A WALK TO THE UNKNOWN Episode 1 – The End


|Diary of A Pastor’s Wife|

Written by Vivi Oluoma

My son kilode? (Wetin happen?) Why is your wife so hard like my grinding stone?, mama Kunle asked him as he stepped into the compound with hand akimbo. Where is the wife you have gone to bring?

Kunle who was obviously tired, just smiled and greeted his mother respectfully before heading to his room.
Ah! What have they done to my own son? (Curses in Yoruba) tying her wrapper in a dramatic way, she ran to her son’s room.
Kilode Kunle? Why you no wan return my greetings, mama Kunle asked with her hands on her waist.
But mama I greeted you ni. I was just tired.
Is all well with you my son?
All is well mama, all is well, kunle said hoping he sounded very convincing.
Hope you got the contract signed with the company? Mama Kunle asked still doubting the genuineness of the ”it’s well” enchanted by Kunle. Kunle bursted out laughing. “Yes mama, I got it signed.”
So where is the wife you have also gone to bring? Mama Kunle asked sitting on his bed.
Ah! Mama I just went to propose to her in, nothing has been done yet so I can’t take her home.
Hmmmmmm, mama Kunle humed tapping her bare toes on the hard cement floor of Kunle’s room. But mama, Kunle called out in a low tone drawing closer to her mother. “She turned down my request to marry her but…”
What? She did what? Did she suck her mother’s bre@st well to to reject my own son’s request?, mama asked rhetorically standing up furiously. I have told you to forget all this church girls! In fact, I’ll search for a good wife for you, there are many of them in this village, mama Kunle concluded making a step to leave.
Mama wait, I’m a Christian and I cannot marry any Christian not to speak of somebody that is not even a Christian. There won’t be any need for a search at all. I’m sure my God has something greater for me, all I need to do now is to keep on praying.
For how long Kunle?, for how long will you keep praying? Mama Kunle was already getting tensed up as she moved around the room in great annoyance. Kunle couldn’t help smiling.
Till he answers mama, till he answers me. See mama, my God has never failed any sincere child of his and he cannot start with me, Kunle said assuredly. I’m going back tomorrow mama, I think I have done the two things that brought me back, Kunle informed his mother.

I have heard you, go well. I’ll stay back here and find you a wife that you deserve.
Mama that won’t be necessary, Kunle emphasized swinging his index fingers.

Bunmi became restless after that Sunday afternoon. She started asking people who she thought might know something about this stranger man. It was a very tedious task since she had to travel outside her locality to get some vital information about Kunle.
From the story she was told from the people who claimed to know him revealed that he was an “osu”

Ah! Lord, how can I marry a forbidden person? Lord please I know you have another will for me, please show him to me Lord.

Acts 10:15b – what God hath cleansed, that call not thou common (Unclean).

After that Bunmi’s investigation, her heart was hardened the more that she forgot everything about Kunles’s proposal.

Do you think Bunmi was right in calling off the proposal since Kunle was an “osu”.

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