A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

Why were you not in the bible study last Tuesday? Bose, Bunmi’s friend asked her as they headed home from their sisters fellowship.
I was sick, Bunmi lied diverting her gaze to the passersby.
Mmmmm, Bunmi, who do you think you’re lying to? Me kee? Bose asked rolling her eyes at her.
Bose leave me alone ni. I have told you the truth, Bunmi insisted.
Anyways, that’s non of my business, Bose said waving the topic aside. I have a gist for you Bunmi, Bose revealed excitedly.
Gist ni? What’s that? Bunmi asked quite interested .

Bose smiled mischievously knowing fully well that she have gotten her.
Talk na human being and stop smiling like you won a lottery, Bunmi said really getting impatient.
“Maybe I won a lottery o,” Bose replied breaking out into an annoying laughter.
Stop it please, you know I don’t suspense, Bunmi pleaded.
You too like gist Bunmi, by the way, am I the one that told you not to come for Tuesday bible study? Anyways see what will happen, she continued. When you come for Sunday service, you’ll see the gist live.

Bunmi smacked Bose’s back in anger and walked on with a deep frowned face. Bose stood by the side walk laughing hysterically at Bunmi’s aroused anger. After a short time, she called after her.

Wait! Before you eat me in your dream, Bose called out to her friend.
She ran up to Bunmi who pushed her away playfully.

I’m serious now, Bose said trying to look serious.
Last bible study, a new pastor was introduced to us as our new district pastor. Chai Bunmi, you needed to see this young, handsome and fresh dude. In fact ehh…’
Bose talk like a Christian, haba!… But wait o, you mean pastor mike has been changed? Bunmi asked cutting her off.
Pack one side jorh, Mrs Christiana, Bose called her ironically and both of them bursted out laughing.
Yes, he has been changed o, Bose continued. In fact this new pastor is looking muah! Bose said k!ssing her clenched fist.
You know that you can exaggerate, Bunmi said doubting her words.
This is not exaggeration, if you were there last Tuesday, you’ll see for yourself ni. I enjoyed the bible study ehh, I just felled in love with the way he picks his words, the way he smiles, even his accent, chai Bunmi, you needed to be there live! I couldn’t even get my eyes off him till the end of the study, Bose said excitedly.

Really? Did he come with his family? Bunmi asked getting excited too.
Family kee? Family ni? He is not even married not to talk of family. If no be say I don marry eeh, I for don channel my prayer towards him, Bose said laughing mischievously.
Naughty girl, Bunmi said slapping her head playfully. But this is interesting shaa. At least let’s see how his ministration will go ni. I can’t wait to get to church on Sunday to see this new wonder pastor, Bunmi said clutching her wrist together dreamily.
The young man is damn cute, in fact after the bible study that Tuesday, he became the topic of discussion among sisters. You should have seen the way they flocked his office in the pretense of welcoming the new pastor, Bose said twisting her face then continued – “I’m sure non of them will be missing fellowships this days.”
Bunmi bursted out laughing.
“Is it your welcoming?” Bunmi asked still laughing.
“Husband seekers like them,” Bose replied hissing loudly.

They continued to discuss and laugh until they got to the junction where they have to follow a different route.

My dear, see you on Sunday. Greet your hubby and little baby for me.
As they were about parting, Bunmi called Bose back.
“I wasn’t sick as I claimed, God forgive me for lying” Bunmi restituted.
I know shaa, Bose replied as they parted.

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