turn the hands of clock, she sure sure to remove that night in existence. Maybe if that night never existed for her, her marriage will still be perfect as it used to be.

Bunmi came back that night, tired and exhausted. She felt so dizzy but had to play her wife role before going to be in comfort with her bed. It was a horrible day for her at the office and yet when she returned, she still headed to the church for the Friday women fellowship.

She entered the kitchen to prepare dinner for her husband hurriedly. She just set on fire the easiest food that would be ready in few minutes. Luckily for her, few minutes after she brought down the food from fire, her husband returned.

Good evening sweetness, welcome, Bunmi greeted her husband respectfully.

What’s for dinner? Shola asked throwing his briefcase on the couch. He headed to his room and by the time he returned, his food was already set on the table by his wife.

I’ll mix water for your bath immediately, Bunmi said turning to take her leave.

“And who told you I wanted to eat this for dinner?,” Shola asked with a deep frown. “What kind of wife would set a dinner without first asking her husband what he wants.” He knocked the tray containing the food over, spilling the content all over. The breakable plate used in serving him rolled over and scattered on the floor.
Bunmi was perplexed for some second. “Like seriously!,” she yelled back. “Do you know how tired I was when I returned from the sisters fellowship?” Bunmi asked furiously and continued, “but still managed to prepare this food you just knocked over!”

Whatever you say, what I want to eat tonight is white rice and fresh tomato stew! The earlier you start preparing it, the better for you! Shola barked clenching his fist in severe anger.

You are inconsiderate and selfish! I’m ain’t preparing any…’
Before she could finish her statement, she received two resounding slap that blurred her vision for a second. The slap came with the great force of rotating wheel and she hit her waist on the dining table edge. She screamed in pain and dropped by the table in tears.

Rule number one, Never say no to my instructions! If not I will deal with you in this house! Shola barked heading to his room.

It was like than a nightmare to Bunmi, but this was actually a nightmare she may never wake up from. “No this is not happening, Shola raised his hands against me?” Bunmi cried.

Are you still here? Shola asked approaching Bunmi with his belt in between his hands. Bunmi stood up and to run to the kitchen but yet couldn’t escape the whip as one stroke on her back. She disappeared into the kitchen.
Many things ran through her mind as she sets another pot on fire to start a fresh cooking. Tears were streaming down her face, she couldn’t just hold them back. She have heard about wives being oppressed and victimized by their husbands. “I hope this is not what my marriage is turning into,” she prayed amidst tears.

“Pastor Shola? The quite, kind and lovely man. The man whose soft tone could send peace to a troubled heart. The man that could barely raise his voice at anybody,” Bunmi though as she prepare his meal.

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