A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End

|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

Episode 9

“I do,” Bunmi vowed just after pastor Ezedi read out the marriage vows to her. A vow to be with pastor Shola forever, a vow into a covenant that can never be broken. A vow accepting this man in whom her hands are enclosed to be a head over her. A vow to be a wife and a mother. A vow to forever live with him.
She felt scared like her peace of mind went on a journey on her own wedding day. Something was wrong, she could feel it but what can she do now? She stared at the hundred faces that has come to witness her wedding with pastor Shola.
“This is my day, I’m supposed to feel peace and be relaxed,” she muttered under her breath. She looked at her husband, the man she just vowed to be with and wished she could smile boldly like he was doing.
“With the power invested on me by God as a pastor, I thereby proclaim you – husband and wife!” Pastor Ezedi turned to the congregation and said, “church I present to you, Mr Shola Akindele and Mrs Bunmi Akindele.
The applause and jubilation that aroused from the hall did check its building.
I love you, pastor Shola whispered. Bunmi smiled, ” I love you too.” She wished those words he said could comfort her soul buy they just couldn’t.
“I can’t wait to have you my sweetness,” he had whispered into her ears as they walked down the hall to the reception room. She smiles and thought within her, “he always say that, I hope my beauty is not the center of his attraction and I hope he’s not just interesting in exploring my body.”
When the wedding celebration ended, Bunmi was set for marriage.
As she entered her husband’s car to be taken to her new home with him by her side, she knew within her that it was going to be a real long walk to the Unknown but she felt ready to face whatever that surfaces from this walk to the unknown.
Her drifted mind was called back to consciousness as she felt her husband’s hand on her laps.
Shola, we are in the car, Bunmi said glancing at the driver who seemed to be oblivious of them as he hummed a song happily.
And so? Pastor Shola smiled staring seductively into her eyes.
As they k!ssed and caressed each other, Bunmi fears floated away for the moment.
“He’s so good in this!” She thought.

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